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Ok, it is Tuesday...

Been yet another busy day, time's flown by...  we moved all the desks and as much stuff as we could into the other newly painted part of our office yesterday afternoon...  this half is an incredible crush, but we are all more than willing to put up with it to get the office painted - Keith, our painter/decorator tells us he last did it in 1988!!  so it's due, huh...  With luck we should be finished sometime next week.   He does such a good job - preparing and filling holes & the cracks first, checking it all out, doors too.  Then he starts on the ceiling and works down...  white, then on the walls a shade he says is Buttermilk, quite nice.

i vacuumed late on Sunday afternoon to make sure, we weren't sitting in dust & dirt up to our elbows before we move the stuff back and will probably do the same for the other half when its done...  we are rearranging the office too and i am gratified that Corney is listening when i suggest how we do something, i guess as the first half went so well, i had sorta proved i could organise it...  *shrugs* i kinda like jigsaw puzzles.  Ho ho.

We have been very busy as the work on refurbishing the Hotel progresses and word is getting around we will be back in the full stream after Christmas - then there is the Christmas stuff we ARE being able to do etc..   But it is nice to be able to wake up in the morning, without that low level dread that the Uberbitch inspires in all who work with her...  yes, that was ALL...  i think our new immediate Boss has realised just how difficult it has been for us but is determined to impose her strong hand in velvet glove...  i got no problems with that or her so far...  she wants to succeed and to do that she needs us to support her fully and she is prepared to do the same, i think...  time will tell.

i had a dream about James on the weekend - relax, sweetie!  pretty un-erotic really but nice...    i was walking under those huge arches you get that support railway lines, high as catherdral roofs;  going to join up with friends and i met them coming towards me, Lynnie, Carmilla and one more? i can't remember clearly.  We were going to meet James on invitation [no, no idea why], duly arrived and went up to an anteroom with seats and sofas.  Nobody there. 

We were wondering if we had the right place when in comes Himber, James and a couple of business suits.  James smiled and did a little wave and went into a side office with them all.   Some short time later, Himber comes out followed by the suits and they shake hands and leave.  James comes out and has a quick convo with Himber and then comes over to talk to us.   We all got up and he hugged us all, big smiles and warmth, saying "sorry, business first."  He was pretty hoarse, said he had a sore throat, working hard and all.  Said come down and have a drink.  

We went down to what was a fairly bare garden and he stood with his arm around Lynnie and Carmilla, being flirty and laughing.  He hugged and kissed them both a few times and looked at me and said, "i gotta get a hug!"  He wrapped himself around me and put his head on my shoulder and said 'i miss this' and snuggled into my neck.  i put both arms around him and held him until HE pulled away [usually i do], which was a little while and he kissed my neck as he started to draw away, then kissed my mouth, before standing with his arms around my waist.  He said "you all came with ? girls, didn't you?"  [i'm not sure of the name, coulda been Amanda - it made sense at the time but on reflection, i have NO idea what he was talking about!] - then he kissed me again, and holding my hand, he said "you are all like me, nice but slightly crazy!"  which made us giggle and we all agreed! 

Other people had joined us [like it was a scheduled little party after work] but made no move to come over to us or try to horn in on our little meeting.  Some called greetings to James like they knew him and we all sat down on the grass.  James took some cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one!  Himber came over and handed him a can of beer and asked us what we would like..  as the girls told him their choice, i looked at James and said "A cigarette, man? you smoking again? that's not gonna help your voice" and he looked shamefaced and said it was the pressure.  He asked me if i had ever smoked and i said yes i had but it was a long time ago.  He looked wistfull and said how long?  i told him it was about 18 years ago and he said how did you stop?  i shrugged and said you only need to WANT to and you will.   He said 'that's my problem - does this bother you?' and i said give me a taste and i will not be able to smell it - he passed it over and i took a small drag [it actually works unless you are at a table with LOTS of smokers, then i can only take so much before i have to leave]...

as i passed the fag back to him, i woke up and i smiled, thinking 'i had his cigarette in my mouth' soppy wench...    Like i said, slightly odd and nice but hardly X-rated.   What did stand out in my mind, was the trust... [Lynnie and i have been talking about this recently] -  we weren't ass-grabbers or emotional blackmailers or even likely to make of this, anything more than it was - a quiet little meeting with a lovely man being sweet to his fans - there has to be a better word for us than that! but i'm damned if i can come up with anything better.  We were not likely to tell anyone about this meeting, except our truly nearest and dearest - no story on the website, no bragging to other fans...  this was ours alone... and he seemed to know that.

if i were ever truly privileged to be his friend, only five people would ever know - and i trust those friends completely.  It wouldn't be easy but well worth the Hush!  Now that is as much a dream as the real dream!!

heigh ho, bedtime..  another very busy day tomorrow and i have a one-day course for the next level of Excel on Thursday...  lots to do..

stay well and take care, y'all!


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Sep. 28th, 2005 07:32 am (UTC)
Why don't I have dreams like that!
Oct. 1st, 2005 11:42 pm (UTC)
'Cause you don't have my convoluted twisted-shell like mind?!! my erotic ones are MUCH more interesting!! to me anyway LOLOL
stay well, Ditto
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 1st, 2005 11:40 pm (UTC)
LOL anything i can do to help...!! your dream was at least as interesting as mine. We look at the same object from different directions sometimes, is all and it is always interesting to hear people's dreams - that you like that is!!
later, babe!
Oct. 9th, 2005 08:24 am (UTC)
Doesn't matter that it was not "erotic". *THUD*
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