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Words & Music - Saturday 29-10-05

Saturday 29th October

We slept to varying degrees and i managed to sleep until about a quarter to nine, so about six hours... but very uncomfortable so not such 'good' sleep, enough though... i was about to wake Susie just after nine when Lynnie came up to check if we wanted breakfast. We got ourselves together quickly, called on Pattie & Char, and nipped down for some CAFFEINE!! Pattie came down and had hers and took some back up for Char.

i had a shower when i got back up and sorted out what i wanted to wear that night. It was good to be able to know we did not have to do huge queuing this day, with numbered theatre tickets and we rocked up there about half an hour before the start time - we needn't have bothered, they were running late as usual... 

Anyway, we all collected in Char & Pattie's room and worked out who was doing what, Susie took Pattie under her wing, Lene had stuff to do and i went with Lynnie to Oxford Street to buy Soft Bondage Bear and try and find a pen razor... We left Char, at her request, to recover from the evening's experiences. Susie said she would buy a load of sandwiches, fruit etc for lunch and so did Lene but we would eat after the Matinee, when we got back.

Lynnie and i grabbed a cab and had a lovely time - a real giggle in Ann Summers and to my delight, managed to get some black lacy-topped stay-up stockings [i had left mine at home]!! We eventually managed to find a shop that sold some little travel & personal razors and Lynnie got her wish.

We got back in good time to get dressed and we all walked over the Blackfriars Bridge for the Matinee performance. Lene went mad and wore some new shoes, which she regretted and went back to trainers later... i was off 'pushing duties' for the weekend and Pattie, Susie & Lynnie did the honours. And they were magnificent... we are thinking of entering Lynnie in the Olympics...

No special line up or anything to get in, just went to the door and sweet smiles let us in, without a murmur... As soon as we found out where the disabled access was going to be, we were set. Lisa came over and said she would let us know when we could go in and yes, running late again.

That was ok, we had time to see and chat to old & new friends, i even found a seat, and what the special present was for the premier seats. Turns out, it was a signed trading card - nice - and Lisa told me there was one with a piece of the Spike coat, apparently sought after... no, none of us got it or at the evening do either - you got one for each session, if you did both.

i got to say hi to people i hadn't seen for a while and i even managed a little time & a hug with Grey Sunrise [keeping her pretty chin up] and to my delight, all the Door 14 Alumni from Collectormania were there - Jude, Mary & Kath joining Lynnie, Susie and me... Lene also had been part of that crew, although sometime later than us, with Sami [who regretfully could not be here for this gathering] - **Hey babe! hope you are mostly recovered from the accursed Wilma.**

Himber was there with his merchandise table and Char bought Kevin [my Hotel's Sous Chef and a James fan] a photograph for me to take back, as a 'thank you' for the excellent dinners he provided for her. **He loved it, honey, and with the copy of 'Civilised Man' i gave him, thought Christmas had come early!!**

i bought a couple of those lovely little black guitar picks, with James' sig on them and Himber gave me a free copy of the Ep CD with 'This Town' on it - Pattie didn't have either of those, so that was good... not a lot left on the table by the time we left in the evening, so all good there.

We were finally given the heads up to go into the theatre and Lynnie took Char [she was carer for the Mermaid as they were sitting together], with me following behind. Just as we got down the first slope and came to the GreenRoom, guess who walked round the corner? Yup, his Total Gorgeousness. He looked so fine, black tee, black jeans and black shoes.... topped by this wonderful familiar face and the new long hair, neatly tamed today - i was immediately rendered speechless. James didn't say anything, just smiled at us all - we all smiled back but Lynnie, irrepressible cricket that she is, found enough breath to say "Hiya" as he went into the room. The Security guy was waiting to help us through the doors, so we didn't get to have our fan-girl moment until later!! **Grrr-aaarrgh!!**

We got Char seated and i found Susie and our seats, Lene and Pattie were in front of us but a couple of rows down... Himber came out and spoke to us, laying out the schedule, interval time etc and then introduced James and Cheryl Puente. James looking fit, rested and bouncing with enthusiasm. He introduced the paly 'Macbeth' and proceeded to set the scene and then started with his rendition... Cheryl Puente, very pretty and good... read Macbeth's letter that preceeded his homecoming. The American accents grated for a while but got used to them and Shakespeare's cadence about the same time.

Macbeth comes home from the battlefield; Lady M is on her knees praying for her husband and James dropped to his knees and gave Cheryl a quick but passionate kiss [every woman in the audience just about climaxed simultaneously] and kissed her hand and arm, 'we'll talk later' and when they rose to their feet, pulled her into a close pelvic clinch that left no doubt what they would be doing before the talk. The rest of the play simply got more intense and i was totally spellbound by James' power and passion for the words. Even if you don't like Shakespeare, this was a performance not to be missed, believe me.

