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Wednesday 25th March 09

It's been an up and down day today - my crown fell out yet again, so on the blower to dentists this am - could i come in in about 3/4 hr?  i can if the buses co-operate...  It started to rain and chucked it down as i was leaving but grabbed my big brolly and dashed out, forgetting my mobile!  Got to the bustop to find they are running late today!  They would.  Couldn't phone a cab, of course, so i had to wait for the bus - 25 minutes later!  one arrived.  Luckily, the rain had stopped by then but we counted SIX going the other way!  The bus driver just said 'traffic's bad' and was so disinterested, i could have slapped him!  When i got off, i told him some had been waiting 45 minutes, El Nerdo said 'i'm on time' and that was that.  i counted 10 and got off.  i double timed it across Parkers Piece to the dentist, pushing against the strong wind all the way.   Luckily the girl slotted me in, though i was about 15 minutes late.

i came out about 11.10 and as i wasn't due at Physio until 12.15ish, i thought, 'take a punt on the buses' and just had time to go up to Boots.  i've been looking for orange sticks - call them 'manicure' sticks now, which i guess is fair enough, that's what they are for.  To push the cuticles back and so on.  It's the only place i've been able to find them and you get five to a pack @£1.19.  They are about half an inch longer than they used to be and have the same slanting cut at both ends - used to have a sharpened point on one end and a slanting cut on the other - and they are thicker now too.  They always feel they have to change things, don't they?  Why, i don't know;  nothing wrong with the old design...   Got some more eyebrow/eyelash dye while i was there; they have a new colour out now blue/back, with this years price increase to £7.10 [they reckon on 12 sessions and say it lasts 45 days, which is about right], so still affordable and way cheaper than getting a salon to do it.

i stopped long enough to take a couple of photos, battling the wind [for my 366 album] and got the bus back in time to walk straight over to the physio block.  It decided to rain again and chucked it down on my way there.  i was slightly early but as i needed to go the loo by then, who cared?  :D
It was my last session today and after hoofing it about in town, i'd almost done my work-out by the time i started!  By the time we'd done our warm up and i'd chugged through the exercises, quite frankly, i'd had enough by 1.30pm.   Julie, the main physio, did the paperwork, i bought one of the hideous fluorescent pink stretchy bands for further exercise and said goodbye to the group.  i was looking forward to a good cup of coffee and a rest!
It had stopped raining, so i stopped half way to take a couple of pics of the unusual sculpture on one of the walls near the carpark - weird place to put it.  i thought it was a couple of pieces of wood nailed to the wall and thought, how odd, memorial to a Tree?.   i'd stopped last week to take a closer look and the artist has put little figures on one and a little boat and more figures on the other.  Jane Frost is the artist and she calls it River of Life.  i thought i'd share it with you - not my 366 piece, that's the fancy gate at Christ's College #4.

Okay.  Cup of coffee and a protein shake don't last long, so it's dinner time now!  At 5.15pm, i'm distinctly peckish!  So i'm off to put some rice on and make a quick curry - goddess bless Yeo's Singapore Curry Sauce! - which i will eat and watch my new 2-disc special DVD 'Quantum of Solace', which arrived yesterday...
Have a good one, mateys!