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Have i got a [make-up] face for you!

Y'all know how i love the unusual and special effects, well, i class this as both.  i'm not a huge make-up fan but this really does catch the eye.  Wouldn't mind having a go at the eye shadows but not the cheek dots [a modern version of beauty spots?] or the eyebrows.  Might do multi red lipsticks as a harlequin version as i think four colours is a mite OTT.  Yes, just a mite!

i updated some of my make-up about a month ago as much of what i had was yonks old.  Inspite of what the manufacturers would have us believe, most make-up lasts a really long time; that wouldn't keep their profits up, of course, and they tell us you should get new stuff on a regular basis.  Can't remember the actual times but like every three months for lipstick, that sorta thing.  It is rubbish.  i have several lipsticks that i have had literally for years and they are still good-to-go - and go on and look just fine.  i mean, how many people rush up to you yelling, 'Damn, that eyeshadow is OLD'! or comment on the state of your lips?  Yeah, right, no-one.
If you bought super cheap make-up on market stalls, it might have dried out or got super greasy or something but if you bought the good stuff chances are they are still in good condition. 
Make-up is a luxury item and costs a damn fortune.  i wince when i see the prices of the lotions, potions and skin-care products - they really see us coming, don't they?  Women get taken for a ride on their vanity and have done for centuries.  We have always been interested in looking our best; well, most of us!  Have to say me? not so much.  Mascara and lippy are pretty much what i do, if i do put any on, which isn't daily by any manner of means.  For times out, i do do a bit more with a dab of powder & eyeshadow. 
i have never gone in for the whole rigamarole of night creams, face cleansers - what's wrong with soap and just a moisturiser, if you want one? - skin tightener-uppers and all that stuff, before you even get the full top-layer panoply of foundations, powders etc.  This billions of pounds-worth industry really is a self-perpetuating monster and costs us far too much.
i guess i object on principle to those who exploit our vanities and our fears.  We are forever being told we need to look younger, strive for the 'perfect' face and so on, ad hoc and ad nauseum.  Enough already!!
What is wrong with looking your damn age?  We can't turn the clock back and short of surgery, are stuck with the face and skin we were born with.  There's nothing wrong with trying to look your best but this has got
way out of hand.  What do you think?


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Jun. 11th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
Please tell me this is photoshopped!!!

On the things you said - I could not agree more! I have the usual creams and lotions on my vanity - day cream, night cream, eye cream and skin tightener (lets face it, gravity is a bitch!), but then I really just use very little make up (just powder, actually) and stuff.

Very goof formulation and what you said, I must say. Society is trying to dictate what to wear, what to buy etc. for decades, if not centuries by now, and I am also getting sick of it. Women shall never be to thin, to blonde... eh. Whatever. I am tired of following it, and I personally only own all this stuff to make myself feel good, not anyone else.

Works pretty good, I must say ;-)

I miss you, btw. Would be great to meet up one of these days again and chit-chat about the good ole times.
Jun. 12th, 2010 10:14 am (UTC)
Hi sweetie!
No, just made up face as far as i can tell. It just caught my eye in a magazine, 'cos it was so striking.
You're absolutely right, we're bombarded with advice mostly to try and make us buy what they sell but tastes change from generation to generation. Since the beginning of this century, there has been a swing to 'thinner is better' completely at odds with womens' more naturally rounded form. i blame the really thin women trying to make themselves more desirable, but you know what? Most men i talk to like a more normal shape, some saying 'why would anyone want to cuddle a bag of bones'? But the poeple i really blame are the designers and photographers who wanted the heroin-chic look, which is totally unnatural and you have to be ill or deliberatly starving yourself to achieve. Not good.
There were such horrible consequences with teenagers - and younger! - with anorexia and bulima, that there is a swing away from this now but it is slow and the phrase model-thin is still in use.
i miss you too! Maybe one day we will see each other again, anything is possible. Take care
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