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Monday, 12th September 2016

Slightly warmer greetings than i hoped for, to you all!  Apparently it's going to get warmer still over the next few days...what's that i hear?  You LIKE hot weather?  Hmmm, well i really don't; it's way easier to get warm that it is to stay cool.  Yes, i am an expert but it doesn't mean i like it!
Never mind, lots of people will love it.
It's a medical week this week starting out with a non-fasting blood test this am and picking up the latest prescription. i have an appointment with the Hepatology Unit on Thursday and an introductory meeting with a new doctor on Friday.  i'll have another blood test done next Monday but a fasting one.
i'd have picked up my presc on Saturday but we went off to the Homemade & Vintage Fair in Milton Keynes.  It's almost always a good afternoon and the buses co-operated well this time, no delays and the time went quickly.  The only downside was not being able to pick up a small mobility scooter for my friend - the woman went on (and on, and on!) about booking in advance.  This inspite of it being midday and several mobility items standing idle nearby.  i had phoned to make a reservation on their ansaphone before breakfast, but not enough warning apparently.  It didn't help that the woman had a voice like a corncrake with the volume turned up.  Anna gritted her teeth and registered 'for next time'.  Oh, Corncrake did offer a motorised wheelchair - for a whole 1.5 hours!!  What a waste of time that would have been; talk about after the Lord Mayor's cart!!  This was NOT Shopmobility i hasten to add.  They don't operated there any more apparently.
We escaped as fast as we could and the rest of the day pretty much rolled on wheels [no pun intended].  i had a few things to pick up from my favourite Brocant boys from a charity auction, and took a couple of items with me, the rest will follow.  That's Indians on a camel and two weaving shuttles, about 14 inches and quite heavy.  Quite beautifully made and lovely and smooth.

We spent a bit of time with them to catch up and reluctantly tore ourselves away to shop-on!  i was very restrained this Fair and only bought a couple of things.  i could not pass up a truly irresistable rhino for a modest £15 [door-stop, the lady said, but available just as a toy too] from Sewing for Utange [on Facebook 'SewingForUtange' and http://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com/ - very worthwhile cause] and took Anna back to look too - lots of different animals, all adorable.  They also sell bags and all sorts of great things.
i bought two beautifully made rings from JVS Designs [such a clever lady and lots of different pieces, from rings to pendants, all kinds of necklaces, bracelets etc and VERY reasonable].  No website but email jackiestapleton@brinternet.com for details.

The cork-backed Hare tiles were a present from my lovely friend..

This Fair is a credit to Jackie, who manages to invite a great variety of people every year and keeps us coming back for more.  Well done, you!

Saturday, 14th August 2016

The Happy Birthday icon is for Ginger, who's birthday is today.  It's 4 years since i've seen her, when she came over for the 2012 London Olympics.  We both enjoyed it immensely and this was the first event we saw at Lords Cricket Ground, the Men & Women's Archery Prelims. Never watched modern archery before - fascinating!

And here i'm watching the next one in 2016.  Time truly fugits!
What have i done this week?  Went for my bi-annual eye test at Specsavers - mostly good with small changes to my computer & reading glasses and a change of lenses in my bifocals to get rid of scratches.  Optician says he's changing me to an annual check-up now, on account of the start of cateracts [in left eye?]. Oh joy, something nasty to look forward to... Hopefully slow moving and not for many years to come. Pick up computer & readers on Tuesday, but another week for the bifocals.  £75 for the lot [thank you NHS], which includes reflectives, non-scratch etc.  i'm keeping the old frames for c&r but getting new blue plastic frames for bifocals. Surprisingly lighter than my current ones, a very light metal, which manage to dent the sides of my nose even then.
Down to the doctors for my tri-monthly B12 shot, and yes, it makes quite a lot of difference.  i know when it's due as i want a rest/sleep pm a lot come the end of the period.  i was telling one of senior ladies in the Co-op about it when she said she could do with more energy; she'd never heard of it.  Vitamins are so vital to our lives and we can do with a boost as we get older.  i take a multivitamin and codliver oil capsule every morning and Vitamin D morning and night, as religiously as i take my painkillers.  i tried to imagine what i'd feel like without it all and seriously, i flinched.
i had my haircut on Thursday; getting quite long. i have a visiting hairdresser, Debbie, who comes here which is very handy and HEAPS cheaper that going to a salon.  She was in a local salon that was sold and decided to go mobile.  She has a seniors' price and lots of clients [i think most of her clientele stayed with her].  i like her and her work, so i was very glad to keep her.
i'm almost ready to start renovating my new/old Regency table.  i've got fine steel wool, beeswax and a brush now and i was pleased to find most of the missing veneer pieces in the well under the folding top.  So first, attempt to repair the swivel piece under the top [this will be the trickiest bit i think], then replace the missing pieces. Next a good clean, before trying to restore the scratches and marks.  Then if i'm happy with all that, on with the wax [or does it need French polish?].  Such a shame that buying anything nowadays is very much 'buyer beware', even reputable auctioneers. The lad in the showroom either didn't know under the top was damaged or was careful not to show me - i guess i'll hope it was the former, but i'll never know now.  Hope i haven't bitten off more than i can chew, but i'll keep you posted.  This is how it looks at present.

