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FX Int'l now on...

i'm not there.... *sobs*  It sounded SO good....  i would have loved to be there.  *vows to start saving pennies*
i have this picture taken by Chris Heton, on my desktop at the moment to comemorate the weekend [it's Dragoncon last year, the James with Micheal Rosenbaum].

Reading the papers again, local & USA Today...Iowa, Des Moines:  The openly gay state Senator Matt McCoy has received a death threat [only one?] in the latest anti-gay marriage bill ruckus.  Iowa had passed a legalised same-sex marriage bill previously.  This I presume is part of the infamous Bible Belt in the USA – still living in the dark ages I see… 

USA Today – Thurs 16.04.09

Only in America?

Arizona, Phoenix:  $76,000 spent on restoring the white pyramid tomb of Arizona’s first Governor George W.P. Hunt.  It had been the target of thieves and vandals apparently – what the hell was there to steal??  I think I would have been better spent on the living, personally.

California, Modesto:  For the fifth time in six years, Stanislaus County has the dubious distinction of being No. 1 in the NATION for auto theft – be careful where you park your car, James!!

Nevada, Carson City isn’t much better with Governor Gibbons saying he will veto a proposal to give same-sex domestic partners the rights and benefits that the state offers to married couples.  He said he would reject it if it reaches his desk because, “I just don’t believe in it”.  Sad but true.

Oregon, Eugene:  ‘A Medford School District policy banning teachers from bringing a concealed handgun to school is before the Court of Appeals’ – I don’t care that the argument is whether it comes under State Law or not, what truly horrifies me is the fact that a teacher would feel the NEED to take one into a school classroom!  My goodness me… I know that there have been incidents of pupils running amok in class and in a couple of cases, killing other pupils etc but I thought that was a rarity, not something that would happen in such frequency that it would drive a teacher to such desperate lengths!

Finally on Thursday, a review in the local newspaper for ‘Dragonball Evolution’!!  Not that it says anything new – ‘..began life as a Japanese manga and is a multi-billion dollar franchise spawning videogames, novels and a TV series, so the weight of expectation on James Wong’s colourful feature film is immense.  DE strikes the right tone, but there’s a paucity of fully-formed characters and – surprisingly – thrilling action set pieces.

The very simple, linear plot holds no surprises, but it’s harmless fun.’

Rating **  [Vin Diesel only got *** as did ‘Race to Witch Mountain’, ’17 Again’ and ‘Fifty Dead Men Walking’.  So they rated it well and at least they didn’t feel slighted by no press preview!

Friday - MySpace is pissing me off.  The moderator Tom has put himself on my Friend list, I suppose I can’t avoid that for official stuff but I don’t want him dribbling on about what music he likes to listen to and now, worse still, the whole damn production team have added themselves!!  Sent them both a short snotty note asking them to remove themselves or give me advice as to how to get rid of them from my page!  This is one reason why I so rarely go there…

Rang the Tax Dept this afternoon when I got back from my meeting and told them I had received a request to put in my tax assessment – slightly worrying when you have already done the Self-Assessment online.  He couldn’t find it, even more disturbing, and asked me to ring back in two weeks to see if they have ‘captured’ it by then – what does that mean, I asked [having a vision of a cowboy trying to lasso a cow], to see if you found it by then?  Slight waffle, short answer, yes.  I replied, I’m going to be rather cross if it’s not there; won’t be happy to have to do it again.  He took that onboard and we parted amicably, though I silently wondered why I had to wait two weeks over a matter that should/could have been resolved immediately.  If he can’t find it in my file, where is it?  How difficult can an online submission be to find and if it isn’t attached to my account, where the hell is it?

I then rang Audible.co.uk about an apparent double billing for an audio book I had downloaded a day ago.  I say apparent because there was no record of my payment in the account history but two charges have hit my bank statement.  In a phone queue for a while [freephone luckily] before a message to say, leave a message & number and we will call you back.  I did, resigning myself to the possibility of Monday as it was already 5pm [they close at 6pm], but an obliging soul did call me back about 10 minutes later.  He could see that I had bought an audio, naming it to me, but could not see the charge either;  nothing in the ordering and billing history.  He would have to get back to me, when he had checked it out with whomever he had to check it with and regretted that it would be Monday.  Very polite and yes, he would ring me with the explanation.  Ok.

