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Nice piece from Laissezfaire, coloured and patterned masking tape opening up endless possibilities...

Indian Summer came up with these wonderful things, find the link on Laissezfaire too

and this lovely little sexy fish by Rijuta Rishi and pictures by Sonal Nathwani

Ah, Mondays...never did like them...  Got out and about early today; morning meeting, some shopping and dropped into the Fed office to get some petty cash refunded & have a goss.  Got home about 2.30pm but it's going to be a long busy day tomorrow...
Tenants meeting here mid-morning, our long-overdue-for-opening Central Library finally does, my old mate Caz arrives from Brisbane to house-sit in London, for friends getting married and there's a Council meeting i want to sit in at 5.30pm...  Caz will do some sightseeing too, catch-up on what she missed last time she was here and i hope to spend a bit of time with her, if we can co-ordinate something, during the 3 weeks she will be here.
i'm looking forward to going to 'Hub3' and 'Hallowhedon' at the end of October; James at both but John Barrowman has bowed out of Hub3 as he's doing La Cage now.  Caz leaves as i arrive in Birmingham for Hub3.  i won't be there to greet her or see her off but i didn't get to do that last time either, though i'd like to.  She's a seasoned traveller now and it will be good to see her again.
i've a two-day course in Chester starting 8th Oct first and the following week will be pretty busy, so earlier would be better than later but she has the wedding and house-sitting first.  i'm hoping to see her during her house-sitting but we shall see what we can co-ordinate, when she rings me.
My sleep patterns are out of wack again, insomnia mixed with shoulder pains... 
Did you all catch that awful but compelling 'Wounded' programme shown on BBC1, soldiers horribly maimed by landmines & booby traps in ?  It pulled no punches and packed quite a wallop, no sentimentality was allowed and the two guys they followed didn't want pity or babying.  i didn't want to watch it and hadn't meant to, but having stopped for a look, i couldn't look away.  Such honesty and bravery was truly humbling and made me glad i only had mild disability to cope with.  i was so proud of them. 
It's being repeated here and there, watch out for it if you can, nobody should miss it, not even kids old enough to understand.  This is the reality of war - not glamourous, sexy, clever or Hollywood but dirt in wounds, noise and horrible mutilated flesh.  Don't you dare say 'i can't watch that'
- if they could bear it, so can we.


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Sep. 29th, 2009 07:11 am (UTC)
Love the piccys, indian interior design is so ornate and pretty. I would love to see the Taj Mahal one day..

Wow! You really are a busy beaver! Much like you, I;m kept busy with meetings and appointments all over the place. I seem to only have an hour in the morning and an hour at night that are my own at the moment. It feels good though so not moaning too much, honest! I'm not liking the cold mornings, hate it when summer starts slipping away. It's still beautiful during the day at the moment and I am loving the late summer we are having now. It's a shame that the weather is set to change by the weekend, apparently.

I am looking forward to the two cons that are coming up. Not long now! Paul can't take the Friday that I will be going to the Hub3 off but he has managed to get the Friday that I attend Hallowhedon off. Its great that they have finally announced more guests for Hallowhedon, I just hope that there will be more. Mercedes is a great guest and I look forward to seeing her, but not sure on Harry Groener if I'm honest. I hope that they can get Nathan Fillion and wishfully hoping for Eliza Dushku as well. At this late stage though, I think its highly doubtful.

I did watch Wounded the other night. I was just having my last ciggie before bed when it came on and I ended up watching it. I was glued to it. The sheer determination in the men was admirable. I was surprised that it was as blunt as it was but I was glad, it showed everything these guys had to cope with. It was, as you said, very humbling. It is worth watching if you can, I know hubby wouldn't for his own reasons.

I'm off out today to buy myself some new pretties for the cons. I have three dresses now but you know me, always on the hunt for more :) I am trying to work out when I can come down to see you and will ring you to make arrangements tomorrow babe.

Miss you heaps
Lise xx
Sep. 29th, 2009 08:18 pm (UTC)
They certainly are taking their time with Hallowhedon - less than a month and only James and three others announced as yet??? what's with that??

i will be in most of the day tomorrow as i'm waiting for my new monitor to come and Royal Mail are dicking about and pissing me off... We've only 3 weekends before the Hub - wow... Ring me anyway.
Sep. 30th, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
Sorry I haven't rang you yet, had some unexpected guests arrive and then had to unannounced meetings here at home, and another at 4pm that will last an hour or so. So sorry hunni, really need to connect and catch up! I will ring tomorrow though sweety once I get the kiddies off to school at about 10 am? Let me know if this is a good time xxxx
Sep. 30th, 2009 06:40 pm (UTC)
I'll be away in a meeting, babe, but i'll be back about 1.30pm with luck - why don't i text you when i get home?
Oct. 1st, 2009 12:55 am (UTC)
That will be great! My meeting at 4 ran til 6pm and they told me to be in town for 9:30am tomorrow! Getting sooo tired of the endless running around now!! Text me when you get back and we'll hopefully catch up! I will have earnt my time out by the time Hub3 and HalloWhedon happen, thats for sure *smoochies back* xx
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