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Thursday 20th August 09

Summer holidays coming to a close...  which will be a blessing for those of us who didn't really have one!  Mine tend to be those weekends when i'm away doing something James related  :love:
i try and stay out of the City and shopping areas when the kids are off school, less crowds and ankle injuries!!

But if you are trying to work and yes, i class working on committees, going to meetings, doing 2 lots of minutes myself, all the phone work that goes with it, plus doing Green Inspections etc, as work.  You find it is hard to get things done if folks are taking summer holidays.
We tend to try and not schedule meetings if so many that are in paid-work are away, but the work of council housing still goes on.

i have been having trouble recently with one particular individual [an aging, bullying misogenist] who is on a couple of my committees and frankly, i've 'had' him up to my eyeballs with his vitriolic nit-picking!  You know the sort, when you have worked your ass off, done all the ground work, written up the reports etc, sits back on his fat arse sniping at you.  Oh it's all done in that condesending tone that implies that you aren't doing it fast enough, that he doesn't think you are efficient and if he had the time, he could do it all better!  He never has of course and makes sure he does no work at all. 
He will pull you up in committee if he can, then be all smarmy & friendly afterwards. Your opinion is crap but he forgives you... *grinds teeth*  Though i notice he has been the first and fastest out the door the past few times i've seen him.
It's going to come down to 'he goes or i go', i can see this and it saddens me.  He has been making life unpleasant for other people too, who he may perceive as threatening his little power base, to the extent that one has resigned and several are thinking of doing the same - but i refuse to let this nasty little TWAT drive people we need away and will fight him now.  i have joined forces with another lady to make some serious waves as he has been running a defamatory campaign against her too, much more seriously than me.
i can only hope he rues the day he ran over my toes...  :furious:

To counter this nastiness, apart from about an hour yesterday, i have tried to put it all out of my mind and relax those tight muscles across my shoulders... i had my hair cut yesterday, thinking about you,Jean, and wondering if it would be worth my while to indulge in a gentle perm.  i had a domestic day and after i washed the floor, i browsed through my clothing catalogues for a new top or two for October.  Then today, i went into town after my dental check-up.  i'm tip-top, apart from bits of my teeth starting to break off; i'm an old gal all!!  So in pretty good shape tooth-wise  :wink:
i had a bracelet to exchange as part of it had unravelled.  No problemo, done in a flash, and i had a wander around the market.  Wound up doing some nice retail therapy, which i really shouldn't have done but i feel better...  :smile: *sucks pear drop*
i went into WH Smiths to get my weekly tv guide and saw my filofax 2010 calendar was out, so got that and don't you love these new mini magazines that are coming out now?  Elle have one out and they are so neat and handy to pop in your bag.  Keeps me up with the trends.  Love the new clean spare and stylish DKNY and a couple of tops with seriously decorated shoulder panels from Alberta Ferretti.  i don't follow fashion unless i can wear it but it is fun to keep an eye on what is happening.  i take my hat off to Keira Knightly, her face truly is her fortune, 'cos it ain't her tits, as she hasn't got any!
Checked out Monsoon's new evening wear - nice fabrics, almost tempted to buy a top there but the price tag - £78! - stopped me.

Have you noticed how small so many of the bracelets are today?  Very pretty but you need to be pre-pubescent to get them on!  i have small hands but i hadn't a hope without washing-up liquid and a LOT of shoving...maybe.

i treated myself to an EAT tuna & cheese melt in ciabatta for lunch, nice & hot and an iced coffee.  Sat and watched the world walk past on one of the busiest inner city streets - 'ordinary' shoppers, students by the dozen and many map & camera-toting tourists.
i took a couple of shots myself of the corner for my '366 Days of 2009' project, before heaving corpulent self to feet and shuffling off to get a bus home.

i made the mistake of going into H&M on my way to the bus and saw a black top with some rather nice sparkles across the top.  And some totally wild sparkly pants that may or may not see the light of day again!  But they are very seductive!  i thought 'WTF, these are SO much cheaper' [£14 for the pants and £15 for the top, what would you?] and bought them.

i was a bit tired by the time i got home but i've been chilling out since then... divine!

That was a bit of a ramble, wasn't it??  :D