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And it's 'hump' day...

Wednesday, 'hump' day... warmer, mixed sunny & still heaps of clouds.  Just enough breeze to make it nice.
Haircut day today, getting much too long so had a good inch and a half off.  It only costs me £8.60 OAP rates, so i usually give her a tenner; dead cheap in comparison to the 'town' hairdressers, who practically charge you for stepping through the door...

Usual detritus of shopping; Co-op for milk, some super fresh barn eggs from the greengrocers, pick up my pills from the chemist and buy some hand sanitiser, and finally a quick visit to my local Italian deli, Limoncellos, on my way to the bus stop - always fatal!  Terrific olives, about five kinds, sold by weight and fresh pesto - three or four different kinds, all serve-yourself.  i got some olives & basil pesto, delicious... so needed some little biscuits, as i like to eat the pesto that way, tasty little nibble...  They always have little bowls of olives & pesto on the top of the cabinet, so you can have a 'taster' before you buy.
   It's never cheap but very nice and i could spend lots of money in there with no trouble at all!

Just had to share this addy with you, not sure how.. oh yes, now i remember.  i was looking at photos of wisteria, which i love and there was a necklace made in wisteria colours.  i checked out the site and was just blown away by the lovelies...  They make bracelets, earrings and sets, just for starters... Check it out.
www.juliabristowjewelry.com - 'Unique hand-crafted artisan glass and gemstone beaded jewelry'.  American spelling...or lack of it!

Beautiful guitar strap done in beads on strong cotton bands - love to give one to James... And a white wisteria to finish off and a Fendi bag, also wisteria inspired.  i'd love to buy them all...  so beautiful.... :D

Well, must be off... lots to do before i go out for my 7pm meeting...  Hope you are all having a great week!