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Must be summer

Lots of folks off on holidays now - guess they've let out the anklebiters and the screaming teens...  Not being in daily touch with those with kids, i tend to be unaware of when school holidays start and end - just start stepping over the detritus of bodies and rubbish!

i'm in the process of writting up a report on LFCC and have now finished scanning photos and working on mine.  i've made a new album on PBase [addy on right], called, strangely enough, London Film & Comic Con!  i must apologise upfront for the oddly yellow lighting, my camera hated it!  i often find that i can't get a really sharp focus in that sort of light, unless i can use the flash and in this case of course, it's not possible unless the subject is pretty close.  i may have to resort to using my real-film camera in future or buying a new digital...  *flinches*   Hope you like what i managed to take and at least the photo-ops are good - though not necessarily of me!!

i hope to finish the report today/tonight, so bear with me.  What i will do now though is show you the B&B i stayed at over the road from Earls Court.  SO handy but pretty crappy.

first part of report -

Decided to do both days, just wish I’d been able to put all the photo-ops on Saturday.  Then I wouldn’t have had to wait around for them to come back, but I’m getting ahead of myself.


Set off too early in the am for the train to London but needed to get there, find my Olympia Hotel B&B in Earls Court Square and then get to Earls Court 2.  The damn maps really don’t get it right… I should have been able to walk out at the Warwick Rd end of the station, turn left and a hop, skip and turn into Earls Court Square and the B&B is literally on the corner.  Was I able to follow this simple map and do that? NO, because the route finder said go out onto Earls Court Road – in the opposite direction – turn right and walk down to EC Square, turn right and it should have been half way down on the right, except they don’t tell you which side of the street it is…  I got half way down and couldn’t work out the numbers – if I had gone down just a bit more, I would have reached the end of the street & worked it out, but the map clearly showed it half way down!  So I walked around the little square, not a fuckin hope.  I eventually found it, sweating freely by this time…  Climbed up the steps and left my bag there [I’d checked I could]; I paid to keep the little man happy, no probs, making sure he’d seen I had cut back to just the one night. 


I’m so glad I did, would NOT have wanted to stay two nights there! I couldn’t get to the window to open it more than the crack it was, to get some more breeze and sweltered as a result.   I’m putting some pics on here to show just how small and cramped it was – with jagged broken window tiles and a chest of drawers & wardrobe jammed up against the foot of the bed so you couldn’t use them!!  Bathroom that caused all this was very modern and nice but no shelves anywhere to put things on and the showerhead left a lot to be desired.  And something made a meal of my leg – I killed it the next morning!!
i've noticed 'single' rooms are usually pretty bad but they have made the effort to put in a double bed but shot themselves in the foot doing it!  Maybe the other rooms would be better sizewise but the bug put me off ever going back there!!
More later...  :D


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Jul. 23rd, 2009 10:33 pm (UTC)
Agh, what did you kill? ::shudders::
Jul. 24th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
i'm not sure what it was but i squished it flat and that's when i saw the blood.... mine! i won't be going back and i have mentioned it in the follow-up questionaire from the website.
Jul. 25th, 2009 06:56 am (UTC)
Ewwww. Good for you on the follow-up. Us Brits just don't complain enough! We never got the hang of it, like foreigners never getting the hang of a good queue. ;)
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