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What a monster!

Just had to share this enormous white shark with you, courtesy of the Sunday Times and Don Carpenter - what a monster!  And they actually grow bigger than that!!  She's not nibbling on the diver's hand, he's actually pushing her away... mad...  This was taken in Mexican waters, off Guadalupe Island.  Remind me not to swim there...  

We had some good news over the weekend, James has a part in the new 'Hawaii 50' pilot.  We knew he'd auditioned for it as he talked about it in London in February.  That's the shot above, miming firing a gun [thanks, Ulla!]  He loved doing it and said he'd really like to do a part for them, but didn't think it would come to anything.  i'd love it if he was proved SO wrong!
i remember well watching the show in Australia, very popular and rightly so, it was pretty good, running for years. The theme tune was as instantly recongnisable as 'Mission Impossible' and it became a national institution in Hawaii.  When Jack Lord [Steve McGarrett] started talking about leaving the show and retiring, the Govenor actually came out and asked him not too, on behalf of the whole of Hawaii!  Jack relented and did stay on for a few more years.  It also made James MacArthur a household name, the famous Dano of the quote.  Sadly, Jack died in Hawaii aged 77.  i will always remember him from another series he did, so different, that of cowboy 'Stoney Burke'

It really put Hawaii on the map
for many people and tourism boomed.  It's only claim to fame prior to that was the start of WW2 and Pearl Harbour.  This well & truly buried that and showed what a lovely place it was.  James picked it to take his kids there on holiday, out of all the places he could have had.
It'd really be something if it was picked up for a series, there's such a scope for updating it.  'Law & Order, Hawaii' pretty much!  Fingers crossed, eh?


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Mar. 17th, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)
Hi, Jill!
Wouldn´t it be great if they make a serie of it? And give James a recurring role, even as a bad guy. He does bad so well...
And it was nice to have that pic of him talking about the outtakes for H 5-0. I have to check out the photos after that, I think there were some mad giggling or so ;o)
Mar. 18th, 2010 09:15 am (UTC)
Yes, it would be very good if it was picked up for a series! We'll have to see what sort of job O'Loughlin does of 'McGarrett', better hopefully than he did as a vampire. He was okay doing that but he really will need to 'up' his game to carry a show like this. Jack Lord was a very well known actor who had had his own show before and could pretty much carry any kind of role, even though he was no Brando. He had enough charisma and experience playing strong heroes.
As soon as i saw the post saying he was doing Hawaii Five-0, i immediately thought of your picture!
Mar. 19th, 2010 08:41 pm (UTC)
Agh sharks! They freak me and my sister out big time. :(

Great news for James and it seems for Hawaii. :D
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