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It's finally Sunday

i have been trying not to think about tomorrow...  i did some work in the office Saturday to cover being off most of the day on Monday - the Boss looked surprised and i wondered why i bothered...  i seem to be the only person who worries if i am not there (briefly) - but wanted to do some work on Uberbitch's data base, only to find it doesn't work on weekends as most of these are small businesses and are closed on Saturday.   So will have to try and squeeze time during the week, dammit all - i left about 3.15pm, still that is 4.5 hours as i started at 10.30am, with a 15 min break for lunch.  These hours will be for the next lieu day at the Clinic...  i have enough for tomorrow

i will go in to work at 0900 as usual and do the mail - 1000 taxi should be there then and i go off to Bingley.  Appointment is 1100...  local anaesthetic and then long one into the hip joint - then presumabley lie down somewhere till the local wears off?  not sure what the proceedure is, just going home as fast as possible after that i guess.   i'm taking my pills (though i'm not sure if i will need them - but the rest of me will not be affected) and some fruit & liquid - and my book.  If i have to just sit or lie there, i will get hellova bored - maybe i will get some sleep?  who knows.  Nobody tells you what the agenda is, so you're guessing...

i won't even attempt to go back to work.   Jenny seems to think i won't be able to walk very well for the rest of the day but that is the whole point of the exercise really - this shot in the hip is to show me what difference the replacement would make. [Wonder how long it lasts? All-knowing Jenny says about a week?  she really has not a clue].  

Frankly over the past few weeks, i have been in so much pain, i can scarcely believe it.  i get to the point where sitting at a 90angle is increasingly sore... and it takes me 2-3 minutes to get up out of my chair, i stiffen up so badly, it hurts to sit and it hurts to stand.  i can usually walk ok after a little hobbling about and i loosen up a bit but i am starting to feel it at night too...  can't lie on my right side any more and the left isn't too brilliant either, so i wind up on my back.  If i forget and roll over in the night, it wakes me...

Put it out of my mind most of the day today.  Did a humungus pile of washing and stripped and made the bed, tidied the bottom of my clothes rack boxes - oh, someone ripped the lock off my storage area on the 3rd floor (during the refurbishment) and rifled through my stuff - ripped open holes in the cardboard to see what was in them, unzipped my suitcase (didn't even bother to do it up again) - left boxes open - only stuff gone as far as i can tell, is a handful of CDs, no idea what they were...   Adrian says he has screwed it up once already but will do it again.   Bastards...  

Lend me your strength tomorrow - i am such a coward, i hate needles... 


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Oct. 10th, 2005 05:47 am (UTC)
Good luck! It's awful when pain wakes you up and night so maybe this will help you get some decent sleep (everything seems better after a good night's rest).
Oct. 10th, 2005 09:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks, honey!
Done now - it all went well and the shot will take some time to kick in apparently, not sure how long... but it has started already and i have to tell you i like it. i am hoping for a bit more but we shall see
take care, love
Oct. 10th, 2005 08:58 am (UTC)
I will be thinking of you, needles are nasty especially uberlongones yuk. Hope the benefits last ages though. :) I might have to have a needle in my eye, had one years ago and it's horrible but worth it for straight eyes, then it won't seem as if I'm ignoring peeps when I talking to them and permanently looking out for if the bus is coming. :D I hope we're all hale and hearty for James!
Oct. 10th, 2005 09:38 pm (UTC)
oh my goddess, Ditto - that's awful!
it was an uberlongone but thin *grins* - didn't look at it until i saw the x-ray after it was done. But In Your Eye - O.M.G. too ghastly for thought!! damn, you're brave - lot more than me!
We'll be good for James, hopefully - touches wood immediately...
See yah, honey
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