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Despatches from the Front - Marstersclass

Haven't been around much, i'm sorry - hip deep in paperwork again... forming Associations and trying to help re-form another on a bigger scale, doing too much writing and reviewing....  *draws deep breath*  It had better all be worth it!

i haven't finished the Marstersclass section of the report yet, but i thought i'd post what i've got so far...  Just the dinner etc to complete.

Saturday 2nd May

I woke just in time to get us down to 8.30am breakfast, then we came back up to shower & get ready.  It is such a blessing when you have an assigned seat number for an event, it takes out all the hassle of queuing and having to get up at the crack of dawn to get there.  We were due to start at the Drill Hall at 12 noon, so some time to play with.

Even then it took us a while to get off our asses – ok, me! – and take the Tube to Tottenham Court Road.  Problems started with the last minute closure of Goodge St Station and the section of line from Kings Cross to TCR – starting of course on the 2nd May – bloody would be, wouldn’t it??  It meant that we had to take the Piccadilly line to Holborn and change to Central to get back to TCR. 

Kings Cross was like someone had poked a stick into an ants’ nest, I kid you not.  It was abso-bloody-lutely SEETHING!  So glad we had our Oyster cards, with long queues to every ticket window and ticket outlet too.  It didn’t get any better on the platforms and when the trains arrived, they were already packed.   The normally polite English were pushing their way on, like they were Japanese!

We had already walked a goodly way by the time we got above ground, then we set off down TCR towards Chenies St and the Drill Hall.   If I had known how far it was, I would so have taken a damn bus.  I kept saying it must be the next set of lights, and it wasn’t – but eventually, we arrived.  I swore I’d never do THAT again and Jean, we’re getting a taxi back tonight!

Lots of people we knew had already arrived of course, but I was missing my seat partner and ‘carer’ for this gig.  Jean was sitting on the opposite side of the theatre.  Poor Lise had lots of trouble with the trains and only just got there in time to get her photos taken – first time I’d seen her go meet James without make-up!  When everyone had gone in and still no Lise, I left her ticket with the Drill Hall man and went on in.

You went into the theatre through the bar [there was a side door too further back] and down one side, JMLive had set up tables for merchandise etc.  I paused long enough to buy the new photo – cheeky man, that Himber! And to note that his partner was with them.  I had seen him at Union Chapel, I think but wouldn’t swear to it.  I said to Himber, you know who your partner reminds me of?  And we both said at the same time ‘Richard Gere’!  He really, really does… He says he is used to it now but doesn’t think so.  He’s quite the sweetie and towards the end of the day, I managed to get him to tell me his name – ‘I can’t keep calling you Mr Gere!’  Craig was understandably modest & reticent but if he is going to come to the gigs, he will get his fair share of attention.

It took a while for them to let us into the theatre but about 12.15pm? they opened the doors.  The stewards were handing out goodie bags to all and Himber said SFX had donated the Battlestar Gallactica mouse mats [why BG? James has nothing to do with it] and apparently there were some SFX magazines in some of the bags too.  I was in the first five into the theatre but I didn’t get one – actually, I never saw any at all, so there can’t have been many.  Included in the goodie bag was a great signed photo of Piccolo, the mouse mats [I got two for some reason and left them both on a table in a café, maybe someone would like them?], a schedule for the day and a James Quiz sheet.  I glanced at the last and there was a question I couldn’t answer, so didn’t bother to do it – I was sure someone would know;  they did but it was a close run thing.  ‘Why was James fired from the telemarketing job he once had?’ – he’d been told off for inattention and sat making dinosaurs!

I had a text from Lise not long after telling me she was on her way.  The DH man was very good and came to check with me, from time to time and I said, believe me, she WILL be here, even if she breaks a leg!  And he smiled and said okay.  Lucky for me, Nicky volunteered to come with me and I had her shoulder to lean on going down the rather steep stairs to the basement for the photos.  I went down in the lift next time.

