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Photos & prices for Collectormania 15

Photos & prices for Collectormania 15

Guest list so far below - not just actors but sportsmen too this time...  Maybe its the venue that made them do it... [never heard of most of them]...  photos i've bought in red and autos i want to get in purple.  i may get the photos signed, if they are any good, as all but Burn are there for the weekend - oh Naoko is only there Saturday and all [but Burn] are Sat photos.
i had booked a room at the Campanile, just in case anyone turned up on the Sunday only, paid off.  Now i only have to worry about getting round the venue!  i'm pretty sure they won't have the mobility scooters at the Dons Stadium...and it would be one hell of a hassle getting one from the shopping centre/taking it out there/having it back at the shop each afternoon, even if i could get a taxi to take it.  i'll just have to manage!

Marc McClure--------------------£15-------F,SA,SU
Claudia Wells--------------------£15-------F,SA,SU
Jeffrey Weissman---------------£15-------F,SA,SU
Nicholas Parsons----------------£10-------SA
James Tolkan-------------------£15-------F,SA,SU
Candice Orwell------------------£10------------,SU
Nathan Fillion--------------------£20--------,SA,SU
AVERY BROOKS-----------------£20-------F,SA,SU
BEN BROWDER------------------£25-------F,SA,SU
JOHN DELANCIE-----------------£15-------F,SA,SU
LEONARD NIMOY----------------£25-------F,SA,SU
RICHARD CHAVES--------------£15-------F,SA,SU
WILLIAM MELLING--------------£10--------,SA----
KERRI GREEN-------------------£15-------SA,SU
RACHEL LUTTRELL--------------£15-------F,SA,SU
IZABELLA MIKO-----------------£10------------,SU
MEGAN UDALL-------------------£10 -----------,SU
LIZ MAY BRICE------------------£15 -----------,SU
DAVID YIP-----------------------£10------------,SU
Tony Amendola-----------------£15--------F,SA,SU
Oliver Walpole------------------£10-------------,SU
Naoko Mori----------------------£15-------------SA
Burn Gorman--------------------£15--------------SU
Philip Glenister -----------------£15-------------SU
Toby Longworth-----------------£10-------------SU
Geoffrey Hughes----------------£15--------------SU
Adrian Rawlins ------------------£10---------,SA---
Andrew Robinson----------------TBA------------SA,SU
Alfie Enoch-----------------------TBA------------SA

sports guests

Darren Campbell ----------------£10----------- sat
Johnny Nelson------------------- £5------------ sat
Bobby George------------------- £5------------ sun
John Lowe------------------------ £5------------ sun
Peter Swan---------------------- £10------------ sat
Bruce Grobbelaar--------------- £10------------ fri
Paul Silky Jones -----------------£5------------- sat/sun
Bob Champion--------------------£5-------------sun
Bob Anderson---------------------£5-------------sun
Glenn McCrory--------------------£5-------------Fri
Eddie Edwards---- tba  'Eddie the Eagle'


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May. 26th, 2009 01:13 am (UTC)
It's me again... Two posts in one day, Wow! hehehe

I wasn't bothered about going to C15 to be honest, but want to go now. I would love to meet Nathan, Naoko and Burn, get phots and auto's. Think I'm kinda owed a day out again after my James weekend fiasco.

I'll let you know what I decide and we can meet up? I plan to come and see you after Pauls next pay day so maybe I can kill two birds by attending C15. Is Sue going too?

Take care
May. 26th, 2009 09:05 am (UTC)
:D Any time is a good time to hear from you, babe!
Sue is going to a festival in Bournemouth unfortunately and Alan will be home, so she's not going to want to be far from home that weekend.
i'll email you about coming to CM15.
May. 26th, 2009 11:58 am (UTC)
Hi Hon, Nicky are I are going up on the Sunday. We both want to see Phil Glenister and Nicky's never met Nathan. I'm tempted by getting another pic with Burn too 'cause he's lovely.

May. 26th, 2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
That's great news, babe! It'll be good to see you two again, that's not months in the future.
Sue is already tristed to friends and a festival in Bournemouth and Alan's back, so i'm guessing we won't see her this time!
i'm not sure if Lise is going to come for one or more days but i know she wants to see both Naoko & Burn, so if she can get away she may come for both. She hasn't made her mind up yet.

i'll be there Sat & Sun, 'cos i've pics with Leonard Nimoy, Nathan & Avery Brooks on Sat and now Burn on Sunday. I don't need a photo with Naoko but i'll get her to sign my mag with all the Torchwood signatures, give me the full set with Burn. i might have to get Gareth to sign again one day; i put a marker in the mag to mark where i wanted him to sign [the lovely Steward dashed off to get him to sign it for me just before i left the Rift, when she found i'd missed out] - but y'know what? The silly sod signed the marker! *sighs with smile* Well, he WAS pissed...

Look forward to seeing you both! Hey, maybe if you aren't in a screaming hurry, we can grab a bite to eat before you dash off?
later, petal! xxx
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