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Saturday 12th June 2010

One of those amazing tattoos or is it?  It could be a fake...  Couldn't imaginie any woman wanting this on her permanently, could you?  A young and totally inexperienced, drunk girl?  Who knows...

Odd weather, warmly overcast one minute and just a mite on the chlly side the next. 
i'm having a brief spending phase, as i have a little more money at the moment but it won't last.  But while it does, i have got a couple of new things for my new home, wherever that will be.  Some new curtain fabric [gorgeous], a chrome loo seat [they'll be sold out if i wait until i've got a moving date!] and a two-shelf little wall unit for my new bathroom or hallway, if that's too small.  i've wanted one for a while, they are so useful and one came up in my home shopping catalogue at a very reasonable price.

Book of Days - as i haven't done one for a while.

Outside my window:  That damned blackbird’s alarm call has been driving me mad for days! The magpies have been getting too close to it’s babies, I guess.  But I’m likely to throw a stone at the tree if it keeps up!  I’ll be very glad when the nesting season is over…

My thoughts..  Annoyed because I’ve just discovered my MP3 player didn’t record the two meetings I had on Wednesday!  I mustn’t have pressed the button long enough.  Bugger.  Good job I have a good memory for the Minutes.

Today's Quote..  Not a quote but a very famous Haiku by Yamaguchi Sodo [1642-1716].  It tells of the trio of splendid summer enjoyments for the eye, ear and tongue.


‘A view of greenery,

A wild cuckoo,

The first bonito’

I am thankful for..  being able to fix up my new/old captains chair.

I knew it needed work [one missing castor and a load of old scratch marks] but the seller knew even less.  Not only were there two castors gone out of the five arms [she’d sent it in BUBBLE WRAP!! which was falling off] but the screw control nut [that controls the seat height] was broken and the spindle wobbled in the base.  You couldn’t sit in it as it was.  

I was quietly annoyed with her as the wood had taken a load of new knocks too.  She refunded my delivery charge when i told her, as she felt bad about it.

I have rubbed some black/brown polish into the scratches so it looks a lot better, bought & fitted some new larger castors and wrapped the spindle with some stretchy electrical tape and it now wedges the seat into the base.  I sat on it and worked the seat down to a snug fit. It needs to go down another inch or two but that will come.  Yay me!

What I learned this week..  I need to have a rehnopathy? retinal scan to make sure my eyes haven’t got affected/infected? veins, courtesy of the Type 2 diabetes.  Have to wait for Hinchinbrook to get off it’s arse, before I can book myself into an optician for the test.  HURRY UP! 
Adding to the up-coming visit to Papworth for them to check over one of the veins in my heart, I’m in a nasty limbo at the moment.  Also Hurry Up!  Hate having to wait for other people to arrange important things in my life.

From the kitchen last week..  Very little to inspire anyone in my kitchen last week or any week until i get down to my goal weight... *pouts gloomily*

I am creating (crafts, sewing etc)..  Well, I will be shortly. I’d been looking for a brocade jacket but couldn’t find what I wanted.  So back to Ebay and I not only found exactly what I needed, in a beautiful glossy black with dragons, but also a gorgeous animal & feather print stretchy fabric.  I was seduced into buying a dress length… I also found a pattern for the jacket and a fabulous dress pattern, so that’s to come…soon-ish… Pictures of fabric below.

My adventures this week.. (where are you going this week?)

I have some meetings but also need to come to a decision about one lot.  Do i continue with it or do i give it away?  i want to go to the HMB council meeting too and there is the Housing Tour on Friday.  Heigh ho

Becoming well read (What are you reading this week?).. 
Rutger Hauer's autobiography 'All These Moments' is on my nightstand just now.  Did you know he donated all the profits to AIDS charity

I manifest and co-create (what are your hopes and dreams this week).. Not sure i have dreams for this week but i'm hoping medical situation gets sorted soon.  This waiting around really isn't good for you either, creating unwanted stress.

Melody (what music are you listening to? even if it's just the sound of a bird).. 
Kazzy Cee put me onto the new CD 'Cradlesong' from Rob Thomas.  i hadn't heard of him before he sang 'Smooth' for Santana and i liked that a lot.  i like this new CD - 'Her Diamonds' resonates for some reason - 'she cries and i don't know what to do, so i cry too but i don't let her see..' 

One of my favourite things.. is my new 32" digital TV - packdated pension and money from selling 20" Spike on Ebay!  i had an old chunky one and have long wanted a flat screen.  It weighs half the weight of the old one, which nearly creased me shifting it!  Gave it to one of my neighbours.  The new one is lovely and i can alter the shape of the screen, so it doesn't stretch analogue out of shape.

Goals reached last week.. Does keeping your temper count?? And not try and strangle the self-satisfied old trout...

Things that made my week this week...  Picked up a seven-movie set of Classic SciFi for £8.52, total.  They are in descending order of desirability, 'The Incredible Shrinking Man', 'The Thing from Another World', 'Creature from the Black Lagoon', 'It Came From Outer Space', 'This Island Earth', 'Tarantula' and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' - i have never liked the last one or any of the remakes.

Still life (share a picture you've taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)...
i guess this picture, the Yugao Chapter from the Tale of Genji which is on my desktop at the moment, just don't ask me who it is by...  She is, of course, a ghost walking with her hands out in front of her, hidden in her sleeves.  i find it so calm and beautiful.

So that is it for now.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend...  i'm going to watch the Trooping of the Colour shortly... What am i having for dinner?  Got a couple of chicken breasts defrosting... chicken salad probably.
Take care, m'dears!


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Jun. 13th, 2010 09:51 pm (UTC)
Did you have the diabetes for ages before being diagnosed? Is that why you have to have eye test? My greatest fear is going blind. :(

Not keen on the tat, hope it is just a transfer. :) Couldn't have the pic of the ghost on my desk as too superstitious! :)

How much did Spike go for?! I need a new telly but I gave my larger Spike to Rosie. :D I should have flogged him on EBay. ;)
Jun. 14th, 2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
No, i was diagnosed quickly because they test my blood on a regular basis as Mum had Type 2. ALL newly diagnosed Type 2 must have the eye test to make sure the condition hasn't affected your eyes. And i'm with you on that one! i'd rather loose any or most of my other senses rather than be blind; my life would pretty much be over if that happened, i'm such a visual person.
i don't get the superstition about ghosts on desks?? Or is it pictures or paintings of ghosts?
Have to admit i was going to sell the 20" Spike [and Subway Spike for free] to a girlfriend as i needed the money; she is still getting Subway. i sold the 20" for £175 plus £13 postage [the base weighs a TON], less Ebay commission, of course. *waves*
Jun. 15th, 2010 11:05 am (UTC)
Oh I see. I hope your results are favourable...my life would be over too. :( I go for my glucose tolerance test next month.

I'm quite superstitious about any ghosts and collect ghost stories, but some of the books have lurid covers so I turn them the other way round in the bookcase so I can't see the spine. ;) ::wimp::

£175!! :O I'm thinking mine mustn't have been that one, it wasn't tiny but it wasn't worth that.
Jun. 15th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Good luck with the glucose test. i've just sent off the urine sample for them to test - whatever it is they test for - gone out of my head completely! For some level or other, keratin? see if the sugars are leaking in or some such anyway.

i think your Spike might have been a 12"?? They go for about £70-100 right now... :D
Jun. 16th, 2010 10:47 am (UTC)
Hope your results are okay then. DeeDee's mum goes for her diabetic MOT this morning. There's a lot of it about. :( Re Spike...oh well, he's gone to a very good home. :D
( 5 comments — Leave a comment )