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The Evening

We split up and got ready for the Evening performance and trooped across the Bridge again... hellova handy Hotel for the Mermaid, must remember it for any future features there... There seemed to be more people milling about again and the cloakroom people were going like gangbusters checking in bags. i was amused at the Matinee when i was met by Lisa, who looked at my little bag and said, with a smile, "I don't think i need to check YOUR bag!" and nobody even glanced my way at the Evening performance - which really was hillarious as i had a camera with me that night! Not that i had the slightest intention of using it at the Theatre but i wanted to take one to the dinner with me... 

We knew the drill this time and we started only a little late *smiles*.... i had treated myself to a new black shirtdress, lovely soft cottony material and i thought, quite flattering... i felt nice anyway. Same order as before, Himber came out and explained the schedule and then introduced James.

James came out onto the stage and introduced Cheryl Puente this time - they had both settled into the parts with the afternoon like a rehearsal - as i said to Himber at Interval, this was the Performance. It was great getting to see James do the play again and those of us who had been there before [and there were quite a few of us], were waiting for the Kiss - no less passionate and again the kisses on hand and arm but also one on her neck as well. When they stood up and had the passionate clinch, there was an audible thud as pelvis met pelvis, thanks to the microphones on their hips! Erotic and funny at the same time...

Wonderfully intense performances again and James brought the hair up on my arms a few times.. and riveted Lynnie in her seat by staring into her eyes, through a couple of the monologues! i think she forgot to breath for a while... but she was absolutely in the right place for his focus and concentration. A useful stage actor's trick to have that point of focus.

i kinda forgot to breath a couple of times myself...

When James spoke the final confrontation lines with Macduff, he finished by saying "... and Macduff cut his head off!" and grinned.... We all roared with laughter and the applause was deafening!!

James & Cheryl came on again for the Q&A piece and i think they were both surprised how well received she was. She looked surprised but delighted at her applause and James looked very happy. He said the same - ask us what you would like and any comments etc... i was polite this time and just raised my hand... i must have been the first, as to my delight, he looked right at me and smiled, pointing his hand at me and saying "Yes?" [major fan-girl moment there - i was FIRST!! ]

My question was about the American accents - did they and was he, consciously playing down the accents, as i had to admit it was a little distracting to start with? James said yes, it was a conscious thing as they talk what he called the TransAtlantic accent, [perfected by ? woman's name], toning down the 'rrrr' sounds - saying "Horror, horror, horror" in a perfectly understandable accent and then saying it again - without any restraint and mangling it all up - to much laughter! He said it could be awful and i said, "Yes, as bad as having it spoken in a thick Scottish brogue!" and James cracked up laughing...

Again many interesting questions and observations, from people who knew the play and from both sides of the Atlantic - he did seem delighted so many English people had nice things to say about his performance and treatment of the play. It was the greatest concensus that we can't wait for him to do it on the screen.

i was so pleased that they got loud and appreciative applause and another standing ovation.

We had our interval and we did pretty much the same thing as we had before - i stopped to talk to Char and make sure she was doing ok - Lynnie was taking such good care of her, i was delighted to say. i was pretty sore myself by this stage and Lynnie came out with me, to make sure i didn't fall over or anything... i saw the roses through the window in the door and said "Look!" but she wouldn't - i think she was terrified in case James was in there and saw us peering in... but i couldn't see anyone in view... i think he was in his dressing room, but Louise was there and grinned at us. A couple of our ladies coming to the dinner had to drop out, Shivers' mum wasn't well apparently... must have been her girlfriend downing the pint in the bar then... but it allowed a couple of others to join us.

Back into the theatre and Himber announced James, who strolled round the curtain, with his guitar on his back. Again very little chat and he got into the song list well - then disaster again! his A-String Broke!!!! Unreal... so out comes Himber again and says about the film for those who weren't at the Matinee - then to fill in time, he offered to answer questions and when the flow flagged a little - i had a mad moment and called out "Will You Marry Me?" - the Theatre cracked up and Himber looked up and saw me, waved his hand to say, oh its you! and called back "How big is your Dowry?" I cracked up and yelled, "As Big as ME, honey!!" - more laughter and we moved on... [and no, i wasn't even faintly serious!!] - couple more quick questions and James was ready again.

He was on great form and did the same set - this time i held off until the second last verse of 'Finer than Gold', then i was gone... To my surprise, the lass behind me was quite concerned and leaned forward, asking if i was ok... Susie was watching me out of the corner of her eye, she knows it always gets to me, try though i might... i sometimes wonder why he made it such a slow waltz tune...

