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And it's Tuesday, again...

Good day today.  Nice lady came for coffee to talk about the Residents Assoc i'm trying to set up and what i'm wanting to do with it - keep the inmates residents informed really, is all...  She hadn't been in my flat before and was assaulted with all my pics of the James... *grins*  She got me talking about him and how i met him and so on - fatal... hour later, trying to remember what i wanted to talk to her about!
No probs, all good.

Went out after lunch to take parcel to PO, get out in the sunshine and get some milk.  Did just that.  The last four days have followed the exact same pattern, grey and cool in the morning until about 11am-noon, then sun burns off the haze/mist and it's lovely.  i'm still doing the 366 Days of 2009, not easy to find things interesting enough, have had to make do with things in the flat some days...  So i take the camera with me every time i go out, hope to see something and wind up taking pics of the shops or some such - not exactly earth shaking!  i'll do better on 1st-3rd May!!   *smirks*
i watched 'The Devil wears Prada' last night and found some nice pictures of Simon Baker - i'll share a couple with you.  Hadn't realised he was yet another Aussie!  Pretty, ain't he?  i've been enjoying 'The Mentalist' on Channel 5 - looks like a winner.

Lovely little desk with those glorious peonies on it for a cool £1100 and man, oh man, now i've truly seen it all - real stuffed pigeons as lamps!!  Take up taxidermy for a hobby, folks...  Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!  How gross...  A pic of a sweet little summery number to take the nasty taste away, courtesy of I. Klee...

later, babes!

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