Kazzy's done a looooooooooooooong meme that will keep me amused for a lil' while. Ta, dear!
Glad to see Mo Farrer didn't let that fall put him off winning his race, but pity Jess E-H missed out on her heptathlon by such a small margin.  Will she retire now?  The on dit say's she might.
The only thing on my diary next week is picking up the first lot of glasses on Tuesday, so a good time to start on the table?  Will see what turns up.  Pictures: clever craft ideas and Clint & Scott Eastwood - so like his dad!
Have a great week, y'all!

Tuesday, 5th July 2016

It's been a fair while since i posted here last, hasn't it?
We've had such a mishmash of weather, one wonders just where to start.  It's one of those sunshine and massive cloud days today, much appreciated by my birds.  i've got sparrows (!!), the robin, magpies, blackbirds aplenty, a small crow and the usual ringed doves visiting today.  i love feeding the little greedy buggers!  i put out both round fat balls and a big flat slab with seeds etc and a seed feeder for the little birds.  Actually it's all for the littlies but you can't just feed one lot.  i draw the line at the big heavy pigeons, hate 'em! And they scare all the others away, so i shoo them away if i see them.  i think the Council would disapprove if i tried to make them ex-pigeons. Would i eat the evidence? What do you think!  Ah, the blue tit gang have arrived now [about 5 of them].  Lovely little birds.
What have i been doing since my last entry... April, wow.  i'm slack, mea culpa!  Well, i've changed my dryer to a newer, apparently safer, model.  Hotpoint were doing a recall on old dryers (something to do with lint gathering where you couldn't reach to clean) and if i waited until July next year, i'd get one for free.  Nice of them, but if you didn't want to wait, for £99 you could have a new one now and they'd take the old one away as well.  So i opted for a new one now and it has been installed and i'm learning it's little ways.  All machines have their quirks in my experience.  i've changed over the bedside cabinets, from the heavy woodchip (?) ones to taller heavy-duty plastic multi-draw cabinets and donated the old ones to the British Heart Foundation. BHF come and pick them up, so good way to get rid.  The Sallys will do the same too.
i'm still thinking of getting a bigger drop-leaf table, but haven't seen what i want yet.  i did see one at Cheffins but i wasn't able to be there in person to bid, so lost out on that when someone over bid my commission bid.  i have seen several George 111 ones but most were too expensive. We'll see.  i bought a lovely little silver art deco sugar castor recently for a very modest price; it's really lovely, looks better now i've been able to give it a clean.

