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Last part of the Marsterclass Weekend

Well, finally got the report finished - it's nearly 3am!  yikes!  i get carried away when i write!

We’re always a little dazed at the end of the day, especially when it’s ended in a concert and tonight was no exception.  But we gathered ourselves together and amid calls of ‘who’s coming to dinner?’, we move outside into the bar and gather more people.


I’d been asked if I was doing a dinner for the weekend and Saturday was the natural night to do it, as not everyone would be there for Union Chapel or 100 Club, the following night.  I’d done some digging to see what was available in the area and there were quite a few restaurants in Goodge Street.  I narrowed it down to three or four and rang each one, checking on closing times, what was available on the menu at the time we wanted to be there, etc.  The clear winner was the Spaghetti House, a good choice both on cuisine and the welcome response I received when I rang.  No problem with the time, they didn’t close until about 11.30pm and they had 3 floors, so no problem on numbers.

We had a slight problem when we arrived as the man I spoke to hadn’t made any note that we would be coming but he’d said, no need to book – just rock on up.  So I took him at his word and about 26 of us duly arrived.  The man looked slightly taken aback but I explained and he sent a couple of the lads on up to set up tables for us.  They even had a lift – it was three floors high, remember!

We duly trooped up there, ordered some drinks and started to look at the pictures taken and talk about the day, around looking at the menu,  as we usually do!   We were just about ready when the waiter arrived to take orders and I took the opportunity to tap my glass and call the table to order – ‘Ladies, the toast tonight is James!’ – nothing new there, it usually is!

The food was a little slow coming but it was good and we had plenty of it.  Some had desserts and it was nice not to have to hurry, though our numbers started to thin out as train deadlines made themselves felt.  We had to comply with the underground as well and as soon as we had tallied up the bill, given them a generous tip [the boy had to count it twice, nitwit] and made our out, there was the usual chorus of ‘see you tomorrow’ and farewells to the ones who were not going to make the 100 Club concert.

About five minutes after I got out onto the pavement, a minicab driver came across the street and offered me a ride back to Kings Cross, set fee £10 [about right].  I called Jean [making her farewells] and we went back to the Hotel.  I was glad it was a fixed price as the man got a bit lost with the right turns/no right turns and the one-way system round there but I’d already paid him, so not a problem.

I sat on the bed and talked to Jean as she got herself packed up – we had a long discussion about life, love and James, naturally!  It was lucky you sleep so soundly, as I know I snore! *waves at Sue* :D

A nice, polite and thoughtful roomie – you’re welcome back anytime, sweetie!

Next morning 5am alarm and I rolled over to give Jean a little privacy and dozed until she was ready to go.  We said goodbye, safe journey & take care and I went back to sleep. 

Got up for breakfast and mulled over the day – did I knock about on my own, do a museum or something or go join Erykah’s James Queue thing… Decided to join the girls and duly took myself down to Tower Pier.  I had a bit of time to spare and had a frapaccino – damn near froze my vocal cords! – wrote up my diary and waited for the girls.

I came out near the Tower Shop and yup, there they were. 

We took some photos while we waited for everyone and laughed a lot.  That pretty much set the tone for the day and Rosie & Kelly went off on their own [and won the day with over 60 photos!].  The rest of us visited Cleopatra’s Needle and then walked down to Big Ben & Parliament, taking photos as we went.  I had this thing about being photographed with policemen – Erykah gave me an award for chatting up the most men in uniform! That was a hoot and i found some cute ones – and there were lots about in Parliament? Square.  There was a Sri Lankan demonstration going on and we walked round away from them to Westminster Abbey, continuing round to Downing Street, Horseguards and Trafalgar Square, chatting up cops and Chelsea Pensioners as we went!  There was a concert going on in Trafalgar but we were all getting tired by then – I slowed us down a lot, I’m sure and simply sat when I needed to.  They were all so good, I bought them all an icecream.

Just as well I’d paced myself, as the walk to the tube from Trafalgar was a bloody long way!  And it was such a short hop to Leicester Square, we might just as well have caught a bus the whole damn way!  We were heading for the Moon Under Water pub [it’s actually a Wetherspoons], the meeting place for the competition – and got there eventually.  I sank gratefully onto a chair and ordered a drink and some food.  Patti, Rosie & Kelly turned up and then Erykah & Nicky had to hurry off and find a photo shop, some went to change at the Hotel, do some shopping etc.


