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April Fools 'jokes'

i truly hate so-called 'jokes' on April 1st - the Fools Day crap!!  They are rarely funny, often cruel or slightly malicious and always totally pointless...  i don't like pratical jokes either, which almost always backfire and can cause upset and annoyance to those they are played on.  The people who play them very often don't like it when they are the butt of one either!

This latest very STUPID one was actually perpetrated by Livejournal staff, pretending user icons would be allowed to fade out to 'allow a completely new set' to be uploaded by the owner of the account.  Ho ho frickin ho... When you have over 125 icons, can you calculate just how long they would have taken to put them on here????  No, not bloody funny at all!  Too many things go wrong on this site as it is!