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Wednesday, 28th October 2020

i've been horribly lazy this week, and last week for that matter!  But i did get out for some quick shopping on Friday, finally making it to Cho Mee's for some rice crackers and finding some Nishi pears — love them but at 79p EACH, i only bought two. i was the only customer in there. Then i stopped in at Travis Perkins for sharp sand and large coarse grit, which will go over the membrane in the front garden; spring? They are very handily just over the bridge and pretty reasonable. Served by a nice young lady who was hugely pregnant but who knew her stuff and was very helpful.  Yes, they would deliver the following Wednesday — today. After that, just a quick stop for some milk & bread.  It rained fairly enthusiastically most of the time, only stopping briefly as i came out of Co-op.  i was out for less than an hour all told. 

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Saturday, 10th October 2020

i've just time to do the Friday Five and stuff

1) What is the oldest thing you own?  i have quite a collection of antiques, so that would be hard to do... maybe the Chinese little cabinet?
2) What is the oldest home you've lived in?  Again difficult, one of the old planters' houses in Malaya, i think.  We lived in a couple in the early 50's
3) What is the oldest book you've read? A couple of my Dad's school text books, i guess, but i own them rather than read, does that qualify?
4) What is the oldest electronic device that you still use? Using old electronics is a no-no as it can be dangerous or very expensive to up-grade or repair, as i found out to my cost when i was forced to install Windows 10 with my little genius man's input and help.
5) What is the oldest work of art/architecture that you've seen?  Can i go for the Great Wall of China?  i've been there and walked part of it, totally fascinating!

Don't remember what day i got up to on the October meme, so i'll start again — so bear with me!

1. What was the #1 song the year you graduated from high school? Did you like the song? Do you still like it?  Didn't really have a high school as such. The Convent of St Francis of Assisi had pupils from kindergarten to secondary, so that would be it.  Let's see, 1964 - my favourite was Beach Boys' 'I Get Around' and i still love it.

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Friday, 2nd October 2020

Friday Five on an actual Friday!

1) What did you plant?  i so rarely plant anything but the little orchid given to me such a long time ago, has kept making leaves, so i put in a slightly larger container.  It then produced several long root like bits!  i gave in and have planted it in a sheltered bit of my front garden. Now we'll see what happens :D
2) What was your favourite summer food? Didn't really have one, though i'm fond of the odd illicit milkshake [i use icecream in them].  i do eat a lot of curry any time.
3) What song will remind you of this summer? 'Come as you are' by Nirvana, only really because i played it a lot, not because of any other reason than the fabulous guitar riff.
4) What was your favourite body of water to be in?  Wasn't in or on one due to lockdown.
5) What's been your favourite outfit?  tees & leggings. 

That was easy, wasn't it?  Water... lots of bad weather forecast for most of the coming week.  Oh joy.  But we need rain; just not with a lot of wind.  Take care

Belcher Mosaic Glass
Belcher Mosaic Glass

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Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

i wasn't going to do a post today, but here i am.  Been wrapping and storing many ornaments etc away in a couple of suitcases [one under my feet here at my desk and one under my bed.  i hadn't realised i had so much stuff lying around, though i rotated quite a bit.  Someone is going to have fun going through it all when i pop my clogs!  i do need to clear things away so i can dust without it being a humongous task requiring considerable effort!

i'm getting very introspective what with being so cut off for so long, not good for one.  And i have a nasty habit of starting to do a job and not finishing it but starting another as well, so i wind up with bits of things all over the place. My lounge frequently looks as though a hurricane has struck — and i have a load of scarves on my bed to sort out and those little tops, what do you call them? There's some of those too, as i rarely use them unless i need to cover up a short-sleeved tee or some such.  Not sure why i have collected so many of them, especially as i'm sure i chucked some out to the charities a while back.  i can't resist a lovely scarf though, so i know why i have lots of them.  i only really use them in winter, so many tend to be the thicker variety or silk.  Must harden my heart and get rid of the really thin ones; maybe my neighbour would like them. She wears a lot of scarves.  i do hate waste.

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Monday, 14th September 2020

Bit late but latest Friday Five

1. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  i don't know; hard to say.  i've seen many beautiful things in my life.  Can i pick a city?  If so, Venice.

2. What is your greatest dream in life?  To live forever, with all my faculties intact!  Hard to reconcile the thought that i'll be damned lucky to see 100!