I stayed where I was and had a good rest; tired yes, but we did have fun.   I couldn’t think of much to do, unless I was to search out Forbidden Planet and by that time, I think the shops were starting to shut.  So when I’d finished with the Moon Under Water, I wandered across Leicester Square and took a rickshaw ride to Oxford Street – well worth the £7 for the entertainment alone!

I waved to the queue outside the 100 Club and had my driver drop me at Eat so I could get some coffee or something until about 5.45pm, when I’d walk up and take a look at the queue.  Which is what I did.


Wrote up my diary and I was just packing up to leave, when Marion came in looking to get a sandwich.  I spoke to her on my way out and she was telling me what the Club was like inside – only 3 toilets, given the crowd size, pee before you go in! And that there were some seats to be had next to the side of the stage.   They were actually seating between the little stage & the bar and some across the other side of the Club.  I thanked her and said I’d pass the information to the queue and turned to walk out.  Himber & Lisa came in also looking for a bite and we spoke briefly.  I passed on the information and Kelly decided to come with me and find a loo.  The little mall closed when we came out – you actually had to pay to use their loos!  London is such a rip-off now…

The girls said they’d seen James go into the games shop just down from where they were and spend some time in there.  Why am I not surprised!?  How many Xboxes did he say he had??


We had a little time to wait until the 7pm door opening and they were a bit late.  I was glad when we finally got in and I got myself a seat with Erykah, my plus one for the evening.  Inky, Angie & Lena were seated next to us and we had quite a reasonable view, even if we were way off to the side.  James actually came onstage from our side and walked right in front of me, so good all round – until Tyra sat in front of me!  Bless her, she did scrunch down at one stage when I called ‘Tyra, stop swaying!’  and I managed to peer round her most of the time.

The concert started earlier than they’d expected as all the audience were admitted in good time and as there was no support act, Himber said James decided to come out as we were all there.  No argument from us!

James was in really good form and to my delight sang ‘Dance Slow’ again.  I got all ‘whoo-hoo’ and it seemed to loosen the crowd up and they got nicely appreciative.  James did a little more chat than before and was having trouble keeping Chow?, his Korean guitar in tune, going out of key a little but he was in good voice and sounded just fine.  I took advantage of a pause and yelled ‘James Marsters ROCKS!’ and he said, right on, as long as he didn’t suck!

The lighting was horrible but I didn’t even try to take any photos down there and left it totally to the girls.  Ulla & Rosie got some good ones.

It was really a ‘Club’ audience and the faster tunes got the best reactions, until James said he had a new song, fishing out some paper from pocket; so new he hadn’t worked out the guitar yet but he sang his Cowboy song acapella anyway.   Well, by the end of the first verse, you could have heard a pin drop and there wasn’t a peep out of the whole audience.  He’d written it about his character in Alien Western and it was a haunting, sad song about a man trying to forget his past but not wanting his lady to watch him die.  We were all completely entranced by this sweet song and I would love him to record it with and without music, when he figures it out.  James got the biggest round of applause for that and the following ‘For what I need’ after it, very sexy.  He finished on ‘Smile’ and shot off stage for a quick breather, while we whooped and hollered again.  I think he had a quick tune too before he came back on for his encores.


The Stewards loosened up and danced around, singing with us to our great amusement as we sang the choruses to James again. He urged us to stay and meet each other as there were some great and interesting people in the crowd – aawww, sweet…   When he finally came off stage, the bodyguard kept him close and moving but he saw my hands up in the ‘I love you’ sign as I frequently do and would have touched hands with me but the BG moved between us and swept him out.  Stupid BG…

I had a keyring that said ‘Executive’ which I gave Himber at the Club, when I gave him the NASA Round the World name thing for James I’d done and forgot to give him;  Himber looked at it and said ‘he’ll love this’;  hope so.