When we were all seated, Himber came out and went over the days schedule with us.  The inclusive photos first, then you could buy up to three more but James would only personalise ONE, and photos with Gareth if you wished, which they would do immediately after.  You could buy your extra up-to-three autographs at the same time.  All £20 each, except a James/Gareth sandwich £30 which I thought was pretty cheap.  Got one already, so not for me.

I did buy three pics more with James [of course!] and a couple of extra autos – one for Ditto on a pic she’d sent me and one on a photo from UC taken the night before, that Ulla had taken.  Sometimes she will very generously print off some of her shots, if she is getting one blown-up for herself and will sell them to us – just enough to cover the printing costs really and SO worth twice the price.  I managed to snag some and picked this one for him to sign.

The disabled were called for the first photos and we made our way down.  Why they had to be done in the basement, I have no idea – surely there must have been a room above ground they could have used??  Anyway, down we went.

James looked just great, in a dark navy cotton-knit shirt with short sleeves; I guess it was too much to hope that he’d wear the tee from the concert!  He gave me a great big smile, held out his hand and said ‘hi darlin’ – a much better greeting that last time! And I took his hand but put my arms up for a hug.  He said, “we’ll have to be quick’” – we were but it was nice!  We did a relaxed side-by-side and I grinned at him and moved quickly away but he called after me, “You look fabulous by the way!”  I half turned and smiled back at him, saying ‘Thank you!’  He gave me a lovely smile in return and I came away with the standard James-is-lovely look on my face… :D

As he was in such a good mood, I took a chance and bought extra photos.  I had to do one for Char and had a pose in mind – which I didn’t actually do!  It didn’t take long to do the initial photos and before long, I was back down to do the rest.  Took the lift down with another lady and one of my favourite stewards, who remembers Char. 

James was still standing in the same place – that man has such stamina…you would never have guessed he had already done 150 and was game to do three times as many now.  I don’t suppose EVERYONE bought three more but a lot did, from the queues.  Gareth was standing off to one side and popped over when he was asked.

Froggy did a good job keeping it all flowing smoothly and I take my hat off to him.  It is obvious James trusts him and likes what he does, and Froggy has done this enough now to be up for anything.  He had been asked to do the Elf Fair photos as well as Marstersclass but was unable to do so.  He was there at Union Chapel I noticed but whether or not we will ever get to see any of his shots, I couldn’t say.

Marion was taking charge of the photo slips and letting Froggy know how many per person and I said ‘we have three, James’ when I stood next to him and we got right down to it.  I had ‘Hi Char’ printed on a sheet of A4 and I said to James, ‘Remember my friend up in Alaska? She can’t come’ and he nodded and said, ‘Oh yeah, sure I remember her; tell her I said hi’.  I said ‘Sure - okay, I’ll hold this up and we can wave to her?’ – James said ‘Sure’ and gave her a lovely grin.  Then I said ‘snuggly?’ and got drawn into a lovely hug. 

One more – my brain had fled by this time and I thought briefly of doing the Dragonball punch and didn’t get round to remembering the pose I’d wanted as James was pondering, holding his chin and looking at the floor and he looked up suddenly saying, “How about I hug YOU for a change?”, which we’ve never done before, and who was I to argue??

All too brief…

He squeezed my hand grinning and said, “I went up on my tip-toes for you’” and I laughed and said thank you.

I stood to one side to wait for Carolyn, the other disabled lady, who was coming back up in the lift with me and got to watch James have some pics taken with a couple of other girls before her.  Gareth came over for one and as he walked off towards me, I caught his eye and grinned at him, saying “Hi, Eye-Candy!”  He smiled and I said, “Sorry, Gareth, I just couldn’t resist it!”  But he laughed and didn’t mind.

We got back up to the hall and they’d been screening ‘Teechers’ while we were doing this.  They were running a little late by the time the photos were finished and Himber came out and filled in until they were ready and we waited for the Marstersclass acting thing.  He drew our attention to James Moran, sitting up aways behind me, here in a private capacity as a member of the audience.  You will remember him from scriptwriting for ‘Torchwood’, I’m sure; especially those who met him at ‘The Rift’ day event.  He signed the Torchwood magazine for me that I’d taken with me.

