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Saturday 8th May 2010

What happened to the sunshine?? 

It was a really fragmented 'short' week, with May Day and all, starting off with a quiet holiday Monday.  My neighbour came home from a 3-month holiday in USA [green with envy] and it's nice to see him back.  i have two guys on my stairwell, both old sweeties - well, semi-old sweeties!  Only a fraction older than me really.  Always willing to help or lend a hand, you can't ask much more from a neighbour.  *blows them both a kiss*

Tuesday was a hurried day.  i've recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes but fairly marginal and hopefully controllable by diet.  Anyway, i was encouraged by my doctor to go to the Diabetes Clinic and get the gen from their medics & diaticians.  It took me a while to sort out a suitable day but eventually got it sorted.
As it happened, i had a couple of other things to do before i went and to my annoyance, discovered i'd forgotten my watch!  i had to hope the buses co-operated and i'd get there in time [i did], a factor indeed as i had to get three buses, albeit on the same route.  First stopping to put in my prescription request at the Co-op Chemist [they get it for me and fill it; saves a lot of time] and then down to my bank to deposit a cheque and get some cash.  i could then go straight up to Chesterton High Street and try and find the Clinic.  It was just as well a couple of ladies were getting off at the stop i needed as the bus drivers didn't have a frakking clue where the street i needed was!  And couldn't have cared less - not exactly good ambassadors  for the bus company, which is a shame 'cos some of them are really good.  No, today i get two dillbrains...
i was doubly grateful to the ladies as i really wouldn't have found the street without them, Multimap let me down this time! As did the published bus route, with so few streets marked as to be almost useless unless you know the area.
i did find the Clinic easily after that but after a long time in the waiting area [some confusion over what time it started, half of us came at 1.30pm and the rest at 2.00pm] and some half an hour into the session, i was wishing i hadn't bothered.  Why does every dietician i have ever met qualify for the Thin-Stick-of-the-Year Award, when every 2 out of 3 nurses are overweight??  Okay, straying off track here... Madam TSOTY really, really hated it when i let her know what diet i was following.  One, it made 99.9% of her information totally useless until i reached my goal weight and two, it was different to her's. 
It's a bit of a waste of time telling me about good carbohydrates, when i'm trying to avoid most of them, isn't it? Matchbox amount of cheese [okay mine says go easy too], small palm-size amount of meat, lots of vegetables and fruit - Hello! No fruit and only green veg for me... They really don't like it when you step outside the box; i mean, how dare you be a teensy bit individual?  She shut up though when i let her know how much i lost before, even though she couldn't resist the occasional little glance and half-smile at me.  i think i irritated her just by being there.  Ho hum, know what, Totsy? It's not about YOU.

This session by the way was meant to be about 2 1/2 hours.  Have to say an hour in, i was bored to tears by most of it. She had a tendency to talk at us and i'm sorry to say, she could be pretty condescending too.  It's easy to follow all this and pretty easy to loose weight, yes??  Well, that's 'sort of' as there's a lot to remember and 'no', it's not.  Took all the pamphlets and printouts anyway in case they will be helpful later, hopefully.  i'm already doing the Splenda-sugar, less-salt bit and have been for years but i eat too much sweet stuff off-diet and with very little exercise, got way too fat.

Which brings us neatly to the next bit of this excruciating interesting session, the exercise lady.  She arrived a little before TSOTY was done and we had a quick break before she took over.  i REALLY didn't want to listen to her, so said i had to go, took the booklets that were going to be handed out - "there are sitting down exercises too" [i'm sure] - and beat a hasty retreat.  i'd had enough of being preached at for one day.
Usually the medical side is discussed first but they'd changed around to suit themselves and i have to go back for that bit.  Had to find a suitable day but luckily i knew i had go back and took my filofax with me and managed to find an appropriate date on 1st June.
It was nice walking in the sunshine back to the main road, even if i did just miss a bus!  True to form, our erratic buses have an Ark mentality and one came quickly behind.  i was able to go straight home and heaved a sigh of relief.

i had a day's grace before Election Day and i was glad of it, as it turned out to be a busy day.
Again luckily, it was fine and sunny all day and i remembered my hat. :D  i'd ordered a tee with a great picture of Venice on it [they had to ship in the size i wanted] and had to go pick that up.  So started by going into town and working back to my Polling station.  Checking over my shopping list - tee, eggs, new mugs, new backpack if poss and pick up my pills?
Picked up the tee and then yes, pills ready.  Found a servicable backpack for £7, which will probably last me a year or so [current one had had the straps sewn back in three times but now, fabric starting to fray badly inside].  There are two shops locally that sell pretty cheap stuff like this and they do a good trade as there are a lot of not-very-well-off people, like me! in the area. 
i bought a couple mugs on sale and a small Pyrex casserole dish, but one of the mugs turned out to have a crack inside [someone had thoughtfully covered it over with a price sticker and i couldn't see it until i soaked it off, thank you!], so had to exchange it the next day.  No problem though.

