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Major SNOW!

It was snowing when i went to bed lat night and it's still falling thickly...  must be ankle deep on the back lawn.  Apparently it will get worse before it stops.
Most of the Underground is closed, roads pretty bad - M25 had lots of problems - many drivers stuck all over the place.  Many of the runways closed at Heathrow, Gatwick is faring better.  Lots of schools closed and many people not going out unless they really have to.   i think i will take the advice and stay home; i have pills to pick up but i can do another day or two before i run out.
This was last night... and then again this morning

and there's more to come...  It is supposed to be the worst today, but it will freeze tonight and they fear black ice tomorrow, so take care all of you but especially those in cars, if you must go out.
Wonder if our buses are still running?  It'll be COLD at the bus stops waiting for the ones that do make it round the circuit.


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Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:31 pm (UTC)
Poor you!
You know, that much snow isn´t even much for us here in Sweden. When we get like a half meter in one day people start to grumble. Usually all streets and roads are cleaned 6 o´clock in the morning if there has been snow in the night.

And we have snow tyres on the cars. It´s illegal to drive without from November to end of March or something like it.

So, the chaos for little snow sounds strange here, we´re prepared for it. England isn´t.
Waiting for more news about the Mayday thing. ( I hoped it would be a June-thing!) I have to start working on getting time off, they could at least tell whick week it´s going to be. But you know with JMLive, everything is so complicated...
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