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Lovely day again...

And it's Sunday - American Liberation Day... Enjoy!  *waves at US cousins*

We're due to have some rather intrusive roadworks starting tomorrow, for an estmated 5 WEEKS!  So i decided to have a quick troll around the shops in town yesterday.  Some summer sales on at the moment so i had some interesting things to look at, apart from the seething throng of bodies!  And there were quite a few of those... :D
i made the fatal mistake of going into Schuhs and couldn't go home without these gorgeous flowery sandals, 1/2 size smaller than my normal but amazingly a good fit...not in the sale, of course!  i couldn't resist taking a photo of a very spacey pair of shoes [too high for me] and the maker amused the hell out of me!

i adjourned to Starbucks for a mocha frappacino, super cold with all that ice...  Mmmmm....  They're selling 'Skinny' muffins now; just what that entails apart from no icing or anything, i'm not sure.  Maybe they're made with skimmed milk or soya milk.  i'll have to ask...
My backyard is looking nice, but i can see the grass turning brown on the edges.  We need some rain.
i'm hanging my washing out as it's breathtakingly lovely and blue skied
today, with a brisk breeze.  i notice gale warnings for the Irish Sea last night, maybe this is what we get over the other side of the country.  i've two loads out already, with a third about half way through; three loads, three hours.
Our two protected Ash trees are smothered in huge bunches of keys, not sure if you can see them clearly here...  It's the dark clumps.  Click on the picture to make it bigger.  They are at the end of the lawn.  The third shot is part of the gardens in Brookfields Hospital, just behind our Scheme, and we can take a shortcut through their grounds to the main road, via a fence gate at the back.  Very handy if you want to catch a bus to the southern part of the City or go to the little local Spar shop near the stop.  i liked the contrast in the trees.
The plants in the foreground look like flax to me, but i haven't seen flowers like those. They're more like wild ginger flowers.  i'm more used to tropical and semi-tropical varieties.  There are some amazingly tall trees in the Hospital grounds.  It's a non-surgical hospital by the way, clinics and some care wards, no A&E so it's always quiet.  Apart from my computer and timer [for the washing machine, in the laundry], all i can hear are the ring doves calling, the wind in the trees and a small plane in the distance.  Very soothing...  The local airport is mostly commercial and can get pretty busy.  i can't miss that as i'm right in the flight path - won't miss THAT when i move!  Not long to go now. 
We should get our official notice to quit in October, only 4 months away.  My little studio flat is starting to look cramped as i have flattened cardboard boxes tucked behind the bookcases, bedhead and anywhere i can find a spot.  Some of our old rubbish boxes [washed of course!] are stacked down the side of the bed between it and the bookcases and the top ones have things stuffed into them.  Mostly items i've bought for my intended new flat, like a chrome loo seat - well, they won't have any in the shops when i want one!  Always wanted one, being the strongest about.  HATE those cheap flimsy plastic ones.  And a new long bathmat.
i had a look on Ebay for some curtain material to make new ones - oh i like my current ones well enough, just could do with a change.  LOTS of variety available, several sellers, and i was able to get some really lovely stuff for under £100 for 12 metres.  About 60" wide, if i remember correctly.  It's on a nice big roll and well wrapped in plastic.
Ooops, that's the timer!  Must go hang out the last load of washing!
Have a great week, y'all, and take care!


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Jul. 6th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Very pretty sandals. :) Are you moving because you have to? Or do you want to go? Those look like Yuccas. :D
Jul. 7th, 2010 03:40 pm (UTC)
i'll be moving 'cos i have to. They're flattening this place to rebuild new housing, and no, don't really want to move as it's pretty and quiet.
Yuccas? not familiar with them... could be?
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