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FCUK Radio

FCUK Radio - Monday 3rd May [UK holiday]
like Char says, we were on Messenger talking and listening to the broadcast - best two hours for ages

but the server nearly crashed several times and i had to relog-in three times and i have Broadband[cable]! phones, emails all swamped - the sound cutout and in far too frequently but mostly during the music, goddess be praised...

pissing with rain in London and cold - blue skies and sunshine up here in North of England...

James was playing DJ and had the boys on as his 'guests' - Charlie up first - nice voice - he is such a cutie - music was interesting but lots of technical difficulties... he goofed on the first one supposed to be Small Furry Animals but he put on David Bowie instead TVC15! the chat was light and funny - James giggled a lot... and the fans outside made him feel sexy he said - "you London girls really know how to make a guy feel good".

Two? female tech to help him and he spent quite a bit of the offair time flirting outrageously by the sound of it - all sexy talk and "call me up, no question too randy!" and they wonder why the phones and server jammed?!!!!
i took the chance and phoned, got a girl who took my name and said they would read it out on the air [never did] - not surprised.
blew my connection and had to log-in again - their server is shit.

Kevin was up next and i liked the sound of him - nice sense of humour - teasing James - 'this is James i-like-my-haircut Marsters' and stuff... nice badinage - one of Kevin's songs was Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing" but i would not have said it was his cut..

they played Runaway - first time i'd heard it - needs to be heard properly from the cd as their sound wasn't good enough - i couldn't hear all the words i knew were there.. interesting sound tho...

James said he usually writes 'oh-my-god-she's-cute' songs but This Town was more serious - nice ballady sound and i just loved it - showcases his voice very nicely.. very nice harmonies, bit Beachboys and lush, like listening to cream, girls... [can't wait for 'Gods of the Radio'] - GOOD NEWS - they said the EP will be ready for Europe and here!

Next up Sean, the baby - sweet guy, had nice tracks, little more jazzy than the others, bodes well for his drumming...
Yes, heard the dedication of Marsters Mobsters mentioned on air!!!! Rock Us!! Nice one, Serene....

James came back on and said "Charlie De Mars up next and we will talk about his penis!" Sean immediately piped up "You have been listening to Loveline and goodnight!" which cracked us up..
They then played David Letterman.

James chatted to Charlie and they were talking about when they met and starting up the band - James said now it is good as when they go play somewhere, the technicians glance at them and say oh yeah another celebrity band and blow them off but when they get round to the sound checks, they come back now and say "hey, you guys sound really cool" - which pleased him a lot - And us! validation by the tech guys, yay!!

James was back after the next track - trying to sell Charlie to the audience a lover! very funny... much laughter...
James then played 'It's Nothing' the track they played on SO's show and it sounded even better from the CD - can't wait!!
That was about it and they said they had fun and James said two hours of his life had never gone so fast, he'd had a ball and got to brag about his manhood and feel sexy! hope you all come to the Concerts - he mentioned them all and that was it.

i am still juiced and even with a headache [concentration] - just had to head in here and do a quickie for you lovlies...

[i actually taped the Messenger conversation and i may just edit it and put it up later, maybe but this is a fair copy]
i will come back later and up date again if i can but this will have todo for now... love you guys xxx