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Capt John Hart action figure

Have you seen this picture of the figure????  dear good lord...  He's distinctly pop-eyed and YELLOW! The red jacket looks cheap too... Hope the real McCoy looks better but i fired off this message to SciFiCollectors...

"Oh my good God... PLEASE tell me that this face is not going to be on the final product!  Pop-eyed or what???!!!
As the original prototype face was such a good likeness of James Marsters [proving it can be done], i put in an order for me and 3 overseas friends and i'm HORRIFIED at this... this cheap-looking 'oriental-knock off' that looks like it should be valued at £2.99 - not the top of the line figure we were expecting from the excellent pictures of the prototype used to sell the figure - that actually does look like James and has drawn many people to want to buy the figure who wouldn't normally.
If it turns out to be as bad as it looks and the painting is such shoddy work [did you have it mass produced in Taiwan by people who have never seen James?? never mind the cheap looking colours], i think you should consider re-painting the face [hope the colour isn't as yellow as the picture too!] or dropping the price to a more suitable level; unless it is meant to look like a manga cartoon version???
However, i shall live in hope i'm wrong, leave my orders in and await the arrival of the figures and my final verdict - but you may want to consider what i have already heard on the internet - that many have seen this picture now and will not be buying it, if they have not already ordered it.  Indeed some are considering cancelling their orders..."

i'll keep you posted on any possible response...  i think this could constitute false advertising personally...  *shudders*


Apr. 19th, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
Not so much cross-eyed as pop-eyed, i thought... Wondering if i can do a touch-up myself...
Well, i've warned SciFiCollectors so they only have themselves to blame if they do get lots of cancellations and possible returns to retail outlets - which will get sent back to them if they have any sense - other than that they'll wind up in the sale bins for peanuts...
It makes me SO cross because we can see from the prototype, a good likeness CAN be done and the costume detailing is so good - so WHY haven't they carried it forward?? i'm leaving my order in and hoping against hope for the best

Edited at 2009-04-19 01:55 pm (UTC)