Well, while the Stewards packed up their stuff, we stayed on and had some more drinks and a bit of a dance – in my case, much waving of arms and not much leg movement!  Though I did try a little slow jive with Rosie a bit later – man, did I suffer for it the next day!  By the time I got home Monday night and the next day, I was giving a good impression of Quasimodo’s grandma…

James must have got out another way, because unless he left when I went to the loo, I didn’t see him leave.  We waved Himber off and about half an hour later the Club decided we weren’t buying enough booze and rather unceremoniously urged us out of the door!

We said good bye to each other on the pavement and split to buses and taxis.  Kelly was staying up in Kings Cross too, so we shared a cab back.  Nice young lad, who wanted to know who we’d been to see and we gave him GBH of ear ’oles till we stopped outside my Hotel! He was very sweet about it and said he’d go see James when he came over again…  yay, another convert!


That was about it, bar the shouting as they say and it all goes too quickly and it’s over too soon, every time.  There is Fangoria and Dragon Con in the USA for those that can afford it and Hallowhedon here at the end of October, that James is coming back for – that helps to soften the James-missage as Inky puts it… :D

See you there!



( 9 comments — Leave a comment )
May. 27th, 2009 07:17 am (UTC)
Great report. I'm so sorry I missed all this, but reading about it is the next best thing. The man looked slightly taken aback Lol! Kudos on your award. :D
May. 27th, 2009 10:53 am (UTC)
Thanks, petal! i'm sorry you missed it too, we had a great time.

i must admit i go through many things i normally would not put up with, just to go see James and no event is perfect - not that i've been to anyway! But after all that hoop-la over how relaxed and wonderful the Valentines event was [for the same number of people], i guess we expected something similar here. Did we get it? Noooooooooo.... It was bloody rush-rush! We expect it for the photos but not the damn autographs, for heavens sake! And i didn't expect my precious few moments to be spent mostly looking at the top of James' head as he signed. i don't think James was too pleased either from some of the comments the girls reported.
Like i said, we couldn't show James what we'd brought him and James LOVES presents. i know he opened them later but didn't wear anything, apart from a chain round his neck, as he does sometimes the next day; one of the things i gave him was a chunky silver chain bracelet. So either it was too big, too small or he didn't care for it... who's to know... Sorry, i'm a bit down today!
Take care
May. 27th, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)
Aw don't be down. He might feel he has to be careful not to offend as he can't wear everything, he must get tons of stuff. I think he wore my necklace once. I was made up for days. :D It's a well known side affect of James...the downer when we're no longer around him. RL sucks by comparison.
May. 27th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks, babe. Don't worry, i'm okay; just can't be 'up' all the time.
He did wear something i gave him back in the GOTR days and i have a picture of him wearing it at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh. It sure does make you feel good!
i feel that James is the little bits of gold woven into the tapestry that is my life... *hows that for poetry?!* and the bright colours that make it all bearable are my friends. :D
i'm really, really glad i went to see him all those years ago and started meeting the lovely women who i've grown to love >
Jul. 24th, 2009 07:25 pm (UTC)
Aw, that really is poetry. I feel exactly the same way but could never have found the words. He's enriched people's lives so much and the thanks us!
May. 27th, 2009 10:02 am (UTC)
Hey hun - great report! Love reading other peoples versions of the events. It was a great weekend wasn't it? I'm working on my Mastersclass one right now, with lots of detail!!

See you at Hallowhedon! Hugs
May. 27th, 2009 11:00 am (UTC)
Thanks, Rosie!
i love reading all the reports too and will look forward to yours

i've only got a Standard ticket for Hallowhedon, so you may not see that much of me! Stoopid people, won't let you upgrade or transfer the tickets! i doubt if i will get to sit next to my roomie either, as i think she has a better ticket, doubly irritating!! WTF!!
i'll need binoculars to see James at the Q&A/panels or whatever with 300 people in front of me! And what's this not being able to ask your own damn questions at the Q&A?? At least i'll get to see James up close at the photos & autos... *fumes*

Edited at 2009-05-27 11:02 am (UTC)
May. 27th, 2009 07:10 pm (UTC)
oh, so nice to read about all that fun. I'm glad you shared that with us.
And enjoyed to have a partner in crime of "collecting" policemen. :)) :P I love men in uniform :P James should wear one sometime too. ;-)
*hugs lots*
May. 27th, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
Oh yes! James in uniform - Capt John, baby!!
We found some cute cops, didn't we?!
*hugs lots back*
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