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Kazzy Cee gave me 'yellow' to find 10 Things...  Hmmmm… *looks round room*

  1. Padded envelopes [book deliveries]
  2. Long-handled shoe horn
  3. Butternut squash
  4. Plastic bag [covering spare PC monitor]
  5. Shea Body Butter [present]
  6. Cardboard file
  7. Wishbone Ash – ‘Live Dates’ CD cover
  8. Toaster
  9. Daffodils [outside in garden]
  10. Man, this is hard…  Um, Spike’s hair on my stand-up?

i'd do better with blue... lots of stuff is blue...

i bought a brocade jacket a little while ago and thought from the description it would fit me.  But classic case of not-quite-enough detail turned out slightly too small.  So chucking it on Ebay to sell it on.  Pity, it's nice and i'd wear it happily - now i've taken the oh-so-tacky black ric-rac braid that was around the cuffs & collar...  Who put that rubbish on it??  Wake up, brocade doesn't need embellishing!  It is so highly decorative in itself. 
i thought the previous seller wanted too much for it but i made an offer - nobody else had - and they took it.  Also they charged nearly double for the p&p, way too much.  i've put it on at a realistic starting price and reduced the charges, so may have a chance of shifting it, who knows?  It'll go to my local charity shop if not.

And about a week ago, i put in an offer on an old captain's chair, pretty old cream leather that needs cleaning and tiding up a bit and is missing a couple of castors.  It is a Local Pick Only item but still i didn't think i'd have a cat's chance in hell of getting it - okay, i'd have to go to Milton Keynes to pick it up but not too huge a problem - so what the hell, i put in a bid of £30.  To my surprise, with only about 4.5 hours to go, i'm still the top bid at £27.00!!  They have a Buy-it-Now price of £100 on it, so i'm betting they won't be too pleased if it sells for that.  i'm amazed they don't appear to have a reserve price on it.  Perhaps they thought the bidding would sky rocket - new ones go for over £300 nowadays, but this is far from new.  Antique ones, in good nick, can fetch up to £250-£280... but only in good nick.   Will someone come galloping in at the last minute?  Or am i going to Milton Keynes in the near future?  Tune in to our next exciting chapter... !!

Picture of chair - i like the old styles...they're comfy...


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Apr. 19th, 2010 03:50 pm (UTC)
Oh well done with the meme!

I love the chair!
Apr. 19th, 2010 08:21 pm (UTC)
Someone else joined in the bidding at the nth hour but i wasn't going to outbid them today. 'Bye, pretty chair...
Apr. 20th, 2010 11:56 am (UTC)
Both the jacket and the chair are nice. I didn't know they were called captain's chairs. :) I need to get my head around EBay, have a ton of rubbish stuff to get rid of. :) I'm going to put my magazines on, you never know they may go, especially the ones James has signed.
Apr. 20th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
i didn't get the chair, 'cos i wasn't prepared to pay more for it. i'll keep my eyes open for another, closer to or even after my impending move.

May i suggest you put your mags on worldwide; they all still pay the postage and with the amount of cons James is doing this year in Aussie & the US, he may be garnering more fans there?
Another girlfriend put a nice James mag on recently and couldn't sell it. But make sure you give lots of detail, yeah? i found it helped me sell quite a lot of stuff in the day. :D
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