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Taking a break...

Taking a break for writing reports...

My take on some of the fashions i've seen recently in Marie Claire & Glamour - an amazing selection of designer hooker-looks from schoolgirl to Versace and Valentino with an equally ugy bag. Followed by some Tartan overkill...then from demented fairies to two foxy ladies in red (even if they have legs like pipecleaners... A cheeky outfit and some foxy but dangerous shoes! Don't they make the tendons in her ankles look AWFUL! i've seen nicer claws!

Cheeky but i kinda like. i do love the materials next, however, the peacock print and the McQueen. Eye-popping make-up and a weird neck-ruffle

There are two dresses i love - first one with the thinest heels i have ever seen (they must be made out of titanium!) and the second one inspite of the damn melon! The next one is a modern version of fairy tales. Then it goes downhill again, starting well at the top but disintegrating into awful pants and ugly boots... The next is a truly stupid thing, is it even a dress? Maybe it is a thalidomide-victim band aid... and yes, studs on everything seems to be the rage just now, see the shoes above.

*sighs* Ok, back to our scheduled programme... Can i go watch some more of Donald Sutherland in 'Bear Island' now??

Have a great weekend, y'all...


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Nov. 24th, 2009 01:00 am (UTC)
Out of all that lot I only like the maroon outfits. I'm boring... :)
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