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Away for the weekend...

Okay, guys, this is my last post until i get back from CM15, which will be sometime on Sunday night - all being well.  i'm going to go to bed early as the taxi's booked for 7am!  Ugh.  That's the only downside of having to get the bus over - and most likely having to pay, unless they don't count Saturday morning as peak times...

i wish i was going to see James but am consoling myself with the luminaries coming here, most of whom i have already mentioned [only Alice Krige has been added of any note, to me anyway.  i will be having some photos done but taking my usual pics of the stars and crowd shots and with any luck, pictures of Erykah, Nicky, Lise & Sue!  That will be just super - even if it is only for one day.
Take care and have a wonderful weekend!