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Hallowhedon October 2009 - Part 3

Sorry it has taken me so long to finish this... been distracted on several counts, mental, physical and financial - never a good combi! But this is the last.


I did go start breakfast without Sue but she came and joined me about the time I was finishing, the reverse of the previous morning! I waved to various people and hoofed it to James’ photo line. Inspite of being told which groups were going in first, people were still queuing. Not listening. The stewards wound up going up and down the lines, calling the group numbers.

My James photo session was my first of the day. I saw Taira sitting at the front of the line, on the stairs going down to the photo area and i went and joined her. She waved me in first, getting herself together and i dumped my bags and went in. Himber came bounding forward with a big grin and said 'NO TOUCHING' - i said a little sourly, we already got that, Steve! As we'd had it pounded into us all Saturday.. Himber had said 'if you hug him, you'll kill him', the pain anyway.

i was waved in close enough to James to be able to talk to him, while Malcolm was getting ready. James ran a hand over his still damp curls, said 'oh hi, darlin'. Did you enjoy yourself last night?' and i said i did, thank you, did you? He said he had and asked me if his eyes looked okay. He'd put some of those drops in that help make your eyes look clear and was needing to know they'd worked. i assured him he looked just fine [fine? He looked frickin amazing!] and then Malcolm was ready.

I checked the area for wildebeests and stepped up, put my hands firmly together and said ‘we've got four today, James’. i had no idea what we'd do but let him set the pace. For the first shot he draped himself over my shoulders from the side, muttering to himself & me, 'let's try this first', then pretended to kiss my cheek. I simply closed my eyes and had James’ sweet breath on my face… Malcolm took so long to take the shot, James was starting to peek round at him to see what he was doing and making a little huffing sound. It's still a good shot. I went with the flow and just enjoyed it. For the life of me, i couldn't remember what the third shot was - he moved round to the other side and did a drape over from the back. Last one and he said, 'Bitey or Titanic?' He was still slightly behind me.

Too much hair and collar for a bite [though i will one day] and i was curious what he'd do, so said 'Titanic?' And he pushed my arms up in the air and said loudly in my ear, 'Top of the world, baby!' and i just cracked up. i was still laughing as he squeezed my hand and i said see you later. i got the usual 'Right on!' and a grin and floated out on my own little cloud.. I did miss the Hug though…

Y’know what? I don’t remember seeing or hearing Malcolm at all… Isn’t that odd? Usually I greet him in some way and say thanks but not this time, I was totally focussed on James and was talking & listening to him and he was focussed on me. Maybe that was why he looked like he was in such a snit when I saw him at the party… He does have a massive ego though. Nah, can’t be – my opinion would weigh less than sunlight, I’m sure… Equally he would never bother read this or even know of it. I feel his placement was a bit off, we could have been a little more central and not so far away. Some of the other photos had the same problem.

Dunno if you heard, but there was a hiccup with the new stewards when the photos came back later and an unfamiliar/familiar face appeared on a small pile of photos – James had had some taken with Patricia. The stewards missed it and put them out! We had a quick discussion and the girls rescued them off the table but not before some sharp-eyed girl with a BIG camera had seen them and taken a photo of them!! Lise did keep an eye out for her but I’m not sure if she was seen again… nice photos btw

I collected my bags and put my glasses back on. Some of Team Brit were coming in and I must admit we chattered a bit – until we heard a bellow of ‘tell them to keep the noise down!’ from inside… We whispered, ‘see you later’ and I left.

I had to wait until 11.45am for James’ signings, so I went off to have photo taken with Jimmy Leary at 9.30am and Mark Lutz at 11am. Pretty quick in and out of there, only one of each, natch!

I had Mark sign the programme inbetween. Steward was good this time.

