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Saturday 15th May 2010

Weird kind of day...but managed to have a lie-in this morning, even if it was rather fragmented!
i'm still not sleeping well.  My shoulder is giving me some serious gyp and i can't lie on it unless i'm hip deep in painkillers.  i'm still struggling with the diet; i think my brain is slipping a few cogs...
On the plus side, i had a letter this week informing me they're going to increase my pension, so that's good news and will ease the financial pinch a bit.  i hope so anyway.

To cheer up myself and you-all, i'm going to put a mixed bag of pictures today - starting with a nice picture of spring green here in Cambridge.  There's a shoe that could be a work of art, if they removed that gawd-offal orange slab on the bottom and corresponding Himalayan heel... Two great works from Silverspike, although i normally don't take a lot of notice of Spike related shots.  A marvellous portrait of James Marsters by Jack Allen and - man, you'd have to be keen to have the Grr-Argh Man tattooed on your foot, wouldn't you?? Jamie Aitchison was... Finally, a wonderful netsuke, an opening crysanthemum ball, from the collection currently on view at the Fitzwilliam Museum... i'd love to own some.  *wishes she could win the Lottery*


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May. 19th, 2010 06:48 am (UTC)
I hope you are cheered up now. I'm reading emails higgledypiggledy so you hopefully are. That's a great photo of James. :) Luv the netsuke...really not keen on tats and the shoes are horrid. :D
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