At the end, James got his standing ovation again and we yelled and clapped until he came back and did his encores - then he blew kisses and waved when we all stood up again, and said with some real feeling, "I really love you guys!" and he was gone.

You never want it to end.

i had thought we would grab taxis back to the Hotel but Lynnie had set off already by the time i left the theatre.  i did stop long enough for the pause that refreshes and to give Louise a hug and kiss...  also to say goodbye to a couple of people and make sure those going onto the dinner by themselves knew where they were going.   Susie had come out with me as my hip was pretty knackered by then and we regrouped outside.   i knew i had one more trip over the Bridge in me, although Susie was all for getting me a cab - we made it anyway.

Got Char horizontal and comfortable - downstairs and hailed cabs for all of us - three, if i remember right and gave directions to all the drivers.  i was glad Char was resting when we arrived as there were three steep little steps...  i had asked and been told it wasn't a problem [maybe they had a different disabled entrance?]

i had spent some time on the phone with Shaki at restaurant and picked the menu with some care to reflect the different regions of Malaysian cooking and the different tastes.  But you can't please everyone and apparently two of our party declared they couldn't eat any of it - i didn't find out who but two or three did leave very early....  Katie was late again!

Shaki had done us proud and printed up our menu beautifully and we had a lovely choice of starters, mains and desserts for £19.95 a head - bargain i thought...   And it really was lovely.   i had prawns to start and Nasi Goreng, with a super little hot fruit tartlet for afters.  

Soft Bondage Bear was introduced to the assembly and i thought i'd die laughing when Lynnie took pictures of all there with him...   Even the most modest of the ladies perched him on a shoulder or bosom for a shot...   and the more robust simply had a lot of fun!   We did have a lovely time and i take my hat off to the Georgetown, they treated us Very Well and looked after us.

The Maitre D asked how many taxis we'd want and pre-ordered them for us [Such a difference to the Al Duca!] - we then sat around talking & laughing as the group slowly left as the taxis turned up and bore them away...   Such a pleasure to see them all again.

We got back to the Mad Hatter around 1.00am i think and repaired to our room for a nightcap...  We opened some wine and Susie, Pattie, Lynnie & i drank and laughed like idiots.  Why can't all nights end like that?  We put the clock back an hour and then decided it wasn't worth going to bed before Char left - and we would see her up and off.  And we did.  Made sure she had all her stuff and the taxi arrived on time at 5AM.  

We all promptly went to bed!! 

We even got up for breakfast, as Susie said, "i can sleep later!"   i made sure i ate well for travelling and Lene came and had a drink with us before she took off - the only one leaving in the morning.   Bye, sweetie! 

Check out was 11.00am, so we packed up and went and hung out in Pattie's room - she wasn't leaving till the next day and Susie wasn't leaving till 6.00pm.   i had to catch the 2.45pm and Lynnie's was 3.00pm, so we shared a cab.

We went down and had lunch.  Having had a good breakfast, i wasn't very hungry but would not have missed the sight of SBB having bangers & mash!!  Lynnie kept us in fits the whole time....   but eventually all good things come to an end and we grabbed out bags, said goodbye and took off to the station.  We had a good driver and i had plenty of time to get my train, even lugging the wheelchair back home.

i made good time and lots of people offered me a hand - very nice.  Good uneventful journey, although the last local train was late...  but got home safe.

What are we doing next year?!!  Premiere party for 'Shadow Puppets'?  Reunion weekend?  something for sure....  later, luvs...


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Nov. 5th, 2005 05:11 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a good time.
Nov. 7th, 2005 06:51 pm (UTC)
Thanks babe, i surely did!!
Nov. 5th, 2005 05:40 pm (UTC)
Great report, and of course I've been looking at the adventures of BB on Moz reproduced in photographic form (LOL!!!!!). Wasn't it just the BEST evening??? I loved it.
Nov. 7th, 2005 06:54 pm (UTC)
Wonderful evening - wonderful two days actually... i love seeing and enjoying James and i really love spending time with the lovely girls!!
Don't know where Lynnie gets her inspiration but i hope she never dries up - i must confess i did show her the candy cockrings and she whooped and said YES! and the deed was done!
But i would so love to see the Posing Pouch actually on the Body *drools at the thought*
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 7th, 2005 06:59 pm (UTC)
It was good, wasn't it? but i am a devotee of Malaysian food as i spent part of my childhood there... love it. i was disappointed in the Al Duca, the food was passable and although they made us welcome, they could not wait to get rid - and would not call taxis for us...
Lynnie and That Bear!!! *shakes head ruefully* so damn funny, my face ached by the time i went to bed...!!
i love your pictures btw - way to go, Chrissie!!
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