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Monday 7th November, 2005

Guess i will try and post this train of thought again... wrote up a screed on Livejournal and when i clicked 'update', it just vanished... made me really mad, when i dawned on me it had just GONE! really pisses me off when that happens... 'page is unavailable...' What The Fuck?!!

ok, i went to see Mr Grogan on 31st October, to discuss what was to happen with the hip operation. He told me what the various options were and we discussed the pros & cons... the full McCoy in my case - not because my hip is THAT bad but this would last the longest and in his opinion, was the best for me.

i am still relatively young for the operation and should heal quickly, touch wood and all that is holy to you... He says early January, before 14th [what that is i don't know, something to do with a contract, to do with the NHS? dunno]. i was handed over to the nurse who will do the pre-admission stuff and we had ourselves a discussion. She will make an appointment for early-ish in December for the tests, bloodwork etc - then she just had to mention the weight, of course - i headed her off at the pass by telling her i had asked Grogan already if i needed to loose more before he'd operate and he said no, there was very little fat where he would be working [most of mine is torso & belly] and it was fine. i then told her how much i have lost already and that i intend to loose a lot more. This will help the hip and make it last longer too, so a good goal. She shut up like a clam.

The physio will be giving me instructions 'like a book' she said; fine, no problem, they are usually good people and will help me to get back on my feet ASAP, a goal both of us will strive for. We are looking at a total time of 8 weeks, all being well...

It is actually good timing for the Hotel and me, Jan & Feb are the quietest months and i will be back before the busy times. So all good. Now i just have to be patient for two more months... and stock up on books! i will be able to watch tv and hopefully not too much trouble to come sit here and get into the computer... i am a little concerned about money but it is GM's discretion to pay full pay for 6 weeks, so we have our fingers crossed here... otherwise going to be fuckin poor, even for me!! Not to worry, i will get through it....

i came down on Sunday afternoon to sort out my desk as i knew it would look like a bomb hit it - i was right... spent the next two and a half hours sorting it all out...

Today we had a fire training session, with the local fire brigade showing us some extinguishers and how to put out fires with them, COOL!! but it took two hours out of my day, i reallly didn't want to waste, if you know what i mean!

Good news/bad news - Jenny has taken over from my departed upline boss and i am not at all sure how she is going to fit in with that... at nearly 30, she has the boastful tendencies of a teenager but knows a fair bit about the operations side and is still learning the sales stuff but doing ok. She will need somebody else of course, it needs a three person staff but it sounds like she has someone in mind... We shall have to see how she manages... without letting Uberbitch ride her... and us. Oh well, i guess that was too good to last... Can i have some good stuff now? it was nice while it lasted.

Call from Char tonight - the cancer count is up but still well below any problem level... otherwise she is pretty good and looking forward to seeing the Eye man and getting some glasses to see with!! Which will be a vast relief all round, especially for her son Rob, who is not well himself at the moment - get well soon, petal! We talked about the shows and i read her all Lynnie's posts about SBB, making her laugh a lot and then the posts we had about Himber, James and the Whiskey... more laughter... good medicine.

And on that note - f sharp - i shall leave you!

have a good week, everyone. i miss you, Caz baby...


p.s. avitar by the wonderful Thia


Nov. 8th, 2005 06:47 am (UTC)
Wow - that sounds quite quick for sorting out the op. Good luck. I'm sure that you have the right attitude for it and will make a good recovery.

Work sounds interesting.... I've missed what you do (came in late to your Lj).
Nov. 10th, 2005 08:56 am (UTC)
Thanks, honey....
i work as Hotel Secretary for a medium sized old Victorian hotel, 136 rooms - we are currently undergoing a £5million refurbishment, not a moment too soon! It is a 'managed' hotel which means it is owned by one company and actually managed and run by another, so that technically we work for the managing company... still with me? LOL But this explains why it has taken so long for the refurbishment, WAY overdue.
The work is about half over and is starting to look wonderful but half of the Hotel still looks like a building site!
i type, do work etc for the General Manager and his Deputy and also all of the department Managers... i produce all the menus and day-to-day stuff and a whole heap of other stuff. It keeps me busy!! Downside? company is very mean and pay shit wages... not uncommon in Hotels
Take care, sweets