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Busy Monday as usual

i guess everytime a Monday comes round i feel the same way.. hate getting up and going to work... Spring out of bed [yeah, right! soon tho!] if i am going on holiday or doing something nice!

Today i got some more christmas cards from colleagues, we tend to give cards instead of prezzies as there are too many of us really... but got a couple of posted ones too. My auntie has been sending me a birthday card and a Christmas card for many years - she posted them together this year... odd woman, Christmas greetings, then she tells me my Uncle is 83 and she is 80...! ah, yes and seasons greetings to you too, old one... i think it is a sideways reference to the fact my father died at 69... like i said, odd.

They say things run in threes, don't they? well they did today... i have heard of two people i know that died this year, today was the third... sweet Emma that used to work here with us, Justin, her sweetie of two years was killed in a car crash... damn... my sweet leggy girl now has a broken heart for Christmas. She won't appreciate it at the moment but she is young enough to start again...

We had a live-in staff meeting late in the afternoon and i had told Sandi, our HR who supervises us, that i don't want to be our floor monitor anymore if i can't get the guys to do what i ask them to do [shift stuff THEY have dumped on our landing - it's a fire hazard at the end of the day and damned unsightly for us all] - and stop leaving dirty dishes out on the corridor! it is bad enough i have to chase them to clean and take away their wet towels...
She asked them to mind me, Bless her and said 'will you change your mind?' so i said yes. We talked about security in the wake of some stuff being stolen as i said last week and some other stuff... Uberbitch attended for some reason - she seems to think because she lives in the Managers' house, she is live-in staff?!! i don't frickin think so!!!! She doesn't live in OUR staff quarters... nosey bitch butting in where she most definitely isn't wanted....
and they didn't want to say much in front of her either....
Ignore me... it hasn't improved much today... the hip hurts more everyday and i am wondering how i am going to pick up a prescription i hadn't counted on - the Clinic called to say i have a slight urine infection and rang my GP to give me the prescription... which i have to pay for and try and get someone to pick up for me... ah, thank you - i think... i didn't know i had one and i feel fine... *shrugs* c'est la guerre...

But it will change for the better in three weeks, guys!!! get over Christmas and i'm on my way! HOO RAY - Thank the gods for my darling girls, who help me through this....
Chin up, i'll make it - i will get through this, if i have to crawl to work!!
*i must have been Atilla the Hun in a previous life....*


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Dec. 20th, 2005 08:53 am (UTC)
*snuggle you* Sorry you're having such a bad time at the moment, and glad you are feeling positive enough to know it's nearly over.
Jan. 13th, 2006 07:33 pm (UTC)
Heard on the Moz grapevine that you are home from the op. sweetie! Hope you feel OK and that you're not in too much pain. Good luck for a speedy recovery!!!!
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