Two chairs were on the stage front and a couple of tables – not that it was actually a stage as such, it was just the open space in front of the seats.

Gareth & James came out with notebooks and papers and sat down, and James started to talk about acting;  the difference between stage and screen acting to begin with and it really is a huge difference.  He was able to demonstrate just how different it was and I was fascinated by his seemingly effortless art.  Over his many years in the theatre, James has not only mastered his art but polished it to a high gloss, making the transition from explanation to performance in the blink of one beautiful blue-grey eye. You could have heard a pin drop throughout the session, unless we were laughing our heads off!

Both James & Gareth were able to talk well without a microphone and demonstrate they had mastered pitch; again Gareth needs to keep his chin and concentrate.  He was slightly hampered by having to read the scene as he went along, as he was new to it.  James was word perfect for both scenes, needless to say!

I knew James would be great but didn’t know if Gareth was up to the task but he has obviously done stage work before.  He does have a tendency to mumble and speak too fast occasionally and when he turned to speak to James, I had difficulty hearing him.  So I called to him; I was only in the second row, so didn’t need to shout and asked him to turn to face front please as I couldn’t hear him properly – which he did straight away.

When they had both talked about the techniques of acting, James said he & Gareth would do two scenes and demonstrate good acting and bad acting.  But first they would do some warm up exercises – and we had to join in!  We all had to stand and do the arm exercises, head rolls etc and the vocal ones – I never want to hear about a proper cup of coffee from a proper copper coffee pot ever again!  We laughed a good deal and were suitably ‘loosened up’ and ready for the scenes!

The first scene, directed by James, was between Giles & Spike from the Yoko Factor’.  James had brought a knee-length coat and draped it over a chair; he picked it up and went to the side of the stage.  Giles is singing, you will recall and Spike walks in.  Well, Gareth was doing his interpretation of a song, cut mercifully short, when Spike enters and says he has information to sell Buffy.

My dears, I have to tell you Spike was alive and well and sauntering across the Drill Hall stage!  Forget the hair and the wrong coat, it didn’t matter - it was purely glorious… Gareth managed well enough and I’m sure he would improve when he had memorised the words and practiced a bit but he was just a foil for James.

It ended too soon – but James went on to explain the complexities of the layers that go into the performance and what he felt playing the scene.  That although Spike was playing a game with Giles in some ways and trying to get the best deal for himself, in his chip-ed state, he did genuinely have sympathy for Giles and although what he says rubs salt in the wounds and he knows it, he must keep up the pressure to get what he wants.

They then played the scene again, showing just how awfully it could be played and it was hilarious.

The second, directed by Gareth, was one between Ianto & Capt Jack, from the 1st Episode of ‘Torchwood’, Season 2, which he had already played with John Barrowman, of course.  Gareth quickly explained what the next scene was about – he and Capt Jack are searching for one of the devices that Capt John has come to find, in an office building.  Jack finds the location slightly exotic and a bit of a turn on – he says – but he is angling to ask Ianto out on a date.  As James says each scene has an ‘obstacle’ that has to be overcome and in this one  Capt Jack is looking to get laid!

Again, the serious correct playing was first class and the explanation etc – fascinating!

THEN they did again, playing over the top and equally as badly, camping it up outrageously – and it was fabulous! I laughed pretty much continuously all the way through it.  Watching James pout and posture was worth ticket price by itself!!  Gareth played Ianto so coyly, I about choked!

When they were done, James called to Himber to make sure he had enough time – yes – and they had about half an hours Q&A time.  They let it run over slightly as it must have been obvious how much we were enjoying it – it being the highlight of the day.  We actually loved it all so much, we gave them a theatre audience’s highest accolade, a standing ovation.  I think James was delighted we enjoyed it so much and looked very happy.  Then with a quick wave, they departed.

