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Friday Five 19.01.2018

Friday Five

1. Where did you grow up and do you miss it?
i grew up in three different countries, so hard to say.  i did love Malaya, loathed Aden and was curious about the brief bits of UK i saw
2. Which are your three favorite words in the dictionary and why?
i guess 'satisfaction' for obvious reasons, 'auctions' as i love them and 'cats' as i love them too
3. What is a vegetarian dish that you really like?
Cauliflour cheese
4. What do you do when you have a misunderstanding with your friend?
Only if i don't explain myself properly
5 What do you daydream about?
Don't do that much. Going back to Venice maybe

Storm damage at Jesus College, Cambridge

Friday, 19th January 2018

It's fine so far today, winds still cold and forecasts of colder weather.  Scotland, then Wales bearing the brunt of the worst weather.
It's been a busy week for me. i always seem to have one busy week and lots crammed into it, then nothing booked for one or two weeks following, do not know why.Read more...Collapse )

Wednesday, 11th January 2018

'Evening... It's still a little strange typing 2018, but the novelty will fade fast enough.
i get pretty much all my memes from KazzyCee and enjoy reading her answers. Such a nice domestic life with my favourite animals, cats!
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Friday Five on Saturday 30.12.2017

Well, it's one more day left of 2017.  Moved in here 1st December, 2010 - seven years; how did that happen?  i don't know, take your eye off the calendar and time simply GALLOPS!  Even more astonishing, Mum died in '98, [an amazing 20 years in 2018].  Can't believe it's been that long. i guess none of us really believe our parents will leave us, in body at least.  They never do in memory.  It's hard but you have no choice but to try and accept the disaster and get on with your life.  It doesn't hurt as much this far away but she is never far from my thoughts.  It's different with Dad, oddly enough.  i think it's because he never seemed that interested in me and we rarely had a conversation, other than saying 'hello' and 'i'll call Mum' when i phoned and not a lot more when i saw him in person.  i didn't see much of him as a child and he didn't really figure much in my life even as an adult.  i think he loved us in his way, at least i hope so.  Mum said he did - and that was the problem. A lot of what he thought etc came filtered down through her.  i can only recall more direct interaction when he needed some feedback - and by the gods, that was RARE!  And the last time i spoke to him was when they came back to UK and i went to Australia in '81.  So many years now.

Enough of this maudlin talk!  Amazingly, the sun is shining [no idea how long it will last] and not snowing or raining.  It was very cold last night and i half expected to get up to a white garden again, but no.  i must admit when it started snowing 3 days ago, i simply 'dug in' and tuned out. Didn't have to worry about anybody as all the folks i care about things to do and places to go.  i did have an appointment on Wednesday but we mutually cancelled and i only had to pick up some medication & bread yesterday, so straight home to pull up the drawbridge!  i doubt i shall see anyone now until Tuesday [i'm due a shingles vaccination!].  Not a problem, i hasten to add. Plenty of books, DVDS and recorded TV programs to last me until Easter, at least!!  Quiet month; dentist check-up 16/1 and nothing until a theatre date on the 15th February to see 'Art' with Nigel Havers & Denis Lawson.  Nice quiet start to the year.  There will be other things happening for sure, in and around that but not just yet.

i've put out lots of food for my birds and i'm now feeding a whole flock of blackbirds, not sure if they are rooks or crows and the usual gang of magpies.  I've only seen sparrows and a quick glimpse of a robin so far; not that i'm complaining but i miss the blue tits.  Maybe later when it's warmer.  i'll do the Friday Five and wish you a Happy New Year!

1. What happened to you in 2017 that made you the happiest?  Discovering my 'fatty liver' is managable!
2. What are your plans for New Year's Eve/New Year's Day?  Nothing unusual - by that i mean, it's another day is all
3. What was the best discovery you made in 2017?  New authors for my Kindle!
4. What are your thoughts on the idea of "new year/new you?"  i think it's a bit late for that *g*
5. What are you most looking forward to in 2018? Living healthily and happily for another 30 years or so?  i want to see who will send my Royal Birthday Card!

Christmas Day, 25th December 2017

It's been dark all day with the cloud cover and getting colder [they said it would].  Still not a real problem, but my electric bill must be soaring, even though i'n only heating one room, the little blow heater must chew though it.  Turn on the lights and carry on, me hearties!
i put out extra bird food for my little birdies and they tucked in.  i'm defrosting my turkey crown in the fridge and will soon set to and get the veggies ready; love roast veg.  i'll put the tv on for the news etc and watch Queenie's message as i eat; catch up on what is and is not happening in the world.  i've been catching up with overdue [to sort] paperwork and my desk is a LOT tidier, though there's still a bit to put away.  Two lots of Friday memes to do as well.  Here goes

1. What is your favorite winter holiday memory?   Winter..not a lot of those.  Let's see - going to Venice for a week in January one year.
2. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts and why?  Both really,  though giving just gets favourite.  Like seeing if i've guessed right.
3. What is your favorite winter holiday tradition?  Don't really have any now.  Used to put up the decorations & tree on my birthday but haven't bothered for the past few years.  i do hang up Christmas cards and put out my Snowman & Santa, and a wreath on the door.
4. What is your favorite holiday tv special or film and why? i've got Despicable Me 3 to watch later but don't have a Favourite.
5. What is your least favorite part about the holiday season? It has to be the post-Christmas slump, bare walls and an odd sense of loss, though not so much now as i'm used to Christmas on my own.

i have another meme, which i need to dig out.

