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Friday at last

i've been prevaricating for days... finally getting down to it...  Inky says she is having trouble concentrating; she's not the only one
*drags toe in gathering dust on the floor...* 
Um, yes, here's the thing about regular tasks...  Having spent the best part of an hour and a half simply deciding what i am going to wear over three nights... kinda know what you mean. 
Then another half hour picking over my meagre jewels... what about wearing some lippy for the photos... *digs out lippy bag*  Two will do it... i'll need to be fully made-up by the time i get there on Saturday; they'll take the photos as early as they can - and any extras - to get them back to us by end of day.  Just like the Rift - wonder if they'll sell the extra at the same time and extra autos, when we get our photo tickets?  We get one of each in the ticket price... basic 150 photos won't take but an hour, if that?  Doors open 12.00, so if we start on time, maybe 12.30-1.30pm.
Oh, there's that black shug, i mean, shrug i want to wear over my waistcoat, in case it's chilly in the Drill Hall and Himber's eyes fall out looking at the half acre of flesh on display - Froggy's shockproof by now, right?  And my black velvet pants, slightly big but i want them like that so i don't have a gap at the bottom of that black glitter top i wore at Borderline, which i may wear to 100 Club - this is gettin' complicated...  :Q 


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Apr. 26th, 2009 02:01 am (UTC)
Good luck with packing. It's always challenging deciding what to wear and how to excessorize. I know you will have a blast. I'll be with you in spirit. *smooches*
Apr. 26th, 2009 09:24 am (UTC)
Thank you, darlin' - especially when you are trying to disguise a belly that would do credit to a 9 month pregnancy!

You won't be far from my thoughts MayDay weekend, believe it or not - you will be missed... :(
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