Saturday - Went and got pills, some groceries and some cash for the taxi on Monday [early dentist to put crown back in AGAIN; getting real tired of this].  Sun shining down in a nice non-fatal way, warm enough to make me think about washing the coat and putting it away for summer...

Like the sound of James' support group for Union Chapel, 'Smoke Fairies' - two girls, nice sound.  Should compliment James very nicely - not in competition for a change.  Bravo whoever picked them.

Take care... *bisous*


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Apr. 19th, 2009 12:05 am (UTC)
Hi, Jill!
I´m still alive and kicking. Less than 2 weeks to London. YEY!!
Spring is here, some days. Today we had these almost freezing arctic winds, THAT was cold! It should warm up next week. I have 5 days off then. Working 4 evenings next weekend and Wednesday the 29th early in the morning I´m off to London.

1,5 days for touristing, then James for 3 days. And back home on Monday. And then I work 3 days. so I guess I don´t get into editing pics until Friday or so.

And the puppies for the dog-book are due that weekend, so I´ll have to "work" with the book. Don´t feel like work, it´s so damn fun. :O)

I´ve been trying out my new camera + lenses on 2 local rock groups. After the first concert I realized I needed that wide-angle lens I was planning to get for next Xmas at once. So bought it and got to an other concert for more testing. The D700 is just amazing for low lights. Love it. And now I know how high I can crank up the settings and stil get nice pics...

Well, see you in London! I don´t think I´ll go queuing for Union Chapel until the afternoon, around 2-3 o´clock I guess. Keeping my fingers crossed I get a decent seat.
Apr. 19th, 2009 11:44 am (UTC)
Hey, babe!

Good to see you! It's my international day today, girlfriend from New Zealand on Messenger this morning and your goodself here, nice one... all i need now is an email from America and i'll be global!

i'm glad it's warming up a bit for you. It's been lovely here for the past two days, clear blue skies and enough wind to blow any clouds away. Quite nice and warm in the sun but still chilly in the shade and inside. i'm conscious of the cool draft around my ankles as i sit here, from the little open window to my right. Luckily it is head height...

Glad to hear you are enjoying the puppy pictures and i hope it all goes super well for you!
Lucky you tested out the new camera and lenses and all; i just checked on my seating plan for Drill Hall and you are back in E9 - you might just need that new lens? Certainly need your zoom, for sure. Great to hear about the low light settings for the concerts - you'll need it for Union Chapel and maybe 100 Club too [remembers Smurf James at Borderline!]. i'm SO glad you will be there all that weekend, i think you may be the only really good photographer going - though Chrisuk is on the front row, she is way off to the side at Marstersclass. None of the excellent US girls will be there sadly...
AND NONE of them are at FX in Florida this weekend to my great surprise. i've only seen one photo of James onstage at his Q&A so far, not great clarity. i'll try sharpening it a bit and cropping in a little bit.

*i don't know why "i" is a repeat key but it is! 'iiii'*

2-3pm should be fine for the UC queue, no point in being super early really. Though i think the usual suspects will... Jean/GraySunrise is my roomie for that weekend and will be my plus1, which may be a change for her. i'm still on the disabled list with restricted standing and walking, though i manage a LOT better than i did pre-op; it is only six months since i had it done and knees take AGES to heal prope3rly [i keep having these Numb3ers moments!] but no pain is a HUGE relief, though i still get stiff sitting for a while. To compensate, my left shoulder has been giving me a lot of pain and i'm wondering if they do replacement shoulders!! It is linked to the neck & back arthritis problems i already have - oh joy! Just hope they don't get any worse.
i have put some weight back on since the operation but i'm doing my own dieting thing to keep it down and in check, just not the severe one i was doing before. My lifestyle has got a lot busier now and i'm getting out and about more. The dieting ladies reckon it is just as easy to diet but i beg to differ - it is hard to chug down 2 litres of water when you are doing meetings etc. i'm getting more involved with local housing issues, not less, so i'm hoping that will keep my weight down too - more exercise.

i really must sort out what i'm going to wear for the May weekend! i have a half-assed idea but only one day so far. i'm going to wear my waistcoat to be photographed with James, displaying all my tattoos and a fair amount of cleavage! Not that either will bother him.
Which reminds me, did you see Froggy is coming over to do the photos? least ways, i think its this time, not for Hallowhedon... *scratches head* must check... He takes nice shots from what i can see from the girls' ones - he's improved SO much since Oakland, way back when.

It will be so good to see you again and catch up with the girls.. :happy smile: Not long now!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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