We had a scheduled break, after seat raffle prizes were drawn by Lisa – Ulla won a prize! Lise had joined Erykah & Nicky for a fag break and Jean, Sue & myself went for leg stretch and bite to eat.  We found a nice little Oriental place with hot dishes, some nice looking cold sushi and various drinks.   Carolyn [forgive me if I haven’t spelled your name correctly!] came in just after us and we called an invitation to join us – no fan should have to eat alone.  The dishes were nice enough to be remembered, if we should ever be in that area again.

Autographs were scheduled for 3.45pm and we were all back ready for that.  James duly appeared and they had set up a table for him and Marion on my side of the stage!  YAY!  Luckily – for me – passing fans had to keep passing as they would be blocking the exit but man, there a lot going back and forth…  I did manage to take some pictures of friends with James but for some reason, I missed Sue’s turn with him – I must  have had one of my rare breaks from the theatre, is all I can think of – sorry, babe!  I guess I’m so used to having you next to me at those times, if that piece of reversed logic makes sense!  I only hope someone else managed a couple of shots of you – maybe Ulla?  She took heaps…

I went to have mine done with the other girls, very pleased my first photo with James was ready – thank you for bringing it in, honey! – and that it was good enough to be my personalised one.  Ulla did take a couple pics of James with me, but by accident!  She was snapping James – I just happened to be there!  But Lise clicked faithfully away and I returned the compliment.  I love this part of the cons most of all, our 30 seconds with James 1-to-1, and I have to say this was the only time I had a real complaint about the day.

We were rushed – no two ways about it and I was really cross about it – to the extent that I included a rant about it in my email of thanks to Himber when I got home. [He acknowledged the thanks and totally ignored the rant! Not pleased about that either].  We read about how the same number of people in the USA had a lovely relaxed time with him at Valentines doing THEIR autographs; I thought we would be accorded the same courtesy.  Hell, we spend all that effort and money to see James, with a totally different result – SO not pleased.

There were only 150 of us, for heavens sake, and although I know there must have been quite a lot who bought extra ones, [I did for once and I so rarely do – one for Ditto’s pic & one of Ulla’s that cried out to be acknowledged], there must have been an equal number who didn’t, judging by the length of time some had at the table.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Himber doing a song & dance and being told super emphatically that although we could still give James presents, of course, we were not allowed to see him open them.  That really took the biscuit!

Now I can rarely afford to buy James presents and he is not that easy to buy for frankly – but this time, I hadn’t seen him for a while and I had three for him, two ‘serious’ presents and a silly rude one.  None of them would have taken long to look at – though the rude one may have needed an explanation, I’m sure he would have managed to work it out eventually!

What this all meant was, having reached the table and given my stuff over, I got the lovely welcome smile and handclasp and then top of his head for pretty much the rest of the time I was there!  The only times he looked up was in the direction of my arm, when I told him it was one of  Ulla’s pictures from the concert the night before – that’s her over there! – he looked and saw her, giving her a smile and saying, 'yes, I know who she is'.

I did tell him how much I enjoyed the concert – I was talking like a blue streak as I knew I had to go as soon as he’d finished writing…  I said I was sorry he wasn’t allowed to look at the presents we’d brought him and told him what they were; he couldn’t see them readily as they were all lightly wrapped.  Then I thought, ‘sod you, Himber’ and pulled the anti-gravity pen half out of its cover and told him what it was – 4 seconds worth.  He looked at it and his ‘wow, that's great’ sounded delighted.  Then he’d finished and so was i.  He took my hand again and I did a little moue kiss at him, wondered briefly why he didn’t do it back as he mostly does and moved away.

Now I know why he didn’t return it!! That stupid bitch kissing him in the photo ops, upsetting him and running away, before she saw him wiping & scrubbing at his mouth – Christ, his MOUTH!!!  Aren’t we finished with that yet?????  Hasn’t he made himself totally-frickin-clear by now?????  If he feels to give you a quick kiss, that is HIS decision, NOT yours!!!

