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And now it's Sunday...

new quiz...

You scored as Peter Pevensie.


Peter Pevensie


Susan Pevensie


Edmund Pevensie


Mr. Beaver


Lucy Pevensie


Mrs. Beaver








Mr. Tumnus


The White Witch


Which Chronicles of Narnia character are you most like?
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mmmm interesting... 'Peter' huh... i think i'd rather have been one of the Centaurs or Prince Caspian [and go exploring the wonderful land of Narnia]...

Grey and chilly again... i was going into town yesterday but it was pretty much the same [plus windy] and i figured i would wait till Monday, hope for a better day and less people milling about. i need to take a film in to be developed and figure out what to do for the one hour wait until i pick it up. i want to see if the pics i took at the beginning of the roll have come out. There should be 2 or 3 from when we stayed at the Mad Hatter in October for Words & Music - not sure what else is on there but i filled the rest with Lynnie's visit...
Let's see, i can go buy a couple of new paintbrushes for a project i'm involved with and pick up some milk at the little supermarket across the street... i need a bit of cash too...
i miss not being able to walk up to Asda and so some shopping & get a cab home - but i have high hopes of being able to do it again. At present i get them to deliver [delivery charge is about the same as the cab, so broad as it's long really] as i JUST might make it to the store and collapse for a rest! but i don't think i'm up to the slow shuffle around the aisles yet...
Few more weeks should do it, i hope; when all the swelling has gone down.

Company wants me to attend some of the computer training that is happening next week [some 4 hours on Thursday and 3? hours on Friday!!]- yes, i am still on Sick Leave but when did that ever stop them? sick fucks - but i guess that will be ok as i will be starting back full time on 6th March, the following Monday - this had better be on full pay though!! i am on half pay for the last two weeks of time off [and the lack of payment for the first 3 days off..] - how sick is that, no pun intended?? [i mentioned it obliquely to the HR bird who was doing the asking; we are supposed to get paid if we come back in for training on days off etc - she looked guilty, she had obviously not given that a thought, so i think she will sort it out... she better].
It is ALWAYS about what they want and no consideration for what we want, heh! we're just the PBI aren't we.... [for people with no military connections, that's Poor Bloody Infantry - cannon fodder]
Part of me is interested in the new systems that i will be accessing, if not using full time as my role primarily is administrative, not directly customer involved, if you get my drift. Orion? never heard of it and some of the Fidelio stuff i will need to know to compile reports...
The other part of me is disgusted at the sheer & true disregard of my personal wellbeing... so what else is new... Would they expect me to do it if i was still in bed? one wonders...rather than recuperating.
Rant over...
Had a parcel from Char - smoked salmon (yum!) and a huge tin of pistachios, cor! Thank you, baby - she thinks i don't eat well here... she's pretty much right too! live-in staff food is pretty crap...
i must away and take out the rubbish and make up my bed [clean sheets today]- i have some mending to do [excitement!] and a small mountain of receipts & bank statements to work thru, i'm slack..
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my dears..


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Feb. 26th, 2006 07:56 pm (UTC)
Glad the hip is healing and a big *boo* to the bosses, make sure you get paid for that course!
Feb. 26th, 2006 11:26 pm (UTC)
Hi sweetie
Thanks for the wishes... i watch this lot like a hawk, never fear... i'll just whine if nothing happens next month's paypacket [we have just been paid now]- and keep it up till i get the money... *Having mentioned it to the accounts lady who does the pays as well!!*
gracie, prego, kiss, kiss!

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