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Book of Days for 16th May 2010

Outside my window:  nice French door out onto our pretty, peaceful garden.  Grass was cut a couple of days ago and all is neat.  The trees have their fresh Spring green.  Later in summer, they will thicken up too much but for now, i can still see the sky through them.  Sunny today but been very mixed this week and cooler than many would have liked.

My thoughts... Randomly chaotic as usual and running on too many levels at once; need to concentrate more and try and do one thing at a time, instead of three or four.   

Today's Quote... "I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!"  Everyone annonymously

I am thankful for... having a 'lesser' form of arthritis; osteo is bad enough but rhumatoid is way worse.  *sends love and support to Luisa*

What I learned this week...
one thing is clear, i have been drifting again.  i need to curb my lazy nature and take hold of my life again.

From the kitchen last week... Dieting is so difficult and more so i think when you get older.  i'm trying to keep a hold of my health, lose weight but factor in being just into Type 2 diabetes.  i'm worried about the effects on my liver - and my circulation, bad enough at the best of times... *frets*

I am creating (crafts, sewing etc)... i was trying to find a ready-made brocade jacket and bought what looked pretty good on Ebay.  Found it wasn't quite big enough and would have required major surgery on the sleeves - silly cow didn't say they TAPERED! Did some minor surgery on it [someone had sewn cheap black ric-rack braid on the collar, front and sleeves!] and put it back on sale.  Then went looking for some good  brocade - some SUPER ones also on Ebay - and bought enough of a lovely black one to make the jacket
myself.  Found a couple of suitable patterns and we're good to go.  i can use a sewing machine fairly well and will give it a shot.  Btw, found some super, printed, stretchy jersey in a sort of skins print and bought some of that too!  Got a bit carried away but see the prints below and see if you could have resisted it!  *flexes sewing fingers*

My adventures this week... (where are you going this week?).. where am i going this week?? Well, on Tuesday, i have a Green Inspectors morning meeting and then a 2-hour steering committee meeting in the afternoon [why do they all gather like birds on telephone wires, on the same damn day?].  A 2-hour evening meeting on Wednesday, which promises to be...turbulent...  i'll have a lot of computer work doing the minutes and Agenda for our AGM in June, which must go out this week - and which will require a LOT of folding.  My committee members are willing but getting all of them together so they can help, is a major effort and to be frank, some of them don't do it so well.  i think i'm going to be doing it myself.  Boo sucks...

Becoming well read (What are you reading this week?).. Ok, this last week, i read Jim Butcher's latest Dresden novel, 'Changes' [excellent as usual and DARK]; 'Prey' [#4] by Rachel Vincent;
'Grave Secret', #4 in the Harper Connolly series by Charlaine Harris; and i'm currently reading 'Unbound' Short stories from Kim Harrison, Jeaniene Frost & 2 others.  Not my usual longer list but respectable!  i really must leave myself more time to read.  *eyes large pile of books waiting my attention*

I manifest and co-create (what are your hopes and dreams this week)..  To paraphrase Kipling: If i can keep my head and my cool, while those about me are fucking up big time; if i can keep perspective on the larger picture at the same time, whilest regulating my diet, drinking enough water and allowing for the sheer stupidity and failings of others!  i won't be a man, my son, but a strong and focussed woman.

Melody (what music are you listening to? even if it's just the sound of a bird).. Wind in the trees, faintly but nice.  Hum of my computer, fridge & freezer.  Occasional aircraft from the small local airport and snatches of conversation from people walking past my windows.  *peers out at garden - who is he?*  Hmmm, one of several visitors to other tenants, i think

One of my favourite things.. Real coffee - made BIG breakfast cup this morning as a treat...well slurped here.. *smiling*  Sadly, my last big cup [diameter 13cm - really!].. :<  Imperial Palace is the Las Vegas Casino where i stayed last time.

Goals reached last week..  Got the new equipment organised; chqs signed and sent off with the pro-formas.  They've promised to phone me on despatch, as it's a 1-2 day delivery.  i have a security door, so need to look out for the courier. 

Things that made my week this week..  The last of my major deliveries arrived - a couple of white 16-piece stonewear dinner sets [both really cheap from Ebay; i mean, one was £3.50+£6.50 delivery! retail £30 and the other wasn't much more], new cheap DVD player [yup, you guessed it! Ebay] as my old one finally died. And finally, FINALLY my Dresden audio books came - i think they sent them by someone rowing across the Atlantic - who opened up one side to see if they wanted to add them to Their Collection and obviously had them already...by the rubber band that held it together!  *shakes head at dubious criminally-intent postal workers and iz finally persuaded to stop cuddling them to my capacious bosom in reaction*...

Still life (share a picture you've taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)..
What the photos can't show you is the lustrous sheen of the fabrics; especially the brocade, almost
lusciously alive..simply gorgeous rich black...  like the sheen of the models' hair in the shampoo ads - only this is real and 'un-tweaked' with extensions!  Or the smooth skin sheen of my Senegalese galpal...  *grins at Bintou*
Well, i guess that's about it for today - except to say, i was caught out by my Tesco delivery man this morning in me nothings!  After a bout of insomnia, i was fast asleep when he came and scrambled to throw on my dressingown, shove the chair & footstool out of the way so he could bring the boxes in and unload them in the kitchen, while trying not to flash the poor sod !!  Nobody deserves that on a Sunday morning!!

Have a great week, m'dears!


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May. 19th, 2010 06:42 am (UTC)
Cracking post and lol at that last. :D
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