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My random 5 subjects

Kazzy Cee gave me 5 random subjects to comment on.

Orange – Not a colour I like but I love satsumas


Shampoo – use different brands all the time [with one for dry or itchy skin, once a week and a conditioner maybe once a fortnight, if needed]  but shampoo for fine & dry hair [especially in winter, when the cold dries it out so much]


Boots – I only have ankle boots now; they can be difficult to get on with a rigid ankle – but I do love them!  I used to wear knee high boots when I had a motorbike.


Pets – I think people should have pets; if they can and one, get an appropriate one for where they live and two, are capable of looking after them.  I think they are important especially for single people, giving us someone to love, who love us unreservedly in return.

I would love to have cats again but not sure I could cope just yet. I have permission but I would need to cut a cat-flap somewhere – difficult with glass doors, but do-able.


Music – Gad, generalisation much! I have a very catholic taste in music; everything from Sibelius to Duffy, Roy Orbison, Beach Boys and of course, James Marsters!


If you want me to pick some for you, comment and I’ll reply, yeah?  I’d love to hear from you…