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Saturday 7th August 2010

First a serious note.
Reported in Time magazine this week - Did you know that Russia has been suffering from record-breaking heat and the worst drought in decades that has caused more than 500 wildfires to break out across central Russia, killing at least 48 people since July 29, displacing thousands more and leading the Government to declare a state of emergency in 7 regions?
Mind blowing isn't it?  Clouds of smoke over Moscow and 1/5th of the national wheat crop has been destroyed, sending bread prices soaring.

Now something to cheer you up...   There's also a good article on the wonderful Jean Reno... Did you know he's a naturalised Frenchman, actually being Spanish, born Juan Moreno Errere y Rimenes? Changed his name in his late 20's and now the quintessential Frenchman...  At 62, same age as me but a hellova lot more interesting!!  *not difficult*
And lastly, the fascinating Jean, i mean, James Marsters...   Sorry about the sound recording, it's not good