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It's Wednesday 3rd June, 09

taken from Kazzy Cee

1. What is one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to you?

Like i'm going to tell you!  But i did try to demolish John Barrowman's signing table with a mobility scooter once...

2. What is one guilty pleasure that you indulge in?

None of my pleasures are 'guilty' - i try and watch 'Holmes on Homes' every day at 3pm, if i'm home but i don't class that as guilty... Can overindulge on Co-op's Fairtrade Coffee icecream, i love it too much!

3. What was your favourite show as a child?

Saw very little TV as a child, only visited UK rarely, but i'd have to say 'Dr Who', as it's really the only one i remember from that time

4. How much time a day do you spend on Facebook?

Very little, i have to remind myself to go there.  i use it to keep in touch with friends

5. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

oh heavens... not sure if i'd call it 'love' but crushes, about 10, i guess.  Love of serious kind would be a lot later, around 24-25 [i don't count the teenage lusts!].

6. Do you collect anything?

Way too many books - and earrings! Lots of James related things...used to collect dragons but had to stop due to lack of space! 

7. What is your favourite song?

At the moment? It's a tie - James' 'Dance Slow' and the Cowboy song - and anything Beach Boys [never fails to cheer me up]

8. Have you ever written a sappy love poem?

yeah, years ago

9. How different is your adult life from what you imagined it to be at 16?

i had no vision of what it would be - but never wanted to marry or have kids, though i thought i might have to if i met someone 'special'.  Luckily, or unluckily, i never did.   Still waiting for a man i can't do without!  Not counting friends...

10. If you could stay any age for the rest of your life, what would it be?
As long as i had the mind i have now, it would physically be about 17-18.  Everything still worked and i hadn't broken anything major by then...  But if it had to be with the same mind as then, i guess about 27 

i wish i was going to Fangoria this weekend but i'll be plenty distracted as i'm off to Collectormania 15 on Saturday morning - staying over and doing Sunday too.  Lots to think about & pre-plan. 
i had booked a room already at the Campanile Hotel, not far from the MK Dons Stadium, in case i wanted to do both days, so that was okay.  Then sorted out a wheelchair [which i'll take with me on the X5, they have room], which i'll pick up here on Friday morning.   No Shopmobility out at the new venue, and i have no idea what sort of seating will be available there.  i'll go straight to the Hotel and dump my bag in their luggage storage, just keep essentials for the day in my backpac and spend the day at the Stadium.
No idea what i'll do for dinner, cross that bridge when i come to it!

Staying overnight solves the problem of any late photos, which is nice and i can have those who will still be there, sign them if i want.  i've got tickets for Leonard Nimoy, Nathan Fillion, Avery Brooks and Ben Browder on Saturday and Burn Gorman on Sunday.  All the Sat guys are there Sunday, so, cool.  Not sure if Burn's photo will be back in time to sign but i'm taking the Torchwood mag with me that i took to The Rift, for Naoko to sign [she's there just Sat] and Burn can sign that too.

CM15 have invited a load of famous Sporting legends this time and i note Darren Campbell [Olympic gold runner] will be there Sat and Sir! Henry Cooper on Sunday, along with a load of sportsmen from different fields [no pun intended!]  Might just have to go say hello to Henry... :D

i hope to have company on Sunday as Erykah & Nicky, and hopefully Lise too, are coming.  i shouldn't have too much to do, so hopefully get to hang out a bit, maybe have a bite along the way.   i have to watch the time on Sunday, as the last bus back is 8.45pm and it takes two hours back to Cambridge.

It's all go, guys!  Just made arrangements to go see James' 'Moonshot' down in London on the 3rd July - WOOOO HOOOO!  Meeting some of the girls and making a night of it....  FUN to be had!

Also decided to go to London Film & Comic Con too, at Earls Court 18th-19th July.  Never been before but i hear it's pretty big.  Two days of interesting people, so i've booked a room very close to the Court just for Sat night.  i'm determined to do as much as i can, while i still can.   My shoulder joints have started to hurt way too much...  The thought of replacing them??  *shudders*    Maybe take a chair there too, will have to suss what is available - taking it on the Tube would be interesting!

Mmmm, that put a smile on my rather tired face - insomnia... i've had four hours sleep...  *yawns*  must go have some lunch...
later, guys!