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James at Monster Mania

i'm posting this here as some of you may not have seen it - James playing a Dobro and a little 'Purple Haze' !!

and this little snippet from http://www.7days.ae 

You’ve attracted thousands of fans outside of America as an actor and musician. Any plans for a world tour?
Oh I hope so. I’ve got to cut a new album first. I have about three-quarters of the material ready.

Can that be soon??? please....  i keep hearing him saying he has to finish selling 'Like a Waterfall' first.  He said it was expensive to produce and he needs to get his money back - is it still for sale on his website? *goes to look*    Still available through Time Machine https://commerce16.pair.com/timem2/order/jmmerc/merc.html  @ $35.00 plus shipping, that's what? about £23?  Not that cheap for sure but to a fan, i'm sure it's well worth it.  i must ask the girls, were they available at Monster Mania?

Love the photos starting to come out of MM, big thanks to Rosie & RavenU and the enterprising soul who taped the Q&A.  Hey, is it me or can you no longer download from YouTube??  i keep getting 'no video content' from the url...  but it embeds here??

Must dash, i'm in the middle of a Big Wash!