3. What is the best book you have ever read?  Can't name just one out of the thousands [now probably millions] of books i've read in my almost 73 years. i'll name one of the Lord Peter Wimsey books if i must, 'Gaudy Night' then, but i love them all, and Josephine Tey, oh and Kipling's 'Jungle Books'

4. What is your most cherished childhood memory?  My mother coming to get me from hospital in Penang?  Sorry, but hardly any of my childhood memories are happy ones. i was sick a lot up to age seven.

5. What is your best character trait or strength? How can one look that closely at one's self? i don't give up in adversity or give in. A way can always be found.

i'm a grim little person, aren't i? i guess i will blame life in general, if i'm looking for a reason — it batters at you in many different ways and all angles.  You learn to roll with the punches, absorb and add to your life experiences.  Given time, you can get over pretty much anything. It hasn't been all bad, don't get me wrong. i've had many enjoyable times and love my friends.

Lets get on with the Sept meme

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Monday, 7th September 2020

Dealing with big companies can be very frustrating — in my case, Royal Mail.  i bought a couple of lovely tees online from a US company and they were duly despatched (i discovered later) in decent time.  Trouble started on arrival here.  Parcel went it's usual roundabout way of delivery, via a couple of hubs before arriving in the Cambridge area.  i always give overseas items a decent delivery time, so allowed from middle of August to now.  No delivery.  i emailed company asking for an update on the non-delivery and they replied stating according to their records, parcel had already been delivered on 15th August.  They suggested i contact RM and get a 'compensation code' so they can claim and send me another order. 

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Thursday, 3rd September 2020

i do some of the Sept meme questions first

 1. What Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? Probably Slytherin

2. What is the first historical event you clearly remember? The John F Kennedy election.  We were on a ship either going or coming back from leave and i remember walking on the deck, listening to the final part and rooting for Kennedy.  i was happy he won.  Best thing that happened to America for quite a while.

3. What part of elementary/primary school would you like to incorporate into your adult life? i don't really remember primary school as i was sick a lot and wasn't there much.  Can't think of anything i'd care to be or anything that belongs to that period - anyway, i hated school pretty much from the get-go.

more later

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Sunday, 30th August 2020

Just a quickie to catch up on the August meme -

18. What’s your zodiac sign? Do you think it fits you?  Sagittarius.  i guess the Archer/Centaur suits as well as might be. It's symbolic of course, but you can't really count having a bow and arrow as a child (which i liked a lot) or being able to ride, quite well i think.  Haven't done either since my twenties.  i did get to see some Archery Olympic heats in 2012 and enjoyed that very much.

19. What was the first musical record/tape/CD you ever bought with your own money?  Records, 45's as a teenager. Don't remember the actual first one but i liked Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson and a lot of the Top Twenty during the 60's & 70's.

20. How well do you take criticism?  Not well.  i'll tolerate constructive if relevant.

21. What lifts your spirits when you’re feeling down? Music is fastest, but books and/or a DVD will do it too.

22. Do you think everything happens for a reason? Not everything but quite a lot does, if you follow cause and effect.

23. Would you rather be a famous actor or a famous director? Director, i think, more interesting.

24. If you won a huge lottery, with more money than you could use, what charitable organization or civic donation would you fund? i have quite a few that i already donate to but could extend that to helping people closer to me.  Would be useful in this present clime.

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Wednesday, 26th August 2020

Friday Five on Health

1. How's your health this week?  I'm pretty good, so far. Just a slow healing patch of skin on my leg (thank you, diabetes)

2. What's the healthiest thing you've done recently? Some outside gardening helping a neighbour cut back a damaged ceanothis bush and cutting some some more nearer my flat

3. What do you look for in a doctor?  Someone with experience and who actually listens to the patient

4. What was your most memorable childhood illness? i was sick a lot as a child but not due illness (bowel blockage), so the first one i remember would be chickenpox. Sister caught all the diseases first and i got them from her; twice as bad!

5. What's your most interesting scar and how did you get it? Gad, where do i start?! If i discount all the many surgical scars? i have one on each wrist running upwards, no idea how i got them. In surgery maybe? A couple of injury scars on legs but not that interesting, falling on stuff.

Second Friday Five on Manners

1. How closely do you think good manners are related to income and social status?  Not at all.  i've met rude rich and polite poor and vica versa. Depends purely on upbringing.

2. Can the idea of good manners inhibit people's natural sense of fun and inhibition?  Such an odd question but i don't see a connection.

3. Do people have more manners now or in earlier times?  It was taught more before i think and looking at today's youth, it has bypassed many of them! Which makes me think their parents don't have many.

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