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Okay, tomorrow i'm off down to London as the BFI are showing 'Moonshot' as part of their Moon landing celebration.  They have invited the director, who is coming to do brief Q&A, i believe - they did ask the cast but although it would be ABSOLUTELY SUPER if a certain someone did come too, it is highly unlikely...

Meeting the girls down there, having a bite to eat before the show - it starts at 8.45pm for some reason and then piling into the bar for a few snorts before bed.  Lise & i will do something 'cultural' for some part of Saturday... not a clue what she covers with that!  i actually wouldn't mind doing some of the V&A and having lunch in Chinatown before we split up, something like that.  Not sure what Sue has in mind; know she has some time to spare, so i'm hoping she'll come too.  If she has done her shopping by then, of course!
Nicky will probably spend some of her morning trying to get Erykah out of bed - just kidding, guys!!
i've just put a change of clothes in my backpack and essentials.  Hope i don't forget anything vital.

Cousin Anna comes for a short visit on Sunday, going home some time Tuesday.  i haven't seen her for at least three years, so we have some catching up to do.  i'll meet her at the station Sunday night, get her settled in the B&B and bring her home for a bite.   i think i'll take her on one of those guided city bus tours, get off half way round and show her our all-week market and look at the shops.  Have a quick lunch, get back on the bus and then later, dinner at the Lucky Star all-you-can-eat Chinese down at the Leisure Centre.  Back here for a nightcap [B&B is close enough to walk from home].  That'll take care of Monday.
  She can check out and come here to chill and chew the fat till she is due to go, then i'll stick her in a taxi to catch the train home.

Wednesday is the AGM that i've been preparing for a few weeks now [i actually have to squeeze in a half hour meeting on Monday, while Anna is still here, which pisses me off somewhat].
  So if you don't see me about, you'll know i'm going to be pre-occupied for a while. 

Gad, it's sticky tonight... i've got the fan going full blast...  Next time i move, or before if i get the money, i'm going to buy an air-conditioning unit.  UK is getting warmer, not cooler and i HATE the heat.  Don't mind if it's dry heat but damn it all, wherever i am, it never is and has humidity that turns leather green in a week!!

Have a great weekend, y'all!!


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Jul. 2nd, 2009 11:22 pm (UTC)
have fun, hon! Watch it for me too and say hi to James on the big screen for me! :) Take care, sweetie! Miss you, my partner-in-posing-with-policemen-an-men-in-uniform! :P :)) xxx
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