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Wednesday 1st March, 2006

Sooooo……  Last day of complete Sick Leave, apart from the weekend.  Company decided I need to do computer training NOW, so I’m doing the computer training NOW……  ONLY three hours tomorrow 2-5pm and ONLY FOUR hours 9-1pm Friday  *clicks teeth*

I guess I’m ok with that – hope I don’t get the sour lemon I saw this morning.  I smiled at him twice and he totally ignored me…  I was standing on the customer side of the counter, I could have been a shareholder in the Company – at least, a guest…  He didn’t know me from a bar of soap.

I decided if I am fit enough to do this, I was fit enough to go back into town this morning and pick up my own damn pills from the chemist [they have a good system where they will pick up your prescription from the doctors’ surgery for you and have them ready the following day].

So I picked up the bus at the bottom of the hill [managed to sit on the wall in the sun, the wind was FREEZING but blue skies, lovely day] **the bus driver on Monday tried to charge me £1.30 to go 2 stops, the sod and when I said WHAT?!!! Said oh, sorry 70p – which was still overcharged – the real charge is 50p – is he pocketing the difference, I have to wonder? The driver today was fine.**

Walked down to the chemist, picked up my pills [they charge £6.50 per item on a prescription nowadays, daylight robbery], then went into the Post Office to send a returns parcel.  HUGE queue – so I cheated and got the Manager to come out and help me.  She was fine with it when she saw the crutches and not a problem, took the parcel away and a couple of minutes later, came back with the receipt.

I also wanted my tattooist, Paul [Scorpion Tattoos] to check my new Centaur over as he thought I’d probably need a little touch-up – the tattoo, the tattoo!!  So I rang him to make sure he was there and yes, come up as soon as you are ready.   He decided I did need it…  so I sit down and he starts a bit here, bit there, bit more here until I said, “Hey! you’re not doing the whole damn tattoo again!?” as he took FOREVER!  He started to laugh and said to his partner Rosie and the bloke she was tattooing, “She’s so impatient!”  He’s a perfectionist, the lamb…  His stairs give me a workout, it’s like climbing a mountain!

I went and got a jumbo haddock (no chips) from Graveleys [best fish & chip shop in town] and sat outside in a sheltered corner and ate it.  Delicious!  I sat and watched the clouds in this clear blue sky and thought about the last time I ate there with Lynnie, inside in the restaurant part – same big pieces of fish, chips & mushy peas, with tea and bread & butter, cost us £9.95 each…  this solo fish, same size cost £3.99 [same price with or without chips]…  always the same, sit-down charges mucho charges.   We’ll sit outside next time, petal!    But only if it’s summer, I don’t need a frozen blue popsicle Lynnie!!!

I guess it is still a cheap meal at £4 [normal size fish & chips is £3.65] but it used to be a cheap meal – damn the French and the Spaniards for over-fishing and ruining the fishing grounds…

My taxi home only cost me £3.00 in comparison.   And the five little ring donuts cost me a £1.00, I was bad….. *giggles*


I was on the internet a week back, looking for a English-Chinese translation dictionary in symbols, not words, if you know what I mean – zilch…  why do people make it so hard to find knowledge?  I just want to know what some of the symbols mean, for heavens sake…   We were looking for a Celtic one and VERY hard to find too – couple of places will charge you for it…  *shakes head*


Getting colder now…  they have been threatening us with gales and snow and so on, some places got some – we haven’t had a flake.  We barely get an inch or two here at the best of times…  most disappointing!!   Char rings and tells me how many degrees below freezing it is there but it’s no good to me.

She is getting better, you will be happy to know – can see a little better and hopes to have the scar-tissue removal surgery in April? And then she can have the cataracts removed – THEN she can get new glasses and SEE…  She has a lot of reading to catch up on!!  Then if you wave at her from the other side of the room, she can wave back!!

I have hopes she will start getting out of bed, when she can see the floor – she so needs to get some exercise and build up her muscles.


It’s been very quiet on the boards but the latest downloadable clip from the Words & Music Macbeth Q&A has perked them up a bit… Cheered me immensely!  more to come per month from Jmlive. And a new service of allowing us to bombard James with questions – most of which I’m guessing will never get answered – but apparently he has agreed to answer some five? per session and they will publish the first answers on JM.com – on 15th March, they say…   Good ploy, well done guys and well done, James…

James’ episodes of “Smallville” are now on Sky, but us poor little Terrestrials will have to wait for that…

I have sent in two questions – Has he been asked to narrate the next Dresden book,  ‘Summer Knight’ by the Buzzy girls and if so when will he do it?   I am keeping the other one to myself for now, as I am fairly sure I won’t get an answer.  If I do, I might tell….   Yeah, I’m a shameless tease…


I loaned my “Cool Money” DVD to one of my landing roomies – he knows ‘Spike’  and he thought the movie was quote “Very cool” unquote!!  Yay, reaching the masses, baby…   I always take a large photo of James wherever I go and took one into hospital with me…  All the girls had a good look and admired him and some had even heard of Spike – I never miss an opportunity to spread the word, with the zeal of a true believer!!  This is the best kind of religion;  hey, it makes me happy!!

It is going to be odd going back to work after eight weeks off…

I will have to go in and tidy up the day before… they are such slobs…

Any way! I’m going off to thaw out my hands now…  
i have a ticket in for tonight's Lottery - Fingers crossed!!
later, luvs


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Mar. 1st, 2006 08:41 pm (UTC)
I'd be frightened to lend out in case I didn't get back! S'good that you're spreading the word though. A true fan. :D
Mar. 2nd, 2006 01:06 pm (UTC)
Nah, no risk - he knows i'd rip his head off if anything happened to it!! and he has the room next to mine, so he couldn't escape me!
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 3rd, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
Hey Chris
Really glad you are finally getting somewhere with Steve's op - and that you will be going to Bristol... the Yorkshire Clinic were very hot on the MRSA and even took cultures from me to make sure i wasn't a carrier - i was impressed. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about pre-op, post-op or anything, yeah?
James IS adorable, isn't he? and more to come *HUGS*
can't wait...!!!!
Have you thought up any questions for him yet?
i have sent in two so far.
take care, love

Mar. 8th, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
hope you are feeling better
Hi Jill

it's me sonia. I hope you are feeling better. I have not been on the boards much so I really didn't know how you were doing. I am glad that you are spreading the james love all over. I hope he ends up doing some series so we can see him on a regular basis.
anyway I don't know if this is the right place to be saying a;; this but I just wanted you to know that I miss talking to you and I hope you are doing better. take care of youself and good luck with the computer courses.
Mar. 8th, 2006 10:54 pm (UTC)
Re: hope you are feeling better
Blimey, where did you come from... you'd make a damn good bloodhound, have you considered alternative employment?
Thank you, i think.....
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