1. Are you at all nostalgic or sentimental? i'm rarely nostalgic and not very sentimental, i'm afraid.
2. Do you know any songs/poems/passages from novels or stories by heart? What are they? Lots of songs, the odd poem but really not many books by heart, though i know the stories of too many to mention.
3. Are you good at doing impressions of people? i used to be but i think i'd be way out of practice now
4. What book are you reading at the moment? i've just started Terence Stamps autobiographies; not bad either
5. Do you believe in an Afterlife? No.  Though i guess i'm like everyone else in wishing there were.  i'll settle for being a spirit exploring the Universe!

So.  Another Christmas.  i'd like to see in 2047 at a hundred - what's the odds, buddy??

Saturday, 16th December 2017

Starting off fine today, as was yesterday, but i think the wind has dropped somewhat.  i really noticed how strong it was yesterday when i was bringing my auction paintings home.  i've had a busy week, quite unusual for me. i started off quietly with my grocery delivery on Monday and then jumped into high gear on Tuesday with lunch with my dear friend Mark. Lovely to see him; been a while.  i'd timed his visit with the open day at Cheffins, my local auction house, which gave us something to do after lunch. He hadn't been there, so it was a good learning curve for him and let him see how fascinating it is.  Truly everything from A-Z goes through auction houses and ours is quite typical.Read more...Collapse )
FB  'Star Wars: the Last Jedi' - About half an hour too long and aimed at the kiddies with lots of fights and bangs to keep them happy.  i guess i'm pretty jaded now and like some more substance to my story, like the Blade Runner sequel, which i'd like to see again. 'Jedi' had lots of nods to the first film but the villains were like cardboard cutouts in comparison and really not scary at all.  Best for the girl-power themes and Daisy, Carrie, Laura Dern and little Rose carried the film for me.  Faugh! what do i know - go see it for yourself.
Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Saturday, 18th November 2017

How did it get to be the 18th already?!
i got up late today, even for me! Which meant everything had to be done later, including washing my hair [i always put it off on cold days, slovenly woman that i am] and catching up on emails, etc.  i had 2 soft boiled eggs & toast around midday and i'm going to have a prawn salad in short order as it's now after 3pm.  It's all made, but i'll do the Friday 5 before i eat.
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Tuesday, 31st October 2017

Nothing special to report, except i saw 'The Death of Stalin' yesterday.  A decidedly odd film with a mixture of horrific happenings and funny bits that you had the feeling you really shouldn't laugh at, but did anyway.  It gave you the feeling the top of the Politbureau were mostly all power-mad or just there for the ride.  Rupert Friend and Jeremy Isaac were a blast of fresh air and i loved them both, for different reasons - who couldn't love Rupert just for himself?!

55) Last gift you received? It was a lovely brightly coloured scarf, with a Picasso signature, from friend Anna
56) Last sport you played?  i've never played sport competatively but used to swim a lot
57) Things you spend a lot of money on? i love buying stuff at auctions and vintage & homemade fairs and far too much on groceries!
58) Where do you live? i live in the city of Cambridge, in the end mews flat in a cul-de-sac, which makes it one of the quietest places i've ever lived in.

i'm away to the vintage fair at Milton Keynes on Saturday all things being equal. Hope you are all having a good week!

Saturday, 28th October 2017

Well, the Friday Five were on time but i wasn't!  Lovely day testerday though the wind was a bit shy.  Cloudier today and a lot colder; i actually have the little blow heater on at the moment.  i draped a shawl over my back as i was getting chilly, but as the room as warmed up, i dropped it behind me.

1. What are you going to dress up for Halloween? i don't 'do' Halloween. It's another American excuse for selling a load of old tat, in my opinion!
2. What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever had? Never had one
3. What is your favorite type of candy? This is getting old hat, isn't it?  'Candy' is also not an English word.  i do like aniseed wheels and Fox mints, but with the diabetes, i only keep some sweets in my bag for emergencies as a quick sugar level fix.
4. What are your feelings on pumpkin flavoring or pumpkin spice flavoring? Sorry, don't do either! Sounds revolting...
5. With October almost gone, what was your favorite part of the month? It's all the same to me, though i do await my DLA!

i really do like little houses, WoodWoman's seaside ones are great and don't you just love Clay Richard's Listed Building?!

Tuesday, 24th October 2017

Hello Tuesday!  My TV & Satellite mag arrived on time [i suscribe] and my new Union Jack phone cover.  i had a white one but that got boring. It has a really grubby look which is actually quite charming!  It matches the real one that hangs in my lounge. It is tucked behind the TV normally, hidden here so i can take a shot. That little white Madonna was a gift and is quite lovely.

i'll do my Friday Five today! Yes, just a little late :D
1. What book frightened you as a young person? i don't remember ever being frightened by a book
2. If you had to become a ‘living book (i.e. able to recite the contents of a book cover to cover upon request – reference Fahrenheit 451), what book would it be?  That's a tough one. The Jungle Book maybe, with all the stories
3. What movie or TV show scared you as a kid?  i didn't get to watch 'Quatermass' and got sent to bed, but the music was scary
4. What movie (scary or otherwise) will you never ever watch? Any of the coarse and stupid American 'comedies'
5. Do you have any phobias? Hypodermics, any medical needles - can't watch anyone getting a jab even on screen!

And pictures to finish - last one is Manabu Ikeda, who draws with one ink pen; quite amazing and beautiful. Takes him years to do.