Quite curious some of the stewards would have let you queue until doomsday. Only one or two waved you to the front of the line. I’ll be generous and figure they thought if you couldn’t do the line, you’d go up and ask to go in fast. Yeah, right…like we’re all so frickin pushy. I got to the point of asking them to mark where I would have been queuing in the line, and would they call me when to go to the desk? Oh sorry, I forgot, I’m a selfish bullying bitch, of course I was pushing in everywhere…

I don’t think I really like Mark Lutz a whole lot. He’s pleasant enough on the surface and pretty full of himself, of course, but there’s something... My feeling was intensified later when he shared a talk with James – and what kind of crazy idea was that?? They had been in the same series but never at the same time. Mark’s ‘Groo’ had been long gone by Season 5 on ‘Angel’, when Spike came in. Still Mark had done some theatre, so he had something in common with James. He had no hesitation about jumping right in there and taking over from James. He got away with it as James spent most of the time leaning on his chair; hell, for all I know they had arranged it beforehand. It must have been obvious even to him though that he was a back-up to James.

Anyway, after the photos, I had ¾ of an hour until I could get in for my autos with James. I already knew he was lying down on a T-shape of tables, with his head at the top of the T, supported by a couple of pillow under his chest. He had a bit of difficulty getting on the table, I believe but once he was down, he looked relatively comfortable. I mean he wasn’t obviously in pain or wincing when he wrote.

Eventually we got in and I ‘marked’ my space with the steward and went over to where Himber, Lisa & Patricia were sitting behind the small photo & merchandise desk. Having heard about Patricia coming forward and talking to the Gold fans, I wasn’t super surprised to see her there but it was a change that’s for sure.

Himber was talking to someone when I gave the photos the once over, just checking to see if there were any new ones, no. I barely spoke more than a dozen words to him the whole weekend, but no biggie, I’m sure he wouldn’t care once way or the other. Anyway, Lisa & Miss P were selling badges and the dog-tag. Patricia was trying to see me some and I was saying, ‘no thanks, darling, got them already’ and she said ‘you could wear them like this’ and showed me her wrist band with all the badges attached. I laughed and said ‘nice one, I’ll have to give that some thought!’. She laughed too and we smiled at each other. I said ‘bye’ to them and went and sat until I could go up & see James.

Didn’t take too long and I was slotted in behind two girls who had obviously come together, holding each other’s bags etc. Then my turn. James said ‘Hi darlin, how’re you doing?’

‘Fine, how’re you holding up?’ I replied and he said ‘oh, I have breaks and move around a li’bit’ and we smiled at each other. No handshake as my hands were full. I gave him my programme and the special edition Capt John Hart to sign. When he saw the Captain, he said, ‘Hey, that’s different – how come I don’t have one of these?’ I explained that it was the special one released for when he was at the Union Chapel last time, with Gareth. Only 1000 were done for that and have the black/orange packaging, so different to the later grey/white. James said, ‘I didn’t see that one, I want one – how do I get one of these?’ I said I wasn’t sure if they were still available, though I know some were kept back for the online & postal orders, maybe they still had some? I wasn’t going to linger but I’d have liked to… Also there was even less than the normal lack of privacy – he still had another hour to do [12 groups to sign and I was in the 8th]. Anyway, he squeezed my hand, as I said it was great to see him and please to take care going home and we smiled at each other.

I didn’t take notes for that afternoon, so I’m a bit scrambled. I know we were all going back & forth to check the photo tables for the rest of the day and they had the usual scramble with getting them back to us – ho hum, again?? They really do need to get better organisation, specially on Sundays. Some of the girls I knew were getting anxious as they were running out of time; some had planes to catch either that night or early the next day… *waves at Silvie* Ciao, bella! They did eventually all come back but I think some had to have them posted. The Golds got an extra group shot posted out to them too, I believe.

James’ last Q&A was with Mark at 2.15pm as I said earlier. I took my stuff back to the room, except my folder for the photos and pretty much had the same seat as yesterday. 45 minutes, James answered questions and so on and moved around the stage a bit – I was severely hampered by that damned camera again! When the guys were stood in the middle, I had to resort to the screens to watch them. Good session but I think James was getting a bit tired by then.