I didn’t hear about it at the time but only this last weekend.  I can only hope someone collared her and read her the riot act.

We spent time talking to each other, when we weren’t watching James and having drinks at the bar and so on but I didn’t until later.  When James was finished, he went off to a cheer from us all.  While he had a break, Lisa & Himber came and announced the results of the James Quiz.  Lisa read out some of the funnier answers and then prize duly awarded to someone I didn’t know, sorry.

James was back very shortly after for the Q&A.  Two stewards roamed through the audience with mikes and we did have a good selection of questions.  I thought he might not know that some clips of ‘High Plains Invaders’ had been posted by the film company on YouTube the day before, so I requested a question.  I told James four had gone up, but one was taken off and asked him if he had seen the film yet?  No, he hadn’t but he talked about filming the movie – “lots of running and sweating!”  He also talked about how being a method actor worked against him, when he had to go ride a horse!  He was supposed to be afraid and it was picked up by the horse, who promptly put up a fuss and reared up, nearly damaging the person holding it!  Filming can be hilarious but dangerous…

All in all a good Q&A and he got some good applause, leaving the stage with smiles and waving again. 

We then had to clear the hall and allow for the soundcheck and to give James some ‘down-time’.  We all trooped out, clutching our bags and precious goodies.  I stopped at the bar with Lise and managed to drink most a cider.  While I was doing this and Lise had dashed off for a fag, who should front up to the bar next to me but James Moran?  I was pleased to have a little time to talk to him, before Himber came up and exchanged some banter with him.  I did get to ask him how he got into writing screenplays and he said he’d always written stories from a very early age.  A very nice man and I hope other people spoke to him too, as he looked to be on his own, though I did see him with Himber and the JMLive crew during the day.

I spent the rest of the time talking with various people and taking a very quick comfort break, as it was almost time to go back in for the concert.  It took a while as there were two people ahead of me and they had locked the damn door when I came out!  So I had to walk round to the side door to get in.  Himber was sitting on a table at the side of the stage area and got a quick round of applause as I passed him – I paused and looked up, saying ‘I just know that wasn’t for me!’ and got a big laugh. :D  We’re easily amused when we’re happy!

James was late coming out, due I think to tuning the guitar, which had a tendency to go slightly out of tune.  I’m hoping it wasn’t due to nerves as he had been so well received all day.

Again the set list has been pictured and commented on by many, so let me just say being that close to James singing, is a rare pleasure.  And he sang ‘Dance Slow’ – I finally got to hear it!  Sexy as hell and just fabulous.  I have to admit I made quite an appreciative noise at the ‘crumpled sheets’, which he seemed to enjoy… 

He sang it again at the 100 Club anyway, so it can’t have put him off.  He had ‘crumpled sheets’ written on the set list, after the title, to my great amusement!

I heard from Himber earlier in the day that not only had this concert sold out, but so had 100 Club – but no time to put it on the website as it was fairly recent.  Sue met two lads who were trying to get ‘100’ tickets and I mentioned who might have some.

This night, James was on key, excellent pitch again, in spite of the guitar and again, not a lot of chat, just lots of songs in pretty rapid succession.  He was flirty, fun and touching, sometimes all at once.  What I did notice was that he was ‘feeling’ Finer than Gold again, not as bad as the night before but I did have tears in my eyes again.

I decided to enjoy myself fully and sang along with the choruses, I know he likes that… He did go out briefly before coming back for encores, and we made an amazing amount of noise, hollering, whistling and stamping on the floor.  And again, when he left.  He thanked us and said he loved us and would see some of us the next night, then he was gone. Over too soon, always… 
Great night – aren’t you glad you didn’t miss this one, Jean??


( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
May. 22nd, 2009 09:23 am (UTC)
Fantastic review of the event hon. Takes me right back there. :)

And I'd agree with some of your criticisms too. After all the comments about how chilled the Valentine's Event was, I was a little disappointed that this one seemed so rushed. But we got to see Spike in the flesh (as it were) so my disappointment isn't exactly crushing. :D

The photos with James and Gareth together were only £30? Oh hell, I should have got one.

I only heard about the kissing thing yesterday. Don't understand why people think it's funny or cool to upset the guy with kissing and groping. Don't people want to make a GOOD impression on him when they meet him? Or do they just think that they're the special exception and that he'll actually love them for it? The way it's now making good folks second guess their innocent actions is horrible to see.

But some of the comments I've seen around the place do also make me want to remind folks again generally that we just can't turn into elitist vigilantes about this stuff. We're not the fandom police, we can't be. It's just a crying shame that the selfish idiots tar the whole fandom with a bad reputation amongst con organisers that just doesn't seem to be mitigated by the vast majority of sensible folks.

May. 22nd, 2009 11:56 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it. :D

i fully understand the desire to grope but not for one split second, in any serious way would i ever consider giving in to it and it never crosses my mind when i'm with him - it would be such an invasion of privacy, breaking of trust, unlawful harrassment and let's face it, just damn bad manners! It does make you second guess every encounter you had with James, you ask yourself 'why does he hug and cuddle some of his fans' and how in all that is wonderful did that come to include YOU? You see some actually considering if it is ALL an act, it makes us so paranoid. But i cannot believe it is, 'cos he just enjoys it so damn much! So i take heart that the hugs, the little whispered jokes, the way he kisses my hand sometimes and returns my little moue air-kisses - these are not from a man who doesn't like doing it...
Y'know, i'm not at all sure what i'd do if i ever witnessed such gross behaviour... i might be so shocked, i would do nothing - or shout at Himber, Lisa or whoever was supposed to be protecting him at the time. i always felt - hopefully, totally in error - that they really didn't care that much. Maybe we do need to see what they did/do, whatever! i would have sent one of the stewards to take her aside and tear her a new one! They need to be vigilant, have someone go down the line and keep saying - 'PLEASE no groping, photographs of offenders will be destroyed, with no refunds'. Maybe the money angle will deter them?? i'm not sure what else can we do... It is a fact luckily that the violent comments are usually never meant to be literal and are a way of venting their horror & disgust harmlessly, thank heavens!
May. 23rd, 2009 01:51 am (UTC)
in that case maybe I'm just weird because it's never even occurred to me to do it. Honestly.

But then I've been doing cons way before I first saw James and at my first proper con a friend of mine did get involved with a guest. It ended badly, so guests have always been off limits in my mind. I've also had long chats with proper groupies, including a girl who claimed to have shagged James. She was all "it was nice. He was good. I've had better, i've had MUCH worse!"

I realized then that a serious fan just can't do that. Have a one night stand with the person you really like. You'll always want them to phone the next day and be crushed when they don't. And what we have is so much better, it's foreplay. Stage one of a relationship forever. We can flirt and be silly with James forever and he'll never hurt us and we'll never hurt him.

There's no need to grope and grab, because that implies a desire to move to the next stage. But by doing that you lose the perfect thing that already exists.

Those cynical folks who say he's acting miss the point. They miss the fun and the silliness. They take it too seriously either because they really would like his attention just on them or because they actually do just like him as an actor. Nothing wrong in that. But it''s their loss because the game is a blast. And it is a game. That's the fun of it. He'll get on stage and make love to every damn one of us. He'll tell us we're beautiful and that we deserve to be stared at. It's bull (as I told him) but it's not a bad thing. It spreads love and makes people feel good. How can that be bad?

Nine years I've been doing this and between James being a great bloke (who deserves respect simply as a human being) and hanging out my friends, I've had a fantastic time! Groping and grabbing gets what ten minutes of fun? I've had nine years. You betca next year I'm celibrating my decade in style! I'll be doing it flirting with James and partying with best group of women ever! Sod the gropers, they don't get it. Sod the naysayers. They should loosen up and party! He bloody well better do stuff next year! ;)

I might want hurt people who hurt him but it's not my job. He pays folks for that. I can only advise other fans that they get more out of the experience if they keep their hands off because that's what's worked for me.

