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Back to normal??

Are we back to normal?  Well, for the first time in a week, i can see headers and this page is as it used to be.  i can see my icons again and i have the toolbar above for my posts.  It got so bad that the loading time between pages could top ten minutes and the posting page was little more than a few lines.  i jumped up and down and spat out my dummy and Livejournal checked this end and said it wasn't them.
i had to do a trace to see my route to livejournal.com and check out to see if the proper server and route were being followed and then do another traceroute for the second part of it.  And the second part appeared to be the problem.  Livejournal told me to send the traceroute details to the server people which i did - and left this well alone for a couple of days.
This is the first time i have been back here - and it appears to have been sorted;  i can see this now and access my Friend Pages.  Still a little jerky but back to almost normal speed, so i'm hopeful it's fixed.

*settles dummy back in cheek*