Two more Encounters with James that afternoon but I didn’t bid on those – trying not to be greedy [difficult!] but I was about tapped out on the money anyway. Hell, I’d overspent almost £200 the previous day! Let some of the girls have a bid and one or two got in; they’ll tell their own stories. Not sure if Sue did again or not. Very scrambled afternoon with not a lot of contact and we were constantly passing each other going the other way!

I caught most of Nick Brandon’s Q&A – he did the Snoopy dance again. J And after hanging out with the girls, caught some of Mercedes & Jimmy’s – glad I didn’t get much of that!!

Anyway, eventually it was 5.15pm and the final Talk/Q&A with all the Guests. James was flagging visibly and I hope he was compensated by the huge welcome and even more massive thank-you at the end – we gave him a hero’s farewell that’s for sure, whooping and hollering like maniacs. See you next year – but not with this lot again.

I knew Sue was meeting up with Alan and found both of them in short order. Alan met some of the other girls when we went back to our room and Sue finished packing up. I suggested that they chuck everything in the car and just chuff off. I was staying overnight and booked to go home Monday morning, so not to worry. Alan was tired from his flight and quite happy to be going home, so they did.

I sorted out all my gear, repacked my bags and decided I would go check out the cheap buffet. Big table with gals I knew, including Rosie, DeeDee, Caro and Sheila. They were well into their dinner so I sat next to them and we chatted some. Dinner was pretty unremarkable but filling and Rosie and I went down to check out what was happening with the Sunday night chill-out theme. Still way too early for that but I wanted to see if all the photos had been collected. Rosie shot off to do, something… Couldn’t see much but by the time I got back over to the Hotel, she was sitting in the reception area on her own. I said ‘want some company?’ and she came back to my room for a goss. I really wasn’t interested in yet another of their weird idea parties, or wandering around yet again like a fart in a fog…

Well, Rosie & I got to talking and before we knew it, it was nearly 1am! So we said goodnight and see you in February.

I was up in good time on Monday, rang National Express and advised which one I would be catching home. Left my bags with Reception while I had breakfast, said goodbye to all the girls I saw and finished checking out. Went outside to wait for the Hoppa bus – fine luckily, as it had been raining on and off the whole weekend. Damn thing was late and late… and I was beginning to wonder if I would miss my connection. It finally arrived and I scooted across to the NE stand – bus was loading and I just made it. Uneventful trip back to Cambs but the traffic across the city was horrendous. I called a taxi and in 15 minutes was home, sweet home.

And that my dears, is that... i look forward to seeing some of you in February!


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Dec. 7th, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
Thank You for the report!
See you in February, doing both concert on Saturday and Love Hearts on Sunday. Then back home to work for 2-3 days and off to Newark for the Valentines event. So I´m working all extra I can get now, felt a bit guilty about buying all those tickets and decided NOT to use creditcard for these ;o)
Good to have something nice to look forward to. And hoping for more stuff in London in May, after the German SFX Con. NOT going there by the way...
Dec. 11th, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
i'm delighted you are coming in February and will look forward to seeing you! i'm hoping to get down on Saturday in time to have a look at some of Portobello Road, with all the markets and stuff.
Then you're off to USA, good for you! Wish i could join you but i won't be or the German one, which i don't fancy at all. i think i will just concentrate on the totally James ones from now on. All this waiting and queuing in hotels for a snatched few seconds here and a couple of photo ops isn't enough for me anymore. If there enough guests to keep you entertained that you actually want to see as well, that's nice but doesn't happen often now as i've met all the Buffy & Angel guys that i want to.
i've met the lovely Michael Rosenberg, John Barrowman, Burn Gorman, Eve etc and i'm done with all that. So it would have to be all new and interesting - maybe if i get into Caprica and they have something over here, i might consider it but that's a lot of 'ifs'.
James is the gold thread that lights up part of my life and i'm happy with that.
Take care and i'll see you a couple of months
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