May. 23rd, 2009 02:32 am (UTC)
You're absolutely right - it is a game, not a performance. He sees it as a gig, like any other but he enjoys himself doing it.

Then he goes home to his girlfriend and his family and that's just how it should be. i would no more have a one-nighter with any guest, than i would go out with some guy where i worked, and for the same reason, like you say - i want to keep doing it.

i've only been doing it for 8.5 years, i think it is, and James for 7 - started with SFX and a Star Trek: Voyager Con, both in Blackpool!
May. 22nd, 2009 11:44 am (UTC)
Lovely report. Thanks.
May. 22nd, 2009 11:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you, oh Silent One...
May. 25th, 2009 01:48 pm (UTC)
Comes out of hiding ....

Fantastic reports as always babe :) It took me back to that hectic day thats for sure!

I can't believe i spent the day with no make up... (has hidden the photo's, never to be seen again! )

James seemed very relaxed, chatty but told to hurry a lot, which he seemed quite unamused about, even saying so when he went onstage to do the q and a? . I had a glimpse of the dad when i told him the story of taking Luke to see DBE, to which he started telling me about Sullivan and his exploits. It's a shame he got told to hurry up, but James gave a stern look and carried on long enough to thank me for telling him about my son, that it makes his day when his fans tell him stories like mine,it means hes doing his job, and that I was to hug my son for him and tell him Piccolo says hi, and to go see the next film! Like I wouldn't anyway?

I was the last person through for the free photo's and he again seemed to want to chat but someone said that they had to get ready for the next lot? He held my hand, smiled shyly and thanked me for coming, see me later... I was so rushed that my head was spinning and couldn't for the life of me remember what was said other than that... just hope I answered him correctly whatever it was... rushing and James fog... not good for the mind, well mine anyway lol.

Why people still treat James with disrespect is beyond me. It's frustrating that they still treat him like they do. I aagree with you and Erykah and wish there was something more they could do to protect him from this happening. Nothing short of stopping the photo ops would do it though, and that would ruin the events for us all. I go to see James, or the guest at cons that I attend, thats a given but it is also to meet up with the fantastic girls that I met by going to them. For me its a social event as well as a chance to meet some spectacular guests and let my hair down. I just hope that James' staff does more to stop the gropers in future, although I'm not sure what they could do.

My love as always Jill
Lise xx

May. 25th, 2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
Hello there, petal! i guess you have been pretty busy too... Real life tends to get in the way from time to time, don't it??

i checked out the CM15 site again and [if they all come] i will finally get to see & meet Nathan Fillion and BURN GORMAN! But he's only there on the Sunday. Are you going to Fangoria, staying at home or coming to CM15??

i would dearly love to do Dragon Con one year and i did try to see if i could do it this year, but i just can't... The problem is the hotels mostly as i see it. The regulars just book immediately and hope the people they want to see turn up. With my luck, James having been 3 years running, he wouldn't do that one!! Anyway, as far as i can tell, from the very confusing maps of Atlanta, you're much better off at one of the 4 hotels that host the Con. That is mind blowing in its self; i would have to stay at one of them for sure. And the money; it would cost the best part of £1000, even with cheap airfares and reasonable room rates for 5 nights [arrive Thursday, come back Tuesday]... arrrgh...

Love you too, babe!

p.s. Sports people coming to CM15 too - i only know two of them
Darren Campbell [Olympics]- sat
Johnny Nelson - sat
Bobby George - sun
John Lowe - sun
Peter Swan - sat
Bruce Grobbelaar [football?]- fri
Paul Silky Jones - sat/sun
Bob Champion [wasn't he a jockey?] - sun
Bob Anderson - sun
Glenn McCrory - Fri
Eddie Edwards - tba 'Edie the Eagle'

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