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Aug. 5th, 2009

This is the reply from Livejournal

"Below is an answer to your support question regarding "[EN] Garbled/overprinted pages"


Thank you for your report and I apologize for the frustration you are experiencing. After investigation, this problem of very slow load times and broken formatting when viewing LiveJournal pages occurs primarily for users in the United Kingdom. The problem you are experiencing is not related to the new "My Guests" and "LJ Messenger" options. At this time, the investigation has shown that the problem is not likely due to anything on LiveJournal's end, but rather some infrastructure in the UK (provided by Easynet Global Services) that is unable to connect to Limelight [http://www.limelightnetworks.com/], our Content Delivery Network.

In order to determine if your ISP uses the Easynet Global Services infrastructure, please do a traceroute to livejournal.com and note if any of the listed servers include "easynet.net". If you are unsure how to do a traceroute, some information is provided at the following URL: [http://www.mediacollege.com/internet/troubleshooter/traceroute.html] However, please note that LiveJournal is not associated with this site.

If one of the listed servers include "easynet.net", please do another traceroute to l-stat.livejournal.com which is the location of items hosted by Limelight and provide this information to Easynet Global Services by opening a Support ticket at [http://www.easynet.com/gb/en/support/]. Please note that LiveJournal is not associated with this site, and the URL is provided for your convenience.

If none of the listed servers include "easynet.net", please reply to this request with the original traceroute.

Did this answer your question?

If you are having problems using any of the links in this email, please try copying and pasting the *entire* link into your browser's address bar rather than clicking on it.

Replies to this address are not monitored. To reply to your request, use the links above."

Bloody marvellous - sounds like the standard reply from all IT depts "it's not us, it's you"

At least they replied the same day... now if i can sort out all this gibberish, we'll try and find who is responsible - before anyone will attempt to put it right, of course...
If you could see the page i'm trying to use, it would make you cry


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Aug. 5th, 2009 07:52 am (UTC)
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