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Spring cleaning!!

i haven't been on here for an age, except for the odd very brief post and after a look around, i've come to the conclusion i could do with some Spring Cleaning!  It's good for the soul, better for over-crowded space and very mind-freeing!

So i am going to be having a go at my Livejournal.  Various things not visible will happen and i am also going to go over and prune my Friend list.  i do have quite a lot of people on my list that make me wonder what they get out of it!  Anyway, let me say immediately that this is not because i'm pissed at anyone or anything like that, but more because some of these people never post anything or i'm finding they have nothing to say to me any more - no offence!

Some of the people on my list do post heaps and in great detail, but not being a close friend and indeed, i'm not going to be in a place or position to become one - well, let's just say their posts are of vital and immediate interest to those lucky close friends but really mean zilch to me.  And i can't help but feel that my posts must be completely boring to them!

So if i de-Friend you, please don't feel offended.  It is just me spring cleaning...  If i de-Friend someone who REALLY wants to read me, send me a message and i'll pop you back on;  who knows i may have done it by accident in my evangelical zeal for tidiness!  Okay?

Take care, guys!


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Apr. 19th, 2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Hi babe!

I know I don't post on here but I hope you don't de-friend me as I love your posts. It is a way of keeping up with you. I also love your posts when you see pretty things.

I have a blood test on the 21st, so not lookng forward to it as they plan to drain me dry haha. Lets hope they find answers in that as to why I am having all the pain. I doubt it but gotta hope!

Hope you are well and I can't wait til I can get down to see you.

Take care xxx
Apr. 19th, 2010 09:00 am (UTC)
Don't worry, i've done all i'm going to do for now and you're still here. :D

They are still taking their sweet time telling you anything i see... Another blood test? *shakes head* Luck with that, petal.

Me and the Spikes are looking forward to seeing you whenever... :)
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