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Count down from ten

i liked this meme, taken from KazzyCee

Ten things I wish I could say to people

Only ten?!  ‘Why are you lying, you must think I’m stupid’

‘Why are you wearing multiple layers of clothing and BOOTS on a hot day?’

‘Look me in the eye, not my boobs’

‘Stop being boring and go away’

‘Why are you telling me all this when I must be obvious I’m not at all interested?’

‘Have you always been this stupid?’

‘Why are you wearing pants with the crotch hanging down to your knees, it can’t be to accommodate your cock - I know! it’s so you can fit in your nappy!’

‘Hey buddy, wear real shorts, okay? Those knee lengths things make you look like you’re wearing your father’s cast-offs!’

‘You’re not funny, you’re drunk’

and my all-time favourite, ‘What part of NO do you not understand?’ [Thank you, Mrs Thatcher!]

Nine bands I listen to often [yes, I swapped with three!]

not band but Dresden files audio books [read by James of course!], Beach Boys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, James Marsters, Eric Clapton/Cream, two summer playlists I made up, Robert Plant’s Raising Sand, Scarlatti & classical music – yes, not ‘band’ either but what I listen to

Eight ways to win my heart

Be kind to my friends, help me in & out of a car only if I ask, offer me good coffee, bring me books & dark chocolate, let me offer at least to pay my half, tell me the truth if I ask for it and finally, let me drone on about James without rolling your eyes! 

Seven things that cross my mind a lot

Is it going to rain?

I must loose some more weight!

Think about my friends and what they are doing

Wish I was going to Dragon Con

Hope I can afford to keep seeing James

Wish I had some more money

Why do people tell these transparent lies?

Six things I do before I go to sleep

Turn off the computer and/or TV

Check filofax to see what time I need to get up

Clear things off bed [if anything on it]

Take off scrunchie and brush my hair

Go to the loo

Make sure I have enough water on nightstand

Five places that I want to visit

New York, Amsterdam, New Orleans, Bermuda, Japan

Four things I'm wearing right now

t-shirt, trousers, open-toe mules, earrings

Three things about myself

Love reading fiction and some autobiographies

I’d eat Chinese food four nights a week if I could afford it

Still mad about James Marsters

Two things I want to do before I die

Go to America again

Make a mark on the relentless roll of history

One Confession

I don’t shower every day if I’m not going out!

As my long-term F-list know, i sometimes buy the USA Today paper.  It really does give you a capsule view of what is happening in America on that day and i find it fascinating.  i ignore most of the second part of the paper with all the sports news, so not a 'sportie' but that page with little snippets of what's news in the States
[love some of the town names], i read completely.
A lot of it is no different to any other country, in that it talks about the usual news items and politics but you sometimes get an entry that is so...American and not found elsewhere - like this

Puerto Rico, US Territory - A woman was found dead, chained to a buoy off a San Juan beach Tuesday, police said.  The unidentified blonde woman, who appeared to be in her 50s, showed no signs of violence, wore a black & white bathing suit and was tied around the waist with two chains and two padlocks.  Homicide detectives are investigating.

Think about this -
What is she doing there? It sure as hell wasn't an accident, was it? Was she committing suicide somehow? Because if she wasn't, it's murder for sure.  Chained not just tied, but was she chained low enough to drown, how did she die?  No signs of violence, did she let someone do this or was she unconscious?  Or even dead already?  She was dressed for the sea and two chains & padlocks??  Isn't that kinda overkill?

Excellent review by AA Gill on 'Julie & Julia' in the Culture section of the Sunday Times.  He has a way with words and can be witty, without being pretentious.  He certainly appeals to my sense of humour, most of the time.
On the whole, he likes the film and Nora Epron, who writes the script.  He has an understanding and admiration for Julia Child's uncompromising way of cooking and if you haven't seen her or read her books, you may find yourself wishing you had and keeping an eye out for her Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  i'll attach the article here, you can blow up size yourself - keep clicking, it'll come up big enough, trust me!