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Check out the mean of your name

Fancy checking out the meaning of your name?  Check this out...


J” is the letter representing ambition.  They readily take on any task they think will help them reach their goals more quickly.

Ambition and eagerness tend to dominate their lives.  The need for movement is so powerful; the “J” person has a hard time being still.

They are fair and honest to a fault.  If you want the truth, ask a person with a “J” in their name.  Valuing honesty above all else, they do not lie.  Don’t be found guilty lying to them.  That is the most heinous of sins to them.  Although they may forgive you, they will never forget you told them a lie.  This will cause irreparable damage to the relationship.

You can always count on a “J.”  “What you see is what you get,” is their motto.  Reliable people, they do what they say they will.  Loyalty is one of their strong suits.  A friend is always a friend even though they may not see them for years.  When meeting again, they take up right where they left off.  

Being resourceful, they are able to see things others miss.  With the use of their imagination they are quite inventive in their personal lives and in their chosen occupations.

Kind and well meaning, they try to help all who will let them.  With benevolent hearts they forgive those who have hurt them.  Loving, not ignorant, they generally do not allow persons who hurt them to do it again.  Usually, they will distance themselves from the offender.

Very clever in conversation, they tend to have people listen to them.  With their quick wit, they are the center of the discussion.

Shrewd and brilliant, they are never left behind but are always looking for a new way to do what needs to be done.


Negative “J’s” are not a pleasure to be around.  Lazy and dull, they lack goals in life.  Intolerance rules their lives so no one every really measures up to their way of thinking.

“I,” the third vowel, is very strong.  It represents law and courage.

In this case the law does not necessarily mean one who is judgmental.  It is more a humanitarian letter.  “I’s” are warm hearted and loving.  Totally unselfish, they attract others too them.

Elegant and stylish, they always look expensive even when they are working in the yard.  Others tend to copy their style consciousness because of their tastefulness in clothing and life.
“I’s” are artistic.  When “I” is the first vowel in a name, generally the person wearing the “I” is interested in the arts or science.  They can be an actor or a scientist. Either would be fascinating for them.

The “I” is selfless.  When the “I” occurs three or more times in the name, you have a very sensitive and shy individual.  They can sometimes become over emotional.


People with an “I” in their names are inspirational.  Being such they have people who love to be with them.  They bring out the emotional and spiritual side of the people close to them.


Kindness keeps those same people close to them.  “I’s” know no other way to treat people.  Consideration of others is their first goal.  Thus you will usually only hear good things about these people.


Negative “I’s” lack confidence.  They can be timid and fearful.   Quick to anger, others find they need to stay out of their way.  Not only do they have a hair trigger temper but their fear will make them back up their actions.  Easily offended, it is hard for a person to stay around a negative “I.”


“L” is the letter that represents action.  The person with this letter in their name is a self-starter.  Motivated and energetic, they are able to work in groups or alone.


Always on the go, they seem to pass life by without even looking at it, but this is a myth. They live life as completely as they can.  Savouring all aspects of life more quickly than most, they go from one aspect of life to another, just as a bumblebee goes from flower to flower.  It seems the bee does not look at the flower even though he is always aware it is there. People with the “L” in their name enjoy life while living it to it’s fullest.


Generous to a fault, their kindness in giving should be envied by all.  In today’s world, that can be seen as an error in ways rather than a good quality.  If there is a charity in need, they are there to help.


Although they seem to be blindly going through life they are in complete control. Being in charge means a lot to them.  When the “L” is not in charge, you see one unhappy person.  They know they have executive ability and execute it well.  Being honest and fair with those in positions lower than theirs earns them wonderful reputations.  This means a lot to the “L” because it is one of the guidelines of their lives.


Talented individuals, they excel at anything they choose to do.


Generally they are unbiased and are willing to listen to any new ideas that may come their way.  Because they are so well adjusted, they do not feel it necessary to believe theirs is the only right way of thinking.  This is reflected in the fact that they are willing to use others ideas because they make them their own.


“L’s” love to travel and are right at home on the road.  Getting bored with staying in one place long, they would rather be doing something different.


Negative “L’s” are deceitful and cruel.  Not caring for anyone else, they want everything their way.  When their way is not possible, they can go into tyrannical rage



And I have two of ‘em!


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Mar. 4th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
name meaning
it sounds interesting analyze name meaning in Alphabethik.


Mar. 4th, 2009 09:56 am (UTC)
Re: name meaning
Thank you, whoever you are

i'll take a look later
Mar. 5th, 2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
That 'J' is definitely me ::preens::
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