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Light sprinkle of snow last night, but disappearing fast in the sunshine.  Only the bits out of the sun still there.  Needless to say, crisp cold air.  Always seems to follow like this in a cold winter.

i think we've become complacent with all the mild winters we have had for the past few years, so when the cold really bites for a change, the 'thorities run round like headless chooks bleating how they don't have enough grit/salt/whatever and how our local councils have to economise and make do and all that crappola.
If they weren't all so busy lining their own damn pockets and using our council housing rents for the gods-know-what, we'd have the thrice accursed bloody money to cover it!

It's not just the winters we've got complacent about either - it's high time everyone from the almighty soddin' Government down to local councils had a hugh kick up the backside.  GET REAL, PEOPLE!!  You are not delivering the services we need and you that promised us.
Stop moaning on about how hard times are, though the Pundits are now saying we are just about out of the recession [yeah?? Go look at the jobless figures, mate], and get your priorities right.  This isn't about YOU or your precious official jobs - though we may just vote the whole damn lot of you out of office soon! - it's about less and less money being given to local councils to do the same work & services.  Not going to happen, idiots!  So our local council are having to cut staff to cope.  Brilliant work, politicians!  More people out of work and less happening on the services front!  Just how, in all that is humanly possible, can LESS people deliver the same sevices, let alone better ones??

Oh, and the only effect voting the useless buggers out of office will be to curtail their power - they still get the same incredible amount of money as Parliamentarians whether they are the party-in-office or not  - and give the power to an equally useless bunch of buggers in the other main party!  i truly hate a two party system.  Why do people have minds like trainlines that appear unable to deviate?  'i'm a labourer, so i vote Labour' or 'my father has always voted Conservative'?  What??  Get a life and make your own mind up!  And if anyone says Labour is the the frickin People's Party to me, i'm likely to throw up!  Hello! the whole Govt is the People's Party.  You voted them in - you did actually get out and vote, didn't you?
You might not like the Liberal Democrats but they keep my Council in the black, guys.  i'll bet they could do the same if they ran the Purse Strings of Power - they did it in Canada under Pierre Trudeau.  *genuflects*  But if you don't like them either, why the hell can't we have a coalition government?  Stop squabbling amonst your political selves and co-operate for the sake of the drowning country!

What really sticks in my throat is this latest 2nd home fiasco, in a line of increasingly idiotic fiascoes, over politicians lining their pockets to the tune of how many MILLION pounds, over how many years?  How many other 'little' scams are they perpetrating? How much of our money are they bleeding off??
THEN they have the GALL to say 'not enough money to go round' !!
[Check out the horrifying and incredible waste of our so-called-Euro politicians if you have the time].

Come on, Britain, get of your weary ass and DO SOMETHING
Are you waiting until you break a leg on the ice?  Or start cutting Social Benefits? They're already looking at how they can reduce Housing Benefits, for pitys sake!  Don't bury your heads in the increasingly-small-amount of sand and say it doesn't affect you, IT DOES!  This is our money they are wasting and i for one am not about to take it sitting down.   Get involved in your local community; you can bet your copper-bottomed ass there'll be at least one group trying to organise some resistance to the latest steamroller Govt effect - am i getting through to the totally apathetic lot of you???  The Govt must not be allowed to make decisions that cripple us, while they have expansive 'business' lunches, 'business' meetings on the golf course and seemingly-bottomless expence accounts.

Yeah, they seriously get up my nose...  The watchword is Resident Led, Resident Involvement, people.