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My Reading Scissors

I never seem to run out of things to post about, though I guess I should pause and think about how many of the humdrum things I do or think about would be of any interest to my F-list.  But every time I read a newspaper or magazine, watch the news or step outside my door, something pops up I can converse about.  You cannot ignore the outside world – yeah, okay you can but not completely.  I keep my ‘Reading Scissors’ next to me to snip out interesting bits…


I bought two papers, the Times and USA Today [£1 here] on Friday and sure enough lots of things rose to my interested view.  I always look at the day’s birthdays – David Coulthard, racing driver was 38;  Julian Glover, actor, 74; Maria Ewing, opera singer, 59; Quentin Tarantino, film director, 46; Michael York, actor, 67.

Hadn’t realised Julian or Michael were that old…  That should please them!


The Pope is going to visit Israel May 8th, his first – nothing unusual in that but how many of you can actually tell me what this latest Pope’s name is??  Damned if I could.  Has to be the most non-visible Pope yet, one of the disappears-into-the-wallpaper ones…  Sorry, it’s Benedict 16th  There have been that many called Benedict??

Small piece about patients still feeling ignored about NHS and having enough say about local health services they wanted – no surprise there then… Healthcare Commission polled 130 healthcare groups and 170 user groups across the country.


Those of you who were interested in the Gurkha immigration issue will be interested to know that a new policy on the right of their right to settle in Britain, will be announced by the Home Secretary ‘within three weeks’.  The Courts have ruled that barring them was unlawful and ‘almost every point’ raised since then has been settled, they say.  We await with interest.


Nice little picture of Bronte Blomhoj sitting outside her Swedish café with a sign that said ‘Not everything Scandinavian is flat packed; try our meatballs, they’re round’.  That amused me…


USA Today gave me some great tidbits – in alphabetical State order


Alabama, Florence – a very common-sense Circuit Judge Mike Jones ordering some offenders to pick up the trash & litter off roadsides; great idea for non-violent crims and those who pleaded guilty.


Louisiana, Shreveport – City buying new compressed natural gas buses, saying they are cheaper than diesel & hybrid buses.  Got to be a better solution, though natural fuel would be better, like parts of South America using gases from sugarcane.


Michigan, Flint – This is so stupid, I’m about speechless.  School administrators have recommended closing eight schools over the next two years and laying off 212 employees, most of them TEACHERS.  Unless these schools have virtually no pupils, I’m horrified – and can’t the teachers be reassigned to the other schools??  Never enough teachers…


Oklahoma, Oklahoma City – Ten teenagers have been diagnosed with SYPHILIS, for heavens sake!!  Are we going backwards in time here??!!

And finally, my favourite…


Texas, Austin – A first state-wide tree count has been done and shows Texas second only to ALASKA!  It has 60 million acres of forest land…  The popular mental vision of Texas would have to be wide, flat grasslands stretching forever towards the horizon.  I was staggered at the thought of so many trees.


Such marvellous names in America… Cheyenne, Wyoming;  Seatac, Washington;  Elko, Nevada;  Topeka, Kansas;  Subiaco, Arkansas;  Tallahassee, Florida and Toledo, Ohio.   Much more romantic than some of ours!


Today’s newspaper has yet to be mined, as I haven’t read it yet apart from the headlines – a very ‘slow’ news day, where the most interesting item on the front page was not the headline of Gordon Brown’s planned worldwide tax cuts for the G20 deal being ‘scuppered’ by other European leaders – almost too predictable for words. Or reputed ‘intelligence chiefs’ worrying China may have capability to hack IT utilities here in Britain, but the piece from the Health Editor about stem cell therapy offering bigger breasts to British women!  Not simply good news for the less generously endowed but for cancer victims who have had them removed.  This means they can help make new ones and that to me IS a big deal.


More health news – free health checks for everyone between 40- 70 will be offered starting this week and will cover heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes risks,  as well as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar.  This is proposed as a five year ongoing programme and I think a good idea – one of the few times I agree with Mr Brown!  That’ll keep the doctors busy for a while!!

Clocks went forward an hour last night and it is now twenty to seven, not twenty to six pm… as it should be.  It is full daylight still   It hasn’t really mattered to me but  it means that my groceries were delivered at 12.30pm, not 11.30am!  Didn’t matter, I was up and dressed, so no big deal.  I would have noticed the first time I put the TV on but haven’t done that yet.  There is always a little notice on the front pages of newspapers to remind the tardy…

And lastly, a headline I’d give a tooth to see…

“James Marsters to visit Britain twice this year!  Great rejoicing across the country!” 

*goes off giggling*
more later... 


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Apr. 1st, 2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
Grr about the Ghurkas. They let everybody in and keep them out! Crazy. :( Lol at that last...
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