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Saturday 24th January 09

 i'm having a 'home' day today.  Washed my hair, tended to me feet, put a small roast in the oven and prepared the veggies for later, swept the floor and generally did a tidy-up...   i been looking back at the week and it's been okay.

My treat this week was going down to London to see the latest Cirque du Soleil show 'Quidam' at the Royal Albert Hall.

They aren't cheap [standard price of £65.00] but neither is the show - it is spectacular, colourful, packed full of detail [some quite mystifying at times!] and endlessly entertaining.  From the time it starts, every show is on the go every minute;  you never get gaps between the performers.  And what performers!
'Quidam' has everything from stunning aerialists [solo, paired and a fabulous quartet], acrobats and tumblers to girls with Chinese spinning tops, a superb man/woman balancing act [truly stunning in slow motion], girl on her own, some of the funniest comedy slots and a FOUR man tower that took three attempts to complete!  There was a troupe of 15? performers [men and women] who tossed each other up in the air, did somersaults with ease and a complex routine with multiple skipping ropes, that had to be seen to believed.  
There was one comedy routine that had me laughing out loud from the start to the finish.  One of the mainstays of the comedy section was a man in a bowler hat. He done some work already and was very funny.  Then he came out a little later with a stand-up cutout of an old movie camera and promptly recruited four members of the audience to 'act' in his little silent film.  They were genuine audience members, not planted performers.  Three men and a woman who rose to the occasion very well and the story was simple.  Man & woman having a tryst and her husband comes home, catches them and shoots lover - all of this done in mime by the 'director' first to show them what he wanted them to do.  The fourth recruit was a man who had to operate the clapperboard and was as good as the others.  'Director' acted it all out for them first, had them do a bit of hillarious rehearsal and then do the 'film'.  The audience members were magnificent and i laughed so hard, i almost cried.

90% of the music was live and there were two singers with the band.  They never sing in English but that's ok, it just makes the show flow.

The downside of the Cirque always are the prices;  not just the seats but £12 for a programme [didn't get one] and staggering prices in the little shops for t-shirts and memorabillia - are you ready for this?? £39 for a t-shirt!  i reeled out of the shop, muttering 'no way, Jose'...   It is a show you do once whenever they come to town and when they come back again, whenever that is...  but not multiple times unless you are a member of the Getty family!

i went by train of course down to London for the matinee - it's the only way i can see a show, the night train doesn't leave late enough to get one directly home;  any time after 10pm, you have to take a bus from Bishop Stortford. 
i took the tube down to South Kensington and took the subway up to Imperial College, then above ground to the RAH - gotta tell you, i wouldn't have done if i'd known how far it was!  It must be the best part of a mile and after the show i hiked back down to the tube - a LONG way - i'll take the bus next time!  The #10 will go there and back to Kings Cross, even if it takes a little longer, it'd be worth it!  Even the expense of a taxi would be worth it...

This is the Cirque,

That's three different shows but you get the drift.  And a picture of the marvellous Victor Kee...