My ticket for the Cambridge Folk Festival came today, yay!  Need to keep it safe, as the bastards won't let you in if you lose it, no matter what proof you can offer to show you have paid for it.  THAT pisses me off mightily.  There don't appear to be any A-list guests this year, with KT Tunstall being the only Name, but she isn't an A-lister to my mind.. This is somewhat surprising given the usually excellent line-up.  Maybe that is my level of expectation, who knows?  i do know Cole Stacey & Joe O'Keefe are playing in the Den, one of the tiny venues that showcase new and up-coming artists.  They played in the Club Tent (bit of a misnomer as it isn't really a tent) and to my recollection, the Den IS a tent and smaller?  The Festival o need to step up their game and put them on Stage 2 at least.  i guess i'll just have to cross my fingers.  i have heard of a handful of the other artists, but only because they have played there before.  We had Joan Baez, Joan Armatrading, the Proclaimers and the wonderful Peggy Seeger last year - see what i mean?  If we have good weather, i'll count it as a good weekend.
i decided i'd brave a weekend away in Wrexham early November, for the Wales Comic Con.  Some of the Games of Thrones people are coming - TOM WLACHIHA!! Also Jerome Robins and James Marsters (not that i really care about the latter much anymore) but a fair few others of interest will be there.  i managed to find a reasonable little hotel not too far from the venue, though it will be taxis each way.  i'm mulling over how i will go, either train or National Express.  NE is cheaper by about £30 but takes around 10 hours, as there's no direct route and i'd have to go via London.  There's no direct train either and would cost about £97 - scandalous.  Trainline says 2 changes; i'll have to check that out, as there must be a train from Birmingham to Wrexham surely.  Well, more on that later.
In the meantime, some pictures to amuse you. Isn't the sleeping bee on the bottom just beautiful?

Saturday, 23rd April 2016

What an odd day, weatherwise.  Cloudy enough to need lights on, then sunshine to try and tempt you out and then short hail storm and back to sun!  It's just uniformly grey at the moment, just after midday-ish.  Didn't like the look of the icy winds predicted on the weather map last night...Read more...Collapse )

Wednesday, 6th April 2016

Hump day for the workers.  i used to feel happy about that, now it doesn't matter so much.  Oh, the blessed feeling of not having to do anything and can sleep-in passed the time i used to be at work.  As long as i get up in time to check the blood sugar and take morning insulin shot at 10am, i'm good.  i'm thankful for the advances in modern medicine that makes the needle for the pen really small and not 'hyperdermic-sized or looking', as i truly hate them.  i just need to use a 'fatty' area - it really makes a difference to putting it in a muscle area.
i'm quite a good getter-upper but after so many years being ruled by an alarm, i love not being.

i love my coffee.  My old supervisor used to say, i kick-started my heart with it!  He was a really nice man - for a change.  i had so many over the years that i didn't like, but you deal with it.
It's been an on/off day with the weather, some really nice sunny spells and then enough cloud to warrant lights on.  And it's going to continue like that they say, but expect some cold winds coming down from the north.  i don't care.  i'll be out for a bit tomorrow afternoon but that's all i have scheduled this week and into the next.
Some pictures for you and a rather nice Arthur Rider seascape, then i must away and wash my hair :D
Enjoy the rest of the week, y'all!

April 1st 2016 and it's Friday

i really don't DO stuff like April Fools, as i find much of it pretty stupid and i never could see the point. So having cleared that up!  It's been fine over the past couple of day, which is nice but the wind is still on the cold side, which isn't.  Mind you, i could be sitting here in 4 months saying the garden door is open to get some cool breeze.  English weather is a law unto its sweet self - and the Gulf stream.  It's a useful topic for conversation with strangers and friends alike.  Which makes me remember a piece i read in the paper yesterday about the unequal divide across the country for Govt flood repairs and how the South will get more money, which makes the York flooding vulnerable, if you know what i mean.
Not a huge lot to report really, still trying to get the right balance with my insulin and still waiting for my gum to heal after my dentist hacked his way in to remove the remains of the tooth under the discarded crown -  and i do mean hacked, butchery is what it was.  i've had to put next weeks impressions appointment forward/backward however you call it, until it has finished healing, as it won't be done by Monday coming.  The missing tooth crown will be added to my bridge, hence the impressions.  My dentist also mentions the shadow under one of my oldest crowns every time i'm there now, but i don't have any problem with it [to-date, touch wood!] - ain't broke, don't fix.  Why do people 'touch wood', do you know?  It is a very old superstition.  i have a picture in my head of a vicar's wife rapping an old pew in a church, not realising how funny it was!  i have a feeling it's pagan for sure.

i've been happily puttering round the latest bits from the auction, removing the prints from large and heavy frames and admiring them with nothing distracting.  Why such massive frames, i often wonder and in such unsuitable colours.  Mind you, i hate pretty much anything brown, so any brown frame automatically joins the 'throw out' list.  i gave a bunch of frames to a local charity recently, so i'm hoping they'll take my latest batch too.  Not all were so badly framed and where the mounts are correspondingly agreeable, i can leave those three.  The unframed prints go in a large folio holder until such time as they are re-done, and/or okay to hang.  i need a proper handyman to put up a picture rail really, on account of the solidly resisting walls. These two prints are called 'Low Water' [at top] and 'Prawners' and i bid, not thinking i'd get them, but i was the only one - £20 - astonishing!  'Prawners' has some water damage but the other is fine.  Love them but love the Peter Nutall ones more and happily i got those for a really good price.  He is so distinctive - the Dragon Boat is my current favourite [my ancestors must be calling me!], but the Horse & Warrior isn't too shabby either.
That's about it for now, have a great weekend!