Next, just down the road to the Polling Station.  The usual political hangers-on outside the station, who want your voting number, dunno why as it can't help anything, unless they are just checking to see how many vote.
Anyway, inside to vote - two papers, one for local election and one for parliamentary election.  Pretty much a foregone conclusion for local as the Council is strongly LibDem but the MOP is usually a Conservative.  i'll check later when i have some enthusiasm again... don't hold your breath.

Now we know that the country is pretty much split down the middle with the Conservatives just edging ahead of Labour but the LibDems picked up a lot more seats than predicted - yay!  i HATE the two party system.  i think this result is pretty symtomatic of how the country feels, as there is so little to choose between the two major parties but everyone is sick of Labour cocking things up.  This latest crooked & greedy MOPs scandal over illegally claiming shed loads of money over their second homes hasn't helped and damaged just about everyone but a lot were Labour.
  Downside of all this, it is widely mooted that we may have to vote again in September, if they can't stop squabbling amonst themselves and work out a coalition government.  Which would be a HUGE amount of money wasted...   See, this is what pisses me off mightily.  They can find the money to do that but have to make so many stupid cuts in expenditure across the Pubic Service [no, not a typo].

Back to Thursday; i was aware i'd walked just a bit too far by this stage and had a seat at the p/station before i set off home.  Boy, was i sore that night! And the next day.  i just wanted to order Chinese, sit down and not move for several hours, so i did just that.

i'd planned to be gently domestic the next day but i had the mug to exchange and
come Friday, a t-shirt i'd sent for arrived but was two sizes bigger than my order and i needed to post it back.  So dragged my weary ass out.  Changed the mug first as the PO was closed for lunch, did a smidge of shopping for a USA Today [i like to keep an eye on what is happening there] and some milk and then back to PO.  Only to find their computers were down!  They've had some new systems installed and are having obvious teething problems, to the public's frustration.  Sorry no, no idea how long; could be 15 mins, could be 15 hours...  Not very helpful.  That'll be Monday then...  i'm waiting for a redelivery on Saturday [someone shut my outside door, so i didn't hear them on Friday, bloody annoying] - still waiting at 12.52 incidentally.  i'm in the process of buying some new white dinnerware, cheap as chips from Ebay, but too big to go through my letterbox!  Stomped off home, muttering...
Oh yes and my DVD player died... expensive month.  Managed to find a reasonable cheapish one for just under £60, all hail Ebay!  What's next??

Groovy, it's raining now...  *pauses to pull on warm Uggboot slippers i can pull up to my knees* 
For some unknown cosmic reason, i have several days of no appointments, then THREE on one day!  Next Mon/Tues nothing, then Wednesday is one of these.  Morning Tenants Meeting here, then the monthly SSRA meeting at 1.30pm and finishing up with a Street Forum at 6pm.  i'll be properly shattered then... *snort*
Such is life.

So to finish off, i sent some of my mailing list some pictures that were emailed me, under the heading 'When it's ok to say "Oh f**k" ' and some of them had problems with the pictures, so i'll share some of them with you that i particularly liked.  i said there were a couple that i'd like to see what happened next and i'm sure you'll feel the same way!
Couldn't resist the last one!  Mind boggling, huh...  :D

Hope you're all having a super weekend.  *bisous*


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May. 9th, 2010 08:51 pm (UTC)
Luv the entry, luv kitchen sink stuff. :D OMg those pics! I couldn't see the email pics, just red crosses so glad to see them but need the background stories! Most are LOL but the parachute one! :O

Have you got bluebells in your garden? I remember you wondering what some plants were and I thought they might be bluebells or have you moved since then? :)
May. 9th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, they were bluebells in the end! And no, i'm still here until i get my official notice to move, probably in October. My ILF says we should take some of them with us, but i told him 'go ahead' as i'm no gardener... :D
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