James did monologues, joined together with quick explanations of what was happening and Cheryl's Lady M interaction was both solid and humourous, excellent work. They obviously enjoyed what they were doing immensely and it showed. The applause was thunderous and they scooted off and after a brief pause, came back on to talk about the performance and to talek comments and questions from the audience.

i sorta raised my hand and called down to James and made the comment that people forget that there were powerful women in that time as well, who also had lands etc in their own right, and it was nice that he had brought out Lady M as his partner, not just a subserviant wife - James replied that it was absolutely his intention to show this, that they were a team and partners together in this venture - not his wish to show her as a bitch or Macbeth as a wimp - he was a warrior, who got cold feet but bolstered by his wife, regained his resolve to take the crown - something that did happen often, succession was frequently taken in battle.

There were many intelligent questions as well as the occasional person who rabbited on, without seeming to come to any point or question but fortunately not many!

They were only on for about 15 minutes and then left to a rousing standing ovation.

Interval was 30 minutes - there were a couple of toilets at the bottom of the disabled ramp and i made sure i went there before going up to meet Susie, who nipped up and got drinks for us. She came down and met me in the lobby and we spent a little time chatting to various people we knew. Also checking our fellow diners would meet us at our Hotel or go directly to the restaurant after the Evening do. It was nice to have a quick break before going back to my seat. Susie joined me as soon as she had got rid of the glasses [plastic] - there is a distinct lack of rubbish/garbage containers now; bombs y'know...

We had clubbed together to send some roses to James, in the best British tradition, telling him to 'Break A Leg'!! Love from Lynnie, Susie, Pattie, Lene, Char and me. i was on tenterhooks to know if they had arrived in time and that all was well, as i had ordered them at the beginning of the week. We asked if they had come - No - and begged Lisa and Louise to let us know when they arrived - they had not done so before the performance or during the interval.

It kept nagging at me - roses are expensive and we had sent quite a bunch - 24 deep red and six white roses - for us. We had wanted to send 43 roses in all, for each year of James' life but it was just too expensive, 24+6 was quite enough, believe me!!!

As we were leaving after the Matinee, i saw Louise standing on the stairs and waved, blowing her a kiss, to my surprise, she waved madly back at me and mimed the bouquet of roses had arrived! Oh Thank You! i was so relieved [i had visions of the girls hanging me from the nearest lampost if i screwed up!!]. She told me later that they were lovely and that they had put them right in the middle of the room, where James couldn't miss them. [i did actually get a glimpse of them myself much later and they did look nice] When we all met up, Lynnie said Lisa had just told her that they were there and that she had apologised for not having a camera to record it for us... nice thought. She also said James loved them.

i am delighted it all worked out but i really would have loved it, not just for me but for all of us, if he had thanked all of us, who must have sent him flowers - we can't have been the only ones... could we? maybe he is a bit blase with the flower thing *shrugs* - maybe roses are cheap in California... just me.... take no notice.

There was only the Smallville poster out as a new photo, i had all the others from Toronto... nice for those who couldn't go, to have the opportunity to get them though and they did sell like hot cakes. Himber must have been pleased but he was giving away the little ep with 'This Town' on it at the end [only a few left i think] and he gave me one when i bought a couple of the little black picks, with James' sig on them.

Patricia was quite brave and sat in the theatre audience again [as spellbound as we were, so i am told] and i was coming back into the auditorium later and met her on the disabled route, quick and easy way out. We smiled and i said "Hi, how're you doin?" like you do and she said, "I'm fine, thank you" and that was it. But what a sweet smile and a very pretty girl with strong features, glossy black hair, lovely. Not a trace of any airs or graces, i think she would be a pleasure to get to know. James is a lucky man - yes, ok, she's won the fuckin jackpot... what is it now, 1 in 14 million? that'd be about right!

James came on with guitar and proceeded to enthrall the entire audience... until he broke the G String on 'Civilised Man', near the end! He went off to fix the problem and Himber came out and talked to the crowd. He said he could now confirm James was contracted to a 'feature film' called "Shadow Puppets" - no details as yet, still finalising it all - big applause!! He nattered on for a little while and then James was back.

He didn't finish 'Civilised Man' to my disappointment but did two encores. Not much chat again, barest minimum... let the music talk for him. Yes, i cried again... The three new ones were played again to great success and i do find them sad but beautiful. The audience received them well and i hope he records them all. Very pleased with the set lists put up on jmlive - can we have the words now please... *i keep asking...*

It never lasts long enough and all too soon, it was done and then with a wave and kisses to the audience, 'love you, guys' - James swooshed off.. i was left wondering just how much of the audience he could actually see as the House lights were very low and i think he was looking for some familiar faces... it wasn't the same as a 'concert' but was very well received and lots of whistles and whooping...

We regrouped and returned to the Mad Hatter for lunch and tucked into all the goodies, Susie & Lene had got for us.... Good sandwiches, salads and great fruit - mostly i think from Marks & Spencer... we had a good lunch and i had been thinking about that night's dinner...

i suggested to Char that she forego the meal at the Georgetown, as she was obviously finding the Mermaid trips very tiring and she was leaving VERY early the next morning [5.00AM]. Char agreed [regretfully but with some relief i think] and we had plenty left for her supper [Susie took some with her the next day too, she had been so generous with us]. i was pretty sure we would have enough time to get everything done for her, before we went off for dinner, going on the Matinee timings - and so it proved.  Next, the Evening performance