Letter meme

Have 'B' as my letter meme from Kazzy Cee

Something I hate:  Blood tests
Something I love: Bacon!
Somewhere I've been: Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Somewhere I'd like to go:  Belgium (went through part as a child but don't remember it)
Someone I know: Patti Blyther & Janet Bird
A film I like: Buckeroo Banzai, Blade Runner, Belle de Jour etc
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Sunday 6th March, 2016

Quiet Sunday... First i must apologise for the lack of posting. i've been so caught up on my NHS stuff and my personal medical matters, i rarely post anywhere just now.  i pop into Facebook to catch up on what my f-list is doing, though i don't always do a post.  i can only reach some people online there, so i keep it on.  i know how vital it is for the USA to keep up with their complex pre-election stuff, but gad, it gets SO boring!  My lot seem to post little else at the moment, except for one who isn't well.  And Jean, of course, who still posts about all things James with enthusiasm. *grins*Read more...Collapse )

Merry Christmas to all!

Have a wonderful time!

Saturday, 5th December 2015

Wow, i haven't been in here for AGES...  i guess we all get caught up in 'stuff' and meetings, reading reports and the usual life things.
i volunteered to be a moderator for an NHS contract [yes, i know, never volunteer!] - luckily there are only 4 candidates, as there are 47 questions FOR EACH! Reams of details to read through, award points etc, with another meeting to come to discuss it all. It's a long drawn-out process, as it should be.  We'll get to hear the outcome eventually, which will be interesting.
i'm awaiting official results on an ultrasound i had done on 'me abdominals' but the operator said everything look normal and good to her, so i'm not expecting any surprises.  It was for a deep check on my liver.  i will need to go see my Quack when the results come in.  It's all to do with my annual diabetic check-up.  My arthritis is kicking up some but i'll make do as long as i can as the next step up in meds involves a morphine mix... No thanks.  i guess i'll join the list of those who will wait until it gets a lot worse.  One side effect of getting old is not bouncing back as fast as you used to, which aggravated me when i was getting over a nasty chill recently.  You just have to take a bit more care of yourself, i guess.
In good news, i had my Christmas dinner at Jamies on Thursday - Anna and i noted this is our 3rd year. A very tasty mixed meat plank to start, then LOVELY porchetta, sweet and oh so tender. i was bad and had a Frangellico Sour at the bar to start while i awaited her Ladyship, a couple of glasses of their excellent house red and some illicit tiramisu for afters!  But for a once a year treat, i thought what the hell.  We had a good laugh with a couple of ladies sitting next to us to round off the night and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  i could have eaten that porchetta all over again, it was so delicious!   The regular staff made a point of coming over to greet me, which they usually do to be fair, but it makes me feel very welcome.
i've cut my commitments right back, with just the NHS stuff on the front burner.  i do have a couple of minor 'interests' but i mostly get to choose if i do anything about those.  It is definitely to do with getting older as i tire easily and i always did have the attention span of a gnat, so i am very jealous of my time in anything.  The weather doesn't encourage going out a lot, especially lately, and i'm happy to order my groceries online for home delivery and pretty much anything else i need for that matter.  It's astonishing what you can buy that way.  Even 10-15 years ago it was such a different story.  Now businesses have realised just how much money they can actually make via the internet, which is great for the elderly and infirm particularly.  Which is not to say that everyone can't avail themselves of these services.
i only wish i could do the same with my dentist!  Another of my crowns bit the dust recently, splitting the tooth below the gumline, so it had to go. This meant adding a tooth to my top bridge and as i've completed the healing, i've just had the impressions done for the new one.  Picking bits of purple gloop out of teeth for ages after!  The new one should be ready hopefully before Christmas, fingers crossed.  i go see him again next week.
Just a few photos today... Read more...Collapse )