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Sunday, 3rd September 2017

What's with this weird weather?  One day, warm sunny and barely a cloud in the sky and then the next clouded over, wind picking up and decidedly on the cool side.  i'm sure it's the tail-end of whatever hurricane or severe storm that hit across the Atlantic, but it's damned odd.
It hasn't affected me much as this past week, i've had a decided 'week-off' with no appointments, things to do or places to go.  i like those weeks, i have to say. More really than one crammed with things-to-do.
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Thursday, 24th August 2017

i'm coming up on 7 years here in December, so was amused by this meme

Bedroom: what’s your sleep schedule? Don't really have one but tend to be an owl, not a lark. i do wake a fair bit to pee *thank you Diabetes & swollen legs*
Kitchen: favourite comfort food? Curry
Washroom: showers or baths? bubbles? bath bombs? Shower, no option here
Closet: sum up your style in a few words. Of closet? Two wooden wardrobes
Parlour: favourite party or board game? Party, charades and can you call Mah Jong a board game?
Living room: what do you like to do with your family? Past tense, i'm afraid
Dining room: favourite special occasion food? Don't have dining room - rarely get eat fish, so large battered & skinless haddock will do nicely
Garden: favourite tree? flower? Flame tree and orchids; neither of which really fit the bill!
Attic: what’s one thing you have a sentimental attachment to and you will never throw away? No attic, have ground floor flat

Library: favourite book genre? Lot of sci-fi and crime

Office: if you could have any job in the world, what would it be? i wanted to work in the special effects dept of major film company - retired now

Guest room: have you been to a sleepover? if so, when was your first? do you like them? i wouldn't class staying with friends as such and don't remember going to one as a teen

Foyer: do you like small gatherings, large parties, or one-on-one meetings? Like parties and small gathers but taking a friend out for afternoon tea or dinner is tops

Pantry: favourite meal to make? Meat & veg on rice

Laundry: favourite and least favourite chore? What a daft question! Don't like hand washing much

Garage: favourite mode of transportation? favourite car? No car, sorry but loved riding my motorcycles

Panic room: what was the most nerve-wracking experience you’ve had? What, in the house? Most annoying was water flooding kitchen when washing machine hose broke and trying to stem the flow

Powder room: do you wear makeup? if so, what one item can’t you live without? what’s your favourite look? Yes, do wear some, but i can live without it. My eyebrows need dying now they're going white! And a lick of mascara improves everyone.

Got the picture i wanted in the auction this afternoon [Peter Nuttall's Jester], but unfortunarely it comes with 4 others i don't really want. i may leave some there. They were selling a load of picture/painting job lots, from the Council? Some went for good prices and some were way over the top. i missed out on some of the lots i was interested in but hey, that's life.

Saturday, 19th August 2017

KazzyCee's '100 Questions' meme has been interesting, as always a window into someone else's life, and the last one is 'If you were presented with two buttons, one that allows you to go 5 years into the past, the other 5 years into the future, which one would you press?'  It is fascinating to contemplate what will happen, most of which you will have no control over.
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Tuesday, 15th August 2017

Council handyman has just been round to cut the grass. Love the smell of cut grass and the way the lawn looks nice and manicured when it's done.

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Sunday, 2nd July 2017

i liked the tenor of this meme

1) What's the weather like where you are today? It's a return to some sunny weather with light cloud and gusty wind, after some dull days with one day with some decent rain!
2) How does this type of weather make you feel? It's nice when you want to take a spin outside and i did briefly consider going to the Fitz, but remembered in time that it's Sunday!  Don't like crowds or screaming kids (or otherwise!). Maybe later in the week
3) What's your favourite time of year (thinking about the weather)?  i guess that would be Autumn. Still some sun around but getting cooler and preparing for Winter; though i do like Winter
4) Is there any weather that just makes you want to hide away indoors? i'm happy to hide indoors when it's cold & raining, settle in with a book or watch movies on TV
5) If you were moving somewhere purely for the climate, where would it be - what's your perfect year-round weather scenario. Wouldn't mind going back to Sydney, Australia.  It can get pretty hot in the summer but it does get a good share of rain, and there are many side benefits like good transport systems and non-expensive restaurants and the City Markets.  There's a terrific China Town too.
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Wednesday, 28th June 2017

There's something about Wednesday, 'hump' day maybe.  i used to feel life was better when i was working, less time to go before the weekend and i could relax.  i SO do not miss working! i hated having to work and so rarely worked for companies i liked. BUT when money is the deciding factor, you take what you can to keep a roof over your head.  When i think of all the years i worked to live, i could get depressed quickly, so i rarely look back.  What keeps you going are the people you like. At work if you are lucky but usually personal friends and the times and things you had together.  i really hope my friends enjoy the work part of their lives as much as they can.  Families can also help, if you like them!  Sorry to be so reflective/gloomy!  It's the grey skies i think; which i don't mind if it's raining. Which it did yesterday.
i went down to Cheffins' open viewing day, for Thursdays auction and was suitably attired in winter mac and large umbrella, as it rained pretty much all day.  It poured down on my way there (on my scooter) and i enjoyed the sight and sound of rain after all the dry sunny days we've had this summer.  i'm not crazy about heat, as you've probably noticed over the years!  This wet and windy spell has been a welcome relief and i can positively hear the ground sucking up the water.  While i was there, there were some really heavy downpours and some of the loudest thunder i've heard for ages; long loud rolls of it!  It was still raining stair rods when i left but lessened somewhat as the afternoon wore on.

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Sunday, 11th June 2017

Lovely sunny day, following on from yesterday afternoon.  Which i spent at the MK Homemade & Vintage Fair.  The bus company has changed it's rules somewhat and OAPs can catch the X5 any time on Weekends & Holidays.  Saves time as i had to wait until 9.30am previously. So i made a time-sacrifice and caught the 8.10am. Arriving two hours earlier really made a big difference, not only in more time at the Fair should i want to but getting a better access to all the goodies! Always go as early as you can because the dealers have first pick if they can.
i got an adorable little china plate/dish of a badger, all of a fraction over 4.5" across and a tiny jug 'Springtime' by Wilkinson, 2.25" high for £5. A purse of seaside huts, 6.5" across the bottom seam, 5" deep & 5" across the zip - it had a nasty tan loop to hang round your wrist, but a quick snip sorted that! i bought a mock-turquoise silver bracelet, very pretty and an antique brooch like a golden flower (£3). Lovely things that won't break the bank.  The little bamboo boxes were a gift from a friend, a toucan on one and blue flowers on the other.  Sweet.
(pictures to come, lunch calls)

Friday, 2nd June 2017

Good morning!  It's been a scorcher of a week, all sunshine and quite high temperatures.  The garden loves it, of course, but i suspect more rain would be appreciated.  It has rained a few nights but nothing susbstantial; having said that, it will probably pour soon! Or not, as i really do love the rain! My rose bushes are covered in buds and about to bust loose. The one in the front garden [tied up as rose was so heavy] is intertwined with a lovely little native orchid [don't ask its name, i have no idea]. i leave my wild bits for the bees. See pics - front garden first, then the back with the larger bush next to ceanothis [sp?] and then the orchid under the bird feeders. The front orchid is a lot paler than the back but i think it is the same type. On the back rose, there are about 8 buds on that one stem alone.Read more...Collapse )

And an appropriate Matilda Browne to finish with. Okay, must get on and do some paperwork.  Have a great weekend, won't you?

Saturday, 13th May 2017

i don't often post on a Saturday, but having just read my f-list, it has spurred me on to do so.
i keep trying to remember what i had intend to post on Facebook.  i will have to get up and do it, if i remember!  It's irritating though.
It's been a pretty quiet week and i complained again about the missed rubbish collections. Lo and behold, Friday it was done. Only four days late this week and three weeks on the last due!  Let's hope they get back to their normal slack selves soon.
i spent yesterday afternoon clearing up the bits i had to do - clearing up things left lying around in the flat and take my depleted insulin pens to the chemist and the full Sharps box to the doctors, things like that. i had called into the Coop the night before on my way home from having a nice dinner with Anna at Nandos [at the Leisure Centre] and got a few bits i needed.  This morning i had scrambled eggs on crumpets, so needed more eggs!  i've been up to the Grafton Centre this afternoon and got some on the way home.  Grafton Centre is in the middle of a big re-organising and re-modelling stint and is a little convoluted to get round just now.  i popped in to check it over and they have some way to go yet. i was going to get a Burger King hamburger if they were back but they're not.  i wound up buying sausage rolls at Gregs - i wanted a chicken bake too but after rather too long a wait 'it'll be five minutes', i opted for another roll and he gave me two more!
Such excitement... *pulls sarcastic face*
i did get round to complaining to the City Council about damp marks on the bathroom & kitchen ceilings; been meaning to for ages.  And the little expelair in the kitchen promptly made funny noises and died!  So got onto them again and they're coming round on the 19th for that.  i had a call from them saying they'd managed to contact the upstairs owner [not a council flat like mine] and a couple of days later, said owner came round to have a look at it.  Nice girl, she took a couple of photos of the ceilings, said thanks a lot and departed.  i've heard some bangs and bumps but haven't heard anything more yet.
i've invested in new batteries for my big mobility scooter as the charge didn't seem to be lasting very long and i wasn't game to wait any longer given i'm going to the Folk Festival again this year.  Have i told you all this already?  Forgive me if i have - chalk it up to old age!  My Colt takes two batteries and at just over £88 EACH, it's just as well the DLA will cover it.  i think i'm okay on Little Nelly for a bit, as i don't use it as much and haven't had it as long as Big Bertha, but i may replace it a little later in the year.
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Wednesday, 10th May 2017

Bright sunny day today. A bit of a mixed bag this week with lots of grey and subsequent clouds. Couple of nights ago you could hear all the brass monkey balls hitting the ground!  It was damned cold - what is weird is that it can often be really cold around sunset and just after, then almost warm in comparison later in the evening. Don't understand that one; it should be the other way around to my way of thinking.
i'm still having this running almost-battle with the bin collection dept of the City Council.  So many weeks now the bins have not been collected on time or even in the same week, and there's always an excuse of the 'Easter/holidays' variety and trying to say if we had check the website, they had 'told us' the days would be late.  Well, DUH! they're always a day late on long weekends, even if your regular day was not a Monday.  i got really tired of ringing the dept to let them know and after a few minutes of self-justification, the service officer always winds up saying, yes, it is late and yes, it should have been done by now.  They say they're putting in a reminder collection notice - not that that seems to make much difference - but the same thing happens the following week.  My blue/green bins were not done [or anyone else in the Mews as i checked] last collection day.  This week should be the next 'normal' collection, making it the third week of non-collection.  Ringing got so bad that having called again [as i was told to do if the bins weren't collected by a certain day], i got a recorded message!  And to do an online reminder.  Which i did, to little real response.  The 3-day special collection reminder simply became the next 'normal' collection day - yesterday.  Guess what? No prizes for the correct answer; you guessed it, bins not emptied yesterday.  My blue bin is now full to the brim and i can't get anything more in.  The green bin now has weeds/plant waste starting to rot and it's just as well i double bag the kitchen waste as all the bags would be falling apart by now.
If the bins aren't done by Thursday morning, i shall be phoning Mr Pearson [the boss] and make an official complaint.
*snorts* In other news... My gum is taking FOREVER to heal - remains of broken teeth removed.  For one tooth, it has healed beautifully, but the second one, there was a small infection that healed and i thought, good-oh, soon done.  Oh no...all of a sudden, a swelling developed that is all blood, no pus - sorry for the gory details! Couple of weeks in, still there.  Went to regular dentist, and having looked at it, pronounced it part of the healing process and gave me a prescription mouthwash and said see you in JUNE.  i've finished it now and nothing has changed.  i resent this offhand and cavalier manner of waiting for it to heal when it's ready.  It isn't his mouth, so he's not worried.  BUT i have no front teeth and cannot chew properly, thus limiting food that needs to be chewed, like a steak or chop.  i have to cut things into tiny pieces - oh, you know, this is all so boring for anyone who isn't me!  Apologies, i just needed to vent, as having to wait MONTHS for resolution is starting to wear on my nerves.  i can't go back to the dental surgeon who did the procedure until my dentist recommends me, but i'm sure i will need to. All this waiting around can't be normal and in the meantime, i have a swollen grape on my gum...  *grinds remaining teeth*
i'm trying to stay cheerful and will share with you these lovely, bizzare and unusual door knockers.  Take care xx

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