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i hate this weather!

This is exactly the weather i HATE!  Overcast, gloomy, too warm and HUMID - goddess, how i hate humidity!!  Don't care how overcast or gloomy it gets, as long as it is cool or cold...
It is supposed to clear up later but that takes too long!!

My favourite is a fine, crisp winter morning that stirs your blood and make me want to DO things!  Not this limp, clothes-sticking-to-your-back rubbish that the so-called English Summer often produces.  i don't mind rain - i love rain - yes, even after a week of it!  Often the humidity goes hand in hand with no wind, scarcely a breath that would blow the clouds away...  even the scorching sun would be welcome!  At least it dries everything out!

i survived humidity so thick, it grew green mould on everything if you took your eye off it and your leather watch strap rotted - i have never had another one; all mine are metal to this day.  i may have to move to Scotland for colder weather!  *eyeballs map*  but i'm not sure what would happen to my benefits - seriously, it would be a bit like moving to Siberia, it is so far away from everything except Scandanavia!!  *winks at Ulla*

As a consequence of this nasty humid crap, i have done the absolute minimum of anything this past week [lack of cash didn't help either!] and stayed home out of the crowds of ankle-biters and hysterical kiddies... they will go back to school eventually; i just have to keep out of the City centre until then... :D

*munches on crispy bacon & tomato lunch baguette*   Very few things more tasty or satisfying than a good bacon sandwich.  *Thanks lucky stars i'm not religious*  And good REAL coffee...  *sniffs deeply & happily*

So, what's up for this week?  Well, i must do some washing soon, before the pile on the floor gets a life of its own.  i half swept up yesterday and may wash the floors later or tomorrow while i do the washing...
i have a couple of meeting scheduled - if i can get a lift to the first one on Tuesday - that's all i have officially but i need to make some phone calls Monday.

My next Knee Clinic check-up has been rescheduled [what a surprise] back to September 23rd...  Wonder how long they will keep monitoring me?  i've stopped doing the exercises, although i probably still should.  i simply don't see the sense in it now - i mean, my knee isn't going to bend a hell of a lot more than a couple of degrees and the rest of it can be covered by normal exercise, so what the hell?  They won't help my hips or my back or my aching shoulder either!  Heigh ho...  Y'know, i know now why old people die off before their time - they get sick and tired of being incapacitated, tired all the time and being in pain most of the time.  They simply give up and turn their faces to the wall.

So what you have to do is - pull back all the curtains, open the windows, throw open the doors, get fresh air into your life, literally and metaphorically, and GO OUT!  DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO GIVE UP!
Join a bridge/gardening/cooking/chess/whatever club and depending how mobile you are - gym classes, any dance classes, chat up policemen, do the 366 photo challenge, talk to people who talk to you - i had an amazing chat with a man recently who had been an antiquarian bookseller and who was a big Buffy fan!  Mostly the girls of course; Eliza, Allison, Amber & Emma but who'd a thunk it, looking at him???  Even if you only go sit outside for a while or go for a walk or ring up a friend for a chat - DO SOMETHING.   Try not to sink into apathy, that's the killer.
In pain?  Don't put up with it - get better pain relief.  Bored?  What do you really LIKE doing?  If it is something you can do with others, so much the better but if it is feet up with a good book - get on and do that, enjoy being able to please yourself - you can always get your books from the library, that will get you out and about.  For me to visit my local library, it is quite the trek with 2 buses there and back [if i want to go for free] or a taxi ride [£5 or £6? less £2.60 each way with a taxi card] if i have some cash.  To justify the taxi, you need to get an armfull, of course!  :D  Just remember you'll need to do the same when you take them back!
You can Google your interests in your area, your local papers will help; so will your libraries, local church groups - just about anyone will come up with something.  Don't forget, we all like to be asked for our opinions and help on most anything.

Now how did i get there, from the weather?  Being bored or just dulled by the temperatures, i guess!
Personally, i usually find i never have enough time to do everything i want to but we all have our down, quieter periods - except those with children of course!  Godess bless all you parents for taking up lifes biggest challenge and my very best wishes with that!  i have neither the inclination or the temprement for it.

What's next?  Well
, i need to finish sweeping the floor and get out clean linen for bed & bathroom - got stripped today.  Bathroom is clean and i've only my lunch plate to wash.  *looks at desk*  i really, really need to clear some of this trash, i mean 'things' off here, dust and wash down the surface - and figure out where i'm going to put the laser printer; it can't stay there with the next 18 months [at least, before i move again].
So, have a good day, enjoy the new week, whatever you are doing and get out there and LIVE!


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Aug. 9th, 2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
I think Siberia is closer than Scotland from here...

It´s "rot month" here. The same humidity as there I guess. And Bonnie had an operation for breast tumours, some of the stitch sites were infected. Guess if it heals? Not. We have to get back to the vet next week. And the operation cost like 1000 £, luckily I have an veterinary-insurance for her ( and the cats) so I "only" had to pay £ 200. But they might have to remove all breast tissue on her other side too. No big tumours there, but the mammary glands feel a bit "grainy"... That´s another £200 I guess.

But I don´t want to loose her, so they can operate again if it´s necessary. And she recovered from the first operation in a day or so (60 stitches and a 50 cm incision on her tummy.)
Aug. 10th, 2009 09:52 am (UTC)
oh my word, you are having a time of it! Poor Bonnie, thank heavens for the insurance. i know all vet's bills are expensive but it is important when we love our pets - she had more stitches than i did on my knee!
Here's hoping she is hopping around in no time; chin up, petal!
Aug. 10th, 2009 04:47 pm (UTC)
::reads gungho post...clambers onto icefloe:: Lol.

Don't you have Ring&Ride in your neck of the woods, or the equivalent? It's just a £1 for me and less for proper pensioners and you can go anywhere within reason, you just have to phone and book the day before. It's a smashing service run by local council I think...I hate the muggy weather too, but luv the rain. I also hate it too hot and glaring so always seem to be moaning about the weather..can't win lol.
Aug. 10th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
Ice floe?? Don't get that bit!
i'm not sure if the pep-talk is for me or other people to be sure but i frequently need to remind myself to take my own advice!
Ring & Ride sounds like our Dial-a-Ride, which i also believe is very good here but i'm not sure how many cars they have. Someone suggested we use them for some of the pensioners instead of proper taxis to keep costs down but i think we may have too many for them. Personally, i'd have to think where i'd like to go, that i can't reach with my free bus pass...
Take care, honey
Aug. 11th, 2009 11:45 pm (UTC)
Lol, Eskimos put their old peeps on ice floes and set them adrift...or used to.

Yup, DialARide...they use minibuses which are good fun especially the bingo bus lol. Brings peeps together week after week.
Aug. 10th, 2009 09:05 pm (UTC)
Good advice. I've been down in the mouth over money lately. :-( I forget that I am lucky.
Aug. 11th, 2009 04:24 pm (UTC)
Sorry about that! i do tend to bang on sometimes and i apologise in part for that - as i said to Ditto, it is more reminding myself to take my own advice, i think!
i'm a sad old leather